Clay Helton

  • Did he need to be fired? Yes. Did he need to be fired now? No. The interim head coach? Deer in the headlights at his press. USC will be lucky if they win another game this season.

  • @Marco

    That one is a mess, they have threatened to fire him for years. Big time recruits committed as well in the upcoming class that may look elsewhere without the right hire.

  • Watch, they’ll scoop up Urban Meyer, and they shouldn’t. Granted, in college he does nothing but win, but…

  • Crazy to me that UT and USC struggle so much to make a good hire and win as the premier schools in premier recruiting states.

  • @Kcmatt7 Right! Texas and Cali loaded with talent.

  • Texas and USC have still been recruiting at a high level, except USC which was below 50th in 2020. So it appears the talent is still coming. Nebraska is a good example of the recruits not going to a school because of the schools past success. Michigan is heading that way, although Harbaugh has them playing better this year.

    KU and basketball is an interesting thing. The name has always sold itself to recruits, but of course a steady parade of HOF coaches has been a part of that. Should KU mess up in hiring Self’s replacement (whenever that is) then the winning ways will surely stop and may relegate us to a once glorious program status. shudder…

  • I’d take the LSU job - which will be available after this season - before USC. I love me some gumbo!

  • Update - yep, the LSU job is open. How much you wanna bet - I know, they’re talking about Fisher going there - against that they’ll be trying to woo Finkell away from Cincinnati?

  • Top 5 job in the sport at worst. They’ll have about their pick of non-Jimbo and non-Saban candidates. If I were them I’d hire Billy Napier (who was my clear far and away favorite for KU but he would never even take the call), but I think they want a bigger splash.

  • Napier would be a great hire, no brainer with him already being in state. The MSU coach is 14-12.

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