• And the hits just keep on coming for KU fans…

    Miles and Long. McCormack and Enaruna. Embiid.

    Now the latest: Gary Woodland tests positive for COVID, a couple of days after he missed the cut at The Players.

    Is someone up there testing us for Lent ?

  • @nwhawkfan I saw that! Thought the same🤬

  • Finally, some good news. Gary’s put three good rounds together at the tournament in Charlotte, and is tied with Rory McIlroy in second place going into Sunday’s final round. Only two shots back of the leader.

    It’s been a long dry spell for him…no wins since his 2019 US Open victory. A good time to get his game back, what with the PGA Championship just a couple of weeks away.

  • Think he’s been fighting an injury, maybe a hip. Trying not to have surgery. Don’t quote me! Love the guy. Did you see where his good buddy Amy was the first Down’s syndrome college athlete to make a ? League tourney? Pretty cool whatever it was. She’s an awesome athlete and a great inspiration and friend to Gary and the golf world

  • Tied for the lead with Rory midway thru the final round. Just keep it in the fairway and make a few putts.

  • Must’ve jinxed him…a couple of bogeys on the back nine left him at even par for the round. Rory wins…another guy who hadn’t won since 2019.

    Still, Gary’s fifth-place finish is his best since that Open win.

  • @nwhawkfan I’m sure he’s disappointed, but it’s a huge improvement. Now he needs to put 4 days together. Go Gary.

  • Amy is coming up on cbs evening news any moment!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I saw the CBS piece on Amy last evening. It was heartwarming!

  • Gary’s back on the leaderboard again, this time in a major. 7th place, midway thru the PGA Championship.

    Just 3 shots back of the leaders despite shooting even par on a tough, windy ocean course.

  • Still in the mix after a really bizarre third round. He shot even par again…this time with six birdies and three double bogeys.

    Now tied for seventh, five shots behind Mickelson, who threatened to run away with the lead before coming back to the pack on the back nine. Phil’s obviously the sentimental favorite, especially when you consider he’s twice as old as some of the players in the field.

    Gary needs to go pretty low on Sunday and get some help from the guys in front of him.

  • The wheels fell off in his final round. Shot 5 over par, for a finish of +3 for the tournament. Disappointing, but at least he’s been trending in the right direction lately.

    Congrats to Lefty. Quite an accomplishment (especially for “a man his age”). His biggest accomplishment may have been getting through that mob scene on the 18th hole!

  • @nwhawkfan he’s been starting off well then going downhill. One day…

  • Interesting developments for Gary at the '22 US Open. He shot another round under par Saturday, his second of the tournament, on a day when the leaders either fell back or spun their wheels.

    His game was all over the place, with an eagle, three birdies and four bogeys (three of those in his first three holes). Still, he’s only five shots back, in a tie for 11th going into the final round. By far his best outing in a major since his Open win three years ago.

    Noticed that another Topeka golfer made the field, Andrew Beckler from Washburn. He got into the tournament as a qualifier, but missed the cut by six strokes.

  • So Gary starts out dbl bogeying early, drops from 11th into about 24th place, and then gets 4 birdies and 1 bogey to finish in 10th, at even par. Won over $400k.

    The man is inconsistence personified. 19 tournaments, has missed the cut 10 times. Finished in the top 10 5 times, twice in the 20’s, twice in the 30’s.

    Has earned over $2.1 million this year, but missing the cut more than making it has cost him a lot of money. Hope he can stabilize in the realm of those top 10’s!

  • Last yr or 2 yrs ago, he was talking about avoiding surgery, not sure if he’s still playing thru it? He could’ve rehabbed, but seems like every since I’ve read about it, he’s struggled.

  • Looks like Gary’s recovering nicely from those back problems that caused him to drop out of last month’s tournament in Las Vegas.

    He shot another 67 today in Houston to move into a tie for sixth place going into Sunday’s final round. Only one shot out of third. Probably too far back to catch leader Tony Finau, but you never know.

  • He fell back a bit in the final round, shooting a 1-over-par 71 to finish tied for 9th. Still, that’s good for nearly $200k in prize money. Best finish by far this season as his recovery continues. Meanwhile, Finau cruised to a four-stroke win.

  • I’ve played 15 holes of golf in my life, but looking at the payouts LIV golf throws out there I’m thinking of signing up. lol. 6 figures for last place - I can handle that.

  • @nwhawkfan Finau on an absolute tear.

  • @dylans Great idea! Only problem is that first step of taking up golf…and then getting better than some 99.99% of all the other golfers.

    I can tell you the first few million guys, like me, should be fairly easy to beat out!

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