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  • @Jethro Have you been here before with a different username?

  • I played pg and my boys were really good pgs. I also coached some boys that weren’t to shabby. I see it a lil different than most of you.

  • That was butt ugly badball straight out of last decade, baby. Dragonslayer will be thrilled…lol.

  • I guess Jeff gueldner(sp) gets it

  • @Crimsonorblue22 about harrs? You’re right

  • I miss the days when a home game was an automatic W.

    Only need to be 1 point better tho.

  • My cousin use to date grille, my son said he’s a lil -----

  • Cb played tough

  • @BShark I wonder if Roy was tempted to call a play or two for us after watching that offensive display tonight.

  • What a win. Harris doesn’t drive all night until it’s absolutely required and Och gave it up…couldn’t believe that figured he go mono e mono with brockington.

    We are gonna get boat raced in Ames and turn it over 25-30 times but glad we held court at home

    Anyone watching auburn play Bama? Level of play is night and day different. Auburn has some absolute athletes out there and they all play aggressive no quick yanks or short leashes and it shows

  • @Jethro I wondered what he thought all night…probably unc would blast this fake ku team like usc exposed us last year

  • @kuballin10 he did drive before, also 6-6 throws.

  • @kuballin10 we did beat the team that beat bama in Orlando.

  • Really not really too worried about seeing ISU a second time. They overplay, and their D is not that complicated. Quite a few b12 teams are going to kick them to the curb on the second round

  • @Crimsonorblue22 he drives never looking to score and other teams know it. He air balled the three. If anyone thinks he can lead us to a big 12 title or national title they are crazy yet he’s gotten and continues to get all the minutes.

    Nice kid, plays hard but how we went from graham, mason, Taylor ect to wanting to have a non scoring, ball distributor who can’t shoot much from deep and allows teams to play 5 on 4

    He had 4 TO’s but did take it away 3 times

  • @Crimsonorblue22 turn to this Bama game the speed of the game and amount of dunks and just overall ball being played is night and day different than what we just watched

  • @kuballin10 No D in the SEC

  • Bama can’t guard their shadows

  • @DanR you can’t be serious? Ames is going to be rocking as always when we come to town. If we lose by 5-7 I’ll be surprised. They will make more shots and their crowd will have us on our heels.

    If we thought the tech crowd had us turning it over right and left them Ames will be amplified by 2-3 times.

  • @Jethro said in ISU Game Thread:

    That was butt ugly badball straight out of last decade, baby. Dragonslayer will be thrilled…lol.

    lol were get use to Butt ugly - -mercy the team is just - - - - - don’t have the words , but a win is a win I guess. - -Remy re-injured his knee according to Coach , talking about we need Remy to be healthy. - - Pettiford he said has practiced 1 hour in the last 6 weeks. - No Yesufu - - - - No Clemmons - Dave was a no show - - Again - - -And you said butt ugly win - -we won with BUTT BUTT ugly defense lol - -get use to it

  • @FarmerJayhawk how about auburn?

  • @FarmerJayhawk how about us for the last two years?

  • @kuballin10 they’re good. Do you want me to say they suck?

  • @kuballin10 Yes. I’m serious. Very Serious. You’ve been wrong about everything, so I feel pretty good about my position. I’ll catch up with you after we beat ISU by 20 in Ames. In the meantime, enjoy your SEC games

  • @kuballin10 we’re 30 spots higher on defense in KenPom. Also please point to where I said we were playing good defense. Everyone knows Bama can’t guard anybody. Ffs they lost to Missouri

  • @kuballin10 12 pts tonight

  • Night all. Stay safe



  • Rock Chalk!

  • @FarmerJayhawk once we’ve finished the big 12 tourney we can talk about Kenpom.

    In the tourney though it’s irrelevant only thing that matters is winning.

    I just pointed out the differences in play and you said their D sucks that was it so responded with what you thought about our teams D.

  • @DanR been wrong about what feel free to add more to the conversation? I like talking ball feel free to discuss your thoughts and how you view things.

    20 huh? Now you just sound like an arrogant head in the sand ku fan.

    Auburn would run us out of the gym if we played them tonight. I hate pearl he cheats everywhere he goes (granted its allowed now) but his teams always can play.

  • @kuballin10 you sound just the opposite!

  • @kuballin10 KenPom is a good measure right now. If that doesn’t do it for you they gave up over 90 to Memphis and Missouri. They flat suck on defense. There’s no evidence to say otherwise. Or much of anything that says they’re better than us.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 no arguments here! I am not a homer you have to see the team for who they are and their potential.

    Ochai would have to go Danny and the Miracles for us to make any noise this year unfortunately.

    When you favor the system over better potential with players and it’s been noted since the HEM days the frustration level with every lack of a title grows louder (I know dok’s year we got robbed but honestly zero guarantees there. We’d start off throwing it in the post in another final four while some team plays modern ball and lights us up from deep. I don’t think that team gets it done but feel awful Dok was completely robbed of it).

    When coach sits down and says we aren’t athletic enough and big changes are made then proceeds to not change the lineup and plays less athletic players over more athletic guys it’s frustrating and there’s zero accountability.

    When guys transfer play with freer minds and long leashes and their coaches instill confidence in them while riding them go figure they play better. William doesn’t do that.

  • @FarmerJayhawk when half the games are cream puffs it’s irrelevant. Bama and us would be a good game today. They can’t guard but with only two scorers, zero low post threat - we are easily guardable and then don’t guard on the other end

  • @DanR tell me you are watching this “sec” game

    Pg just came down and dunked it on the Auburn big. We got a guard on our squad who can do that he just doesn’t play

  • Having fun with the 🤡 I see.

  • @kuballin10 sure, with Remy and Zach out. KenPom adjusts for who you play. A common statistical technique to get unbiased results.

  • @BShark solid - now tell me what you think

  • @kuballin10 who’s that?

  • “Some people would rather lose 91-90 than win 60-59.”

    -famous board rat

  • @FarmerJayhawk what’s Kenpom weight remy’s effect on the team to win versus his actual output (stats in games played)

    If you’re going to go all analyst on me that’s fine appreciate the conversation at least. Haven’t been on the board in years because guys can’t handle a conflicting viewpoint if you don’t bow at the alter of Self. When I tried to pontificate on how the games played or really talk ball others just call names because they haven’t played a day in their life and literally besides name calling or grammar analysis they can’t keep up.

    I appreciated HEM because he’d call people out begging for other viewpoints to discuss instead of

    “Trust self” “He can do no wrong” “You don’t see practice”

    We come to this board to discuss if people can’t do that because they have nothing to add then what is the point here?

  • @rockchalkwyo whether 2-0 or 155-153 just win…however since those aren’t legitimate options let’s look at what maximizes wins.

    The better the team the more possessions helps them as they can score and other teams can’t keep up.

    The opposite of this is Tony Bennett who I know the majority on this board want nothing to do with because he has his 1 lucky title and then some of the worst losses imaginable.

    When you slow the game down and limit possessions you literally play into what an lesser team wants.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 assumed the clown reference is me. Again just throwing jabs not talking ball. Just proves my point.

    I’m throwing out reasons on why the team has struggled not just this year but last year as well (you all never miss a game I’m sure like myself). The way we play, defensively and offensively along with what’s been said, adjustments that haven’t been made and then results again aren’t acceptable.

    For the “we are a top 10-15 team and right there to win big 12 and elite 8 ceiling” crowd then if that is the new goal yearly for blue bloods let me know we can all adjust our standards.

    For self that shouldn’t be the goal but based on how he’s handled things these last two years the buck stops with him.

  • @kuballin10 all you do is complain, never anything positive. I’d guess you were Remys dad. That seems to be your priority. All of us want him to do good and Self was talking how bad we need him in post game.

  • It’s a little hard to tell where this team will end up. I think some here see a great ending, some are bearish on our future. This team has been an enigma most of the season. We’ve got brilliant Ochai, much improved Braun, role player Harris, improving Wilson, enigmatic Big Dave whom I think is to blame for the last two games, Mitch is who we know he is, disappointing Remy, really the season hinges on him, and newcomers who are still trying to break into the rotation. I really don’t know how this is going to end up.

  • Idk what is to be upset with as far as recent performance.

    4 years ago we made a FF. 3 years ago Doke got hurt which sucked. 2 years ago we were the favorites to win it all. Last year we sucked (nobody is winning with that group). This year Bill is pulling strings and working this team.

    Dave only played 10 minutes tonight. KJ started. And JCL probably plays 20 minutes if he doesn’t catch an elbow. He played Bobby even though he’s practiced almost none.

    The best part about this season so far is that it doesn’t feel like we’ve hit our stride. Seems clear to me this team has another gear they just haven’t hit yet. But it isn’t from Bill not trying

  • @Crimsonorblue22 if that was the case with Self why didn’t Remy play more minutes and why was his hook so quick?

    What I don’t get is why self trusts lesser talented players instead of riding the guys who can get him to a title.

    Remy came here having been the man at asu I get gunning it like crazy. He didn’t do that his freshman year he wasn’t the guy but he was a stud as we witnessed at AFH.

    Where did that player go? The guy who could beat his man and make other guys better?

    Akinjo went 1-7 from deep tonight Baylor lost but drew trusted him and he’s been letting him shoot all year.

    We did the same with graham and mason self trusted them. Why does self not trust remy? Because he had a couple loose shots in fall practice? He’s gonna carry you to a title and Bill treated him like a freshman he needed to “break”.

    The issue is self. If he likes you then you hardly ever take a bad shot and no quick hook. If he doesn’t like you any shot that he deems quick or not within the offense is bad. Mason and graham, akinjo and whoever come down on breaks jack wide open 3’s. Majority of the time they go in we win and move on. Self in his mind to break remy of bad shots stripped him of his aggression in scoring what we desperately need right now.

    Not remy’s Dad by any means but I’m connected with some asu alumn’s who are pretty in touch with the situation (Hurley’s a joke everyone knows that).

    Had remy went to duke, uk, unc you think he’d shoot this little?

    Can you fathom graham or mason not shooting at all for an entire half? Thst was remy against msu. Unfathomable.

  • @wissox great analysis. I agree and think had Bill loosened the leash early on in the non-con these guys he’s now stuck playing because those who he thought would lead are so bad…we’d then be better off and more prepared.

    Same thing this board, TOS and countless fans have said about him for years. It’s catching up to him his lack of adapting.

    Transfer rules, one and done, it’s no surprise it hurts him because he wants to make you buy in to his system and you have to earn his trust otherwise it’s quick leash in games and zero learning experience.

  • @Kcmatt7 appreciate the input.

    Should have tried this earlier but that’s been said plenty.

    The proof I’d have is guys are leaving our program and bring more successful elsewhere. They have longer leashes, play with confidence ect. You’ll get the rebuttal of they weren’t KU material well they are at other D1 schools excelling. The goal as a coach is to have guys play their absolute best and when they do that elsewhere and not here that’s something that needs to be examined.

    Nobody likes the teachers pet imagine how that feels being a player on the team watching the coach have 1-2 when you aren’t the favored one yet more talented and a way higher ceiling. I’d transfer too.

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