Big 12 AD's meeting today

  • Matt Norlander reporting on twitter that the Big-12 AD’s meeting today to discuss the rest of the Big-12 schedule.

    He’s already reporting that West Virginia vs Baylor (scheduled for Thursday) could be postponed or canceled. He reports its not due to any covid issues with either team.

    Obviously Baylor is going to get away with not playing some of these games they have had postponed (and most of them against good teams to boot).

    Hard to call them a true champion of this league if that’s how it ends up going…

  • We’ve played 16 B12 games (17 after tonight) and Baylor has played 9. Not all the postponements/cancelations were Baylor’s fault, and I’m also not doubting that they would have won the B12 regular season had they played all of their conference games, but it is a little irritating that they can win the B12 playing about half as many games as we have.

    I wonder why the Thursday game is being postponed or canceled then if not for Covid.

  • @BeddieKU23 Playing a full schedule, Baylor wins this league by at least 3 games, maybe even 4 or 5. At most, they would’ve lost 1 or 2 games in conference play and they’re so far ahead of everyone else in the league this season that 18-0 was a realistic possibility for them. I have no issues saying Baylor is the legit regular season champs in the B12 regardless of how many games they end up playing at this point.

  • Not my post, but apparently this is how the B12 regular season champ is going to be decided:

    "They are determining the regular season champion with an “adjusted winning percentage”.

    First, average the total number of conference games played for each team, rounded down.

    Then, if any team has played 3 or more fewer games than that number, they will have phantom losses added to their record (not official historical record, only for this determination) until they have the requisite total of games “played”.

    At that point, the team with the highest win percentage wins the conference.

    If everyone plays out their schedule from here and the average climbs above 17, then Baylor would need a total of 14 games in their “record”, which would mostly be actual games (again, if everyone plays out their schedule).

    If Baylor can’t play any more games at all, the league average would drop to around 16, which means Baylor would have to add 4 “losses” to their record. If someone else can beat 0.692, then they would be champs instead of Baylor. (ie if Kansas beats Texas tonight and their game with Baylor is cancelled, their 12-5 would be enough to pass Baylor). Other teams might also be in the running in that case.

    It could all be moot, because if Baylor plays and wins just a couple more games, then no-one will be able to catch them, even with the adjusted winning percentage.

    The final kicker, is that the conference tourney is seeded on true winning percentage, so Baylor would be #1 seed at 9-0, even if someone else gets the regular season crown."

  • At this point, does it look like OU could sneak in as champs? Currently have a higher winning % and have an easier schedule.

  • The WVU/Baylor game cancelation is a Big-12 decision.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich If KU “won” a regular season title that way, it would be an absolute joke and I hope they wouldn’t add this to a banner if it happens. I usually buy every regular season conference title shirt, but this is one I would skip if it works out to where KU “won” the regular season.

  • This is starting to sound a lot like the Ohio State football situation in the Big Ten, though the playoff layout is different. Obviously the virus has caused the conferences to make up the rules as they go along, and the “name brands” will carry a lot more weight.

    Ultimately, as they say, money is always the answer to the question.

  • Team with most conference wins should be the champ. End of story.

  • Just to update this post.

    Baylor will play 3 games next week: Officially canceled were home games vs West Virginia & a road game @ Oklahoma.

    Tuesday @ West Virginia, Thursday Home vs Oklahoma St, Sunday Home vs Texas Tech.

    Oklahoma will play two games:

    Monday @ Oklahoma ST, Home vs Texas on Thursday

    Texas will play 3 games: Texas ends the season on the road for 4 straight games…

    @ Iowa St Tuesday, @ Oklahoma Thursday, @ TCU Sunday

    Texas Tech plays 3 games:

    vs TCU Tuesday, Home vs Iowa St Thursday, @ Baylor Sunday

    West Virginia plays 3 games:

    Tuesday Home vs Baylor, Thursday Home vs TCU, Home vs Kansas St Saturday

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