Well are we what Coach Self wanted?

  • “For us to be a national title contender, we need to get more athletic, we need to get longer, we need to get bigger," Kansas coach Bill Self Mar 23, 2021

    So look at that quote and then look at the starting lineup. Only Remy Martin was new. I wouldn’t put him as longer or bigger, maybe more athletic. The only guys that played that I’d maybe put in line with Self’s quote are KJ(bigger and longer), Zach(bigger), and Pettiford(more athletic) and none of them played much.

    Ochai played great, he already had those things. Maybe he’s finally added the much-needed skill. Let’s all hope his shooting isn’t fools gold because you take away his 3/6 from three and the team goes 3/11.

    Once Coach Self solidifies the rotation with Jalen in the mix I think this is a solid squad. I just don think it fit the bill that Self was after.

  • Definitely did not improve the athleticism situation down low. Sydney Curry would have done that but they jettisoned him and well he’s a JUCO and you never know how JUCOs will pan out.

    That said Dave was always going to start and he is simply not a great athlete for his position. Love him, wish him the best etc but that’s just the truth. Same thing for JWill. JWill is a great rebounder though which we will need.

    I think the key that you mentioned is skill and well, ball handling. Harris just wasn’t quite ready most of the year last year. You could tell he was coming on late. He’s not a scorer but the offense flows with him in. Remy has a lot of skill too. Bobby you can see why the staff loves him, under control, great ball skills. He will be the next great PG for Bill I would bet a lot on that. We went from 0 to 4 quality ball handling guards (it’s not like Yesefu was bad when he was in).

    Now next year, we could be a lot more athletic. Dave will depart, JWill will depart (barring a drastic change of heart). There are starting spots up for grabs. As the class stands right now, KU has some electric athletes. Udeh is nearing 7 feet. Needs polish offensively but an absolute monster on the glass and blocking shots. Zuby I am extremely excited for. Great on both ends at this stage. Gradey is very athletic too.

  • Who is the prototype long athletic guy Bill is looking for?

    It’s Ochai, right?

  • I don’t know how long Braun’s arms are (dragging the ground), but I’m pretty sure he’s in the “long” category as well for a shooting guard.

  • @DanR he said he grew over the summer, kind of a thing for his family. Long growing period.

  • Ochai is more athletic and bigger… so is Christian. Yet to see Jalen but heard he is, too. Even David is quicker.

    The quote is accurate… then add in the newbies. He never said it had to be recruited in!

    After this… I’m expecting a wild season! I can see the potential one of our new guys busts loose halfway into the year and comes on big in production. If so, just hope he doesn’t get cold feet in March. KJ comes to mind. He finds the ball on every play!

    So much quality on this team. Wow!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Well are we what Coach Self wanted?:

    @DanR he said he grew over the summer, kind of a thing for his family. Long growing period.

    I think he’s at least 6’7 now

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in Well are we what Coach Self wanted?:

    I think he’s at least 6’7 now

    6’9" in KU inches! lol

  • I think this question has been answered.

  • Is Dave what any of us wanted? We were up by 15 and whooping ass, then Dave came in and stayed, killing the game flow.

  • Bump

  • It’s who he played so I’d say yes. The leashes he granted to some and not others and trust he has with some and not others does then arrive at this point.

    He’s worried more about the little 12 than titles. 85% win percentage is what top 2-3 all time so who else can you get? Don’t know but it’s stale and if we watch the new guys not get as many minutes or “struggle” to pickup the system it’s time to warm the seat.

    See auburn - transfers and freshman…you don’t see pearl’s system handicapping their aggressions.

    If you’re Ochai you can be aggressive, Braun you too, Harris definitely the rest well if you mess up come sit next to me

    I’ve said it there is a reason we don’t get many top 10 guys lately. Self and co. Can blame it on the ncaa inv but word on the streets in recruiting is high school and aau coaches along with the players see what all fans can see (less talent system guys>athletes with higher ceilings but need to be able to play through them)

  • And that doesn’t seem to make sense with us getting 3 McDonald guys next year.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 get them in will see how much leash, trust and opportunity they are given

    If farmer and bshark are feeding us they aren’t looking good in summer ball or practice then we all might as well give up because Self is the most stubborn coach of all time

  • @kuballin10 these guys are in need and good and will be here early. I know gradey has been working on D. He wants to get better. Sunrise is a great program!

  • Self needs to create that pipeline with sunrise which he’s working hard at even with the different affiliations (Nike vs Adidas)

  • @kuballin10 said in Well are we what Coach Self wanted?:

    Self needs to create that pipeline with sunrise which he’s working hard at even with the different affiliations (Nike vs Adidas)

    Agree. we have a pretty good in seems now but man that School has really become a power. - We need to continue that line for sure

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