Can’t stop this Omicron train

  • Omicron is Now 73% of new cases, a few weeks after the first reported cases in the country. My fully vaccinated son tested positive after having a sore throat yesterday. I believe our whole family is infected. Omicron is going to rip through this country as even fully healthy vaccinated people are passing it.

    If you haven’t been vaccinated and haven’t gotten the disease, it’s only a matter of time, you’re in extreme danger. Omicron is a game changer. Please be careful.

    There are rumors about it being less deadly. The science hasn’t shown this. Need time and we’ve only had a few weeks.

    Our Christmas plans on both sides are now probably 100% cancelled. I hope you all are able to stay safe this holiday season.

  • @approxinfinity

    Sorry to hear your son has tested positive. Besides the sore throat any other symptoms?

    My son will turn 5 in 3 weeks and I can’t wait to get him his shot so he has a fighting chance. He’s been tested 6 times this fall all negative as he’s had a rash of colds since the temps started dipping in the 30’s.

    I live in the most vaccinated state and its just getting terrible here regardless of vaccine status.

    My Aunt is currently in the hospital with Covid, vaccinated but underlying health conditions. So far Oxygen is helping her.

    A friend of ours also in ICU right now, unsure if he got shots or not but a GoFundMe was started for him so its not looking good, Mid 30’s, no known health issues. His wife works in the Hospital he’s been treated in.

    Stay Safe everyone this is just getting unreal.

  • I think a lot of the “less deadly” talk just has to do with people being vaccinated + natural immunity combo. Death count on curve isn’t quite increasing at the same rate as past case spikes even considering lag.

    I’ve said this before but everyone will get it. Best you can do is try to avoid it and put yourself in a position to survive it. Vax, take vitamins etc…

    I’m sick with something right now, but don’t think it’s covid. Just a minor thing.

  • @BeddieKU23 he’s been snotty as well. We will see today.

    I’m in the same boat with my youngest, though I think he’s likely infected rn.

    Fingers crossed that omicron gives us herd immunity with as little loss of life as possible?

  • @approxinfinity I’m so sorry! 🙏😢

  • @Crimsonorblue22 the first thing he asked when I checked on him this morning was “can you bring me my advent calendar?” I think he’s fine.

  • @BeddieKU23 sorry to hear about your aunt and your friend. Hope they make a full recovery. Do they know which variant they have?

  • @approxinfinity

    Praying for your family right now

    Aunt has Delta, unsure of the friend. First case of Omi hit the North part of the state last week so its definitely coming fast.

  • I am so thankful that no one on here is wearing a tin foil hat. I hope for the best for everyone’s loved ones.

  • It’s moving faster than I expected. I figured we would see a huge spike after Christmas. To see this even before Christmas makes me worry about populations that still aren’t vaxxed. Extreme risk their. Stay safe everyone. Mask up if you aren’t doing so. Be careful and avoid big gatherings.

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