Game Recap

  • The Jayhawks take the court in weird gray uniforms. Harris finds Ochai for a quick 3 point lead. Without Garrett Harris will be a key to a productive night for the Jayhawks who look to rebound from the Longhorn beatdown.

    Nice little shove off leads to TCU’s first basket but BigDave answers with a baby hook.

    Wilson sweet steal and a mystery whistle stops play.

    Braun ill advised save leads to easy bucket for TCU. But then he nails one from near the Cowboys now empty til next year stadium.

    BigDave nearly pulls down the goal like Sampson pulled down the temple of Dagan with all the Pagans inside. It was Dokish. Nice to see Dave with a positive shooting percentage.

    Quick check of NC and Miami and all I hear is Dicky V talking. Unranked UNC that is. We’re still watching on ESPNews. Hopefully they tell us when to switch over. MSU shouldn’t be ranked but they are. Duke shouldn’t be ranked but they are. KU best blueblood in the land, but of course didn’t look like it v. Texas.

    Fran talking about TCU like they’re the blueblood in the building.

    This writer is incredulous that TCU doesn’t have a foul yet.

    Mitch with the goaltend that isn’t called. Ochai saying to Marcus, ‘Don’t worry, I got this’.

    Garrett needs some lessons on masks.

    Mitch must have breathed on that guy for that whistle. It’s one of those mystery fouls that happens early in a game so it doesn’t seem big, but it will loom large later. Then an apparent mystery foul on a 3 pointer. I still have no clue what Harris did on that 3.

    Makeup call puts Wilson on the line. What sucks about uneven referreeing is they sometimes call fouls on the other team to make up for it. Then we foul again and officially have foul trouble building.

    Wilson going to have to keep playing big tonight.

    Sometimes it’d be nice if you could decline a foul. And like in soccer, give refs the ability to say play on if a foul impedes a scoring opp for the offense.

    Enaruna is from Europe so he ought to know what an own goal is and he just made one, then he get his own goal. I think he has some talent but he gets in his own way with dumb plays, and that was one of them.

    2nd TV timeout

    Enaruna has scored our last 5 and their last 2.

    KU playing well. BigDave, best game so far, at least shooting wise.

    Then we go brain dead, turn it over and Wilson commits a dumb foul and they get an and 1 which they convert on.

    The foul count travesty continues. Amazingly Harris is the only 1 with 2 fouls.

    11 point lead slips down to 4 after some really bad plays and some blind officials who don’t see a guy kick the ball and who also don’t see a guy roll over on the floor with the ball.

    Self calls timeout.

    Somehow TCU has 5 guys on the court with 0 fouls.

    Wilson calms the storm. I wonder if that ball is a Wilson?

    Harris with a nice play suddenly a 10 point lead again. Great timeout from Bill. Then Braun flushes it emphatically with a non called foul to boot.

    After a painful game of offenseless basketball on Saturday this is a pleasure to watch. Wilson run’ngun’n to a TCU timeout.

    Big Dave been spectacular, Doke like! Then with a beautiful feed. No flagrant which the replay revealed was the right call, kind of.

    Kudos to whomever had Enaruna as their Hawk to Rock.

    Under 4 TO.

    Quick stat check and KU is shooting well in all aspects, 3’s FT’s and on 2’s. Rebounding going well too. We need to avoid fouling this last 3:11 of the half and we’ll be pretty good going into the 2nd half. We’ve gone over 6 minutes since picking up our 8th foul.

    Air Lightfoot for the oop! Enaruna making believers of us. He’s still young we must remember. But a silly TO means we don’t score 50 this half.

    Halftime. All in all, a nice half of KU basketball.

    MSU going to hold Rutgers under 50 which is quite an accomplishment.

    A few thoughts on our game. Always nice to see a half like that after the Saturday debacle. Best games of season so for Enaruna and BigDave. Ochai’s hot start fueled this team to do what they just did.

    I really applaud the team for their self will to stop fouling. None for the last 8:39 of the half when it looked like serious foul trouble was building up.

    Misery. HaHa.

    Scotty Pippen Junior? Superstars kids are never as good as their pops. Except Peyton Manning and Barry Bonds. But the best duo ever was Bobby Hull and Brett Hull.

    Funny seeing Cal celebrating a win over lowly Vanderbilt.

    College football has gotten so boring at it’s highest level. 5 or 6 teams have every recruiting advantage and will continue to harvest 5 star kids and so we’ll continue to see only 5-7 different teams in the playoff every year. ZZZZZ

    Every highlight they just showed had us scoring against #21 of TCU. He’s big, but D aint his thing.

    We should bust out these gray uni’s again.

    Great to see a big shoot FT’s like that.

    #21 gonna have nightmares tonight about BigDave.

    I’m like Geez Wilson, that’s an ugly 3 pointer. Instead it’s an alley oop.

    The foul on KU was the first in the last 12 minutes of game clock.

    21 Samuel their center has 0 rebounds and has given up a bucketload of points tonight.

    It’d be cool to see Harris get double digit assists.

    Dumb announcers don’t know that our offense doesn’t really roll with Marcus Garrett.

    Dixon TO.

    When you make nearly 2/3rds of your shots it’s hard for the other team to get rebounds. ESPN has TCU with 12, CBS has them only with 9 rebounds.

    Why on earth did we start at 9 PM?

    The TCU defense is making us look really good.

    17 minutes with only 1 foul against us until the Braun foul there.

    Under 12 TO. 74-51

    Big leads to sloppy play and then leaves a sourish taste in their mouths for the next game. Finish strong. Stop messing around. The last couple of minutes have been ugly.

    Enaruna back to playing like crap. But he makes a fade away jumper to stop the mini run.

    I’m a little dismayed by some of the negative words directed at Mitch Lightfoot from some here earlier in the year.

    Under 8 TO after Mitch forces a jump ball with a great play. Wouldn’t it be great to see them jump em up after a tie up? The current rule works well for HS and below where there are lots of tie ups, but it doesn’t happen that often in college and it would serve to reward good defense. Keep the alternate possession for certain scenarios like refs not sure who the ball goes out on and double fouls.

    I keep going back to this stat, but we’ve now gone 24 minutes and committed 2 fouls.

    Getting annoyed with Enaruna playing loose. This is why he can’t be relied on. Kudos to him for helping out when the game still hung in the balance, but these showboating plays the last few minutes have really irked me.

    BigDave needs to do this every night. I know he won’t but he does. We need him to have some success going forward.

    I’m predicting a revenge victory in Austin next month.

    Looking forward to seeing us against Rocky Top in Knoxville later this month.

    #4 screwing up our superb no fouling streak.

    #1 AKA short shorts with a nice drive.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk chant raining down from the upper reaches of the arena.

    Shut up Fran, who cares about the Heismann?

    93-64 Superb game. Not much drama.

    Wilson statsheet stuffer 16 points, 7 RB’s 6 assists. He’s my player of the game. Harris newcomer of the game. Enaruna bench player of the game even with having 3/8ths of our teams turnovers.

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  • @wissox nice writeup!

  • If Enaruna can bring that same intensity off the bench for 15 minutes a game going forward… My goodness.

    Ochai was hot hot hot last night.

    Jalen Wilson is just so enjoyable to watch. Almost always makes the smart play. Tries hard. Plays with a fluidity that would make a figure skater proud. I mean the guy is just dang good at basketball.

    Harris. What is left to be said? The embodiment of so many previous Jayhawk PGs. Quick hands. Amazing vision. Ability to drive the ball past his man at will. His Aaron Miles-esk inability to shoot. He plays the game with almost a feel of a different era. And yet it works.

    Even Dave deserves a compliment from last night. When he hit that 15 foot jumper and got fouled, I literally stood up from my couch to give him applause. Was it a good shot? No. Was it a miracle it went in with the foul? Yes. Does his jumper form look broke af? Yes. Does the ball go in though? Almost routinely. If we can get even close to the Big Dave we saw last night the rest of the way we might be able to make a run of sorts.

    I really do like this team a lot. For all of their flaws, when it is all clicking it is some of the most beautiful basketball ever played under Bill Self.

  • @Kcmatt7

    They are fun to watch when shots are made.

    I don’t think we can underestimate how much influence Self has on a game after a loss. We will never replace how driven the man is on bounce back games. Completely different effort from Saturday on offense. The defense isn’t going to be anything special this year but when the offense clicks you see the defense play well, guys are more engaged and the energy level is higher.

    The next 3 games are winnable and then we get a reality check against Baylor. Playing well or beating Baylor would be fun

  • @BeddieKU23 Yeah, I looked at the schedule, a little reprieve than it hits hard. I’m really looking forward to the Tennessee game as well. Then the last three games of the season, all ranked teams including Texas and Baylor.

  • @wissox

    Tennessee currently has the #1 ranked D. They looked mortal against Alabama so we’ll see. I think that and the Baylor game give us a really good measuring stick of this team especially facing good defenses. The two best teams by metrics that we’ve played we’ve lost them both and both of them the games got away from us at different points. We know this team isn’t Texas bad, they may not be TCU good either. Seems like a team that may have several peaks and valleys instead of sustained success

  • @BeddieKU23 I think you’re right. I don’t think this is a Jayhawk juggernaut. They showed enough to hang with Gonzaga (I’m dismayed even writing such a line) but also struggled to put away NDS. Lesser teams have gone all the way so anything is possible, but this probably isn’t the year.

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