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  • since the Chiefs are going crazy signing players, maybe it needs its own thread!

    Ronald Jones in da house! I am very pleased with that signing. Always thought he was a great RB, but maybe had issues hanging on to the ball, which got him benched on more than a few occasions. Hopefully that’s just a fluke. He can also catch it out of the backfield. Great signing. Wonder if CEH will take a secondary role?

  • Keeping track of the signings:


    S Justin Reid to three-year deal

    WR JuJu Smith-Schuster to one-year deal

    OL Geron Christian to one-year deal

    LB Elijah Lee to one-year deal

    WR Corey Coleman, terms not disclosed

    CB Luq Barcoo, terms not disclosed

    S Deon Bush, terms not disclosed

    C Austin Reiter to one-year deal

    WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling to three-year deal

    LB Jermaine Carter, terms not disclosed

    RB Ronald Jones to one-year deal

  • Add TE Blake B.

    I like all the moves, especially signing Marquez Valdes. While he is not at the same level as Tyreek, he is a big body fast downhill receiver that gets tremendous D attention.

    I’d like Chiefs to add another DE.

    Veatch is creating solid depth.

  • I’m hoping some of those CBs we were looking at end up on the roster. Desperate need as well.

  • For CBs, Chiefs are showing an interest in Gilmore and Bradberry.

  • I am liking Jones signing, he is a downhill runner and would be more suitable on 1st downs than CEH.

  • @BShark Definition of low risk - high reward

  • @Kcmatt7 said in Chiefs signings:

    @BShark Definition of low risk - high reward

    It’s a grand slam if he is healthy yeah.

  • That WR room as a whole is really pretty scary right now. Nobody elite, but should have 4 or 5 guys who can really play ball.

  • Ross is a very good pickup. No risk because he was basically available for nothing, but a potential elite level talent if he’s healthy. This may be the last time we ever talk about him because his body may not hold up, but he could just as likely be in the Pro Bowl in two years.

  • DE Carlos Dunlap is onboard, finally.

    $8M seems like a lot for a guy at this stage of his career. Hoping he has enough left in the tank to contribute.

  • This is a desperate signing.

    They should have kept Ingram.

  • Agreed, but this time of year that’s about all you’re gonna get, right? The defensive front line could be a mess.

  • I think the signing is fine. Better than them doing nothing. But I don’t understand why they paid that and let Ingram go when Ingram (at least until the contract details for Dunlap are out) was cheaper. Doesn’t make any sense to bring a guy in during camp when you could have just kept Ingram who knows the playbook by now.

    At least they tried to address the position though.

  • @Kcmatt7 I don’t think Ingram wanted to be a Chief - he rebuffed them twice. They had to trade with Pittsburgh to nab him the first go around. I’m not sure the Chiefs offer was as good as the dolphins, but IMO it did not seem like he wanted to negotiate much with KC.

  • From The Athletic:

    In 12 games last year, including the postseason, Ingram recorded three sacks, eight quarterback hits, 20 tackles, one pass breakup and one forced fumble. Dunlap, as a member of the Seahawks, finished last season with 8 1/2 sacks, 14 quarterback hits, 35 tackles, seven pass breakups and one forced fumble in 17 games. He generated pressure on 11.5 percent of his snaps last year when opposing quarterbacks dropped back to pass, which ranked 34th among 176 qualified pass rushers (minimum 200 pass rush snaps)…

    I think this was huge! Ingram was a nice complementary player who helped free the other DL’s, but Dunlap is bigger and can generate massive pressure on his own. Clark is ecstatic.

  • Frank Clark quit drinking! Lost weight. Anxious to see this new man

  • What do folks predict regarding Chiefs regular season record, 11-6 or 12-5.

    I think 11-6 is more realistic.

  • Chiefs sign Danny Shelton for defensive line rotation.

  • @AsadZ The division is so tough and the schedule is brutal.

    I’m going to say 10 wins.

  • Yup I concur, it is possible.

  • Looking like the WR Justin Watson signing is paying off so far. he seems to be getting open deep, over the middle. like it!

  • I really like Fortson! He can catch the ball in a crowd x2!

  • What do you think about RB position.

    Personally, I was very high on Jones but he seems to have disappeared and may not even make the team.

  • I think the Chiefs are stacked with mediocre-ish RB talent. Nothing really wrong with any of them, but they don’t seem to be on that next level. But, is that OK given our offensive approach at times? I think it is.

    Per Ronald Jones…I like him too. he is skilled, but he seems to have a rep for putting the ball on the turf.

  • Well, today’s the day for some big roster moves. The Chiefs are down to a 53 man roster, like the rest of the league. A bit of a surprise that they parted ways with DL Danny Shelton and Stallworth. I thought Shelton was a lock. The OL moves were a tiny surprise…releasing Austin Reiter and keeping Prince. No surprise signings yet, but stay tuned!

  • I was surprised as well.

    On O I was not expecting them to keep 4 RBs, Jones saved his spot with rushing perf. against GB. On the flip side they are going with only 5 WRs, perhaps they sign Fountain to PS.

    On QBs, I was not expecting them to keep 3, it appears that they are very high on Sam B as the future backup and believed that he will be signed by another team.

  • @AsadZ said in Chiefs signings:

    I was surprised as well.

    On O I was not expecting them to keep 4 RBs, Jones saved his spot with rushing perf. against GB. On the flip side they are going with only 5 WRs, perhaps they sign Fountain to PS.

    On QBs, I was not expecting them to keep 3, it appears that they are very high on Sam B as the future backup and believed that he will be signed by another team.

    Yea I expect Buchele or Henne to have an “injury” and go on the IR to free up a spot.

    4 RBs is a lot. But you can do that when you’re TEs at so versatile that you only need 5 WR. Kelce and Fortson are basically WR.

  • Early rumors were the Chiefs were trying to trade Ronald Jones. I’m guessing they are still trying, and that’s why he made the 53 man. I still like Jones. He could easily be a starter if he runs hard.

    Some of the positions they chose to overpopulate were odd for sure.

  • Chiefs have overhauled their D, several newcomers including rookies who are expected to contribute right out of the gate.

    With such a brutal early schedule, how will they handle the pressure going against likes of Murray, Herbert, Brady, Wilson etc.

    It will be interesting to watch.

  • Well, Robert Quinn isn’t coming to KC. Bummer.

    Quinn to Eagles

    The Bears will pick up a fourth-round pick for Quinn, Adam Schefter of tweets. This mid-round choice will change sides because of the Bears’ willingness to pick up much of Quinn’s $12.8MM salary. Chicago will be on the hook for most of Quinn’s remaining money (less than $9MM), Garafolo adds (on Twitter).

  • BTW, just gotta say this about the Frank Clark suspension…

    Every time i read it i’m still surprised that dude had an uzi in his car sticking out from an open bag.

    C’mon, man! 🙂

  • Chiefs staying pat (no pun in tended) is a fine move to be honest. They are good enough to win with what they have. And they set themselves up for another 5+ year stretch if they have a good draft in 2023.13 draft picks.

  • I wouldn’t mind a healthy CB.

  • Reports are coming out that Chiefs have traded for Giants WR Toney, former 1st rounder for 3rd and 6th round picks.

    He has not played much due to injuries.

  • LOVE the Toney trade don’t @ me.

  • Wow, heard that on the radio while driving home a few minutes ago.

    I can honestly say I don’t know squat about this guy. No clue if he’s big, small, fast or bruising.

    One reaction I heard was from a Raiders fan. And you know they hate their Chiefs…He thought it was a brilliant signing for KC. He’s a Raiders fan, so of course he didn’t have the vocabulary skills to say “brilliant”, but I interpreted his grunts as unhappy the Chiefs signed him.

    We needed help at other spots I’d say.

  • @BShark YACtion. Hope they bring back Juju.

  • @rockchalkjayhawk 6’0 200lbs. Tries to do too much, but makes big plays (considering Daniel Jones was his QB). Injury issues because he does try to do tooo much. But he is fast and an athlete.

    Honestly he could be an absolute stud, or he could barely see the field. Wildcard. But I’m not mad about the compensation.

  • @Kcmatt7 said in Chiefs signings:

    @BShark YACtion. Hope they bring back Juju.

    Replaces Mecole easily IMO. He has all the tools to be the best WR on the roster but that depends on keeping him engaged plus staying healthy. Don’t think he will end up with the best stats but he has special ability making cuts and does not go down easy.

  • @Kcmatt7 Yeah the Chiefs had something like 13 draft picks, you almost have to move some of them.

  • On paper Veatch has pulled out a great trade, conditional 3rd round for former 1st round who has elite speed.

    He has the potential to become best WR on this roster, but the X factor is his health.

  • @BShark the ✈️ That scored 3 td’s last week?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Hardman is about to be overpaid. Two of his touchdowns could have been scored by any of our skill position guys he just happened to be the one they drew the play up for. Toney is a better route runner when engaged but that’s a big key with him.

  • @BShark seems to me, we need help on the other side of the 🏈. Oh, I don’t know toney…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Could have used another pass rusher for sure. Chiefs still have assets to make a move with too…

  • Yea hearing Josh Allen Jags rumor… would be nice. Funny thing is I feel like we’ve gotten to the QB a lot this year. But I’m not telling Andy or Veach how to run the show

  • I’d go for another DE/DT for stretch run. I think we are well placed on DBs and LBs. Clark is out for next two games.

    It is a long season and what we have learned is that D wins championships.

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