Shooting Woes

  • Anyone notice this team is shooting 42% from the field as a team? I cannot recall ever seeing the number that low in the Self era.

    Braun- 40%

    Garrett- 39%

    McCormack- 38%

    Thompson- 37%

    Grant-Foster- 40%

    Enaruna- 42%

    I know Self seemed to be more worried about the defense after the loss but the offense is where the game was lost Saturday. How can you have 3 starters and 3 rotation guys who can’t piss in the ocean. Heck with the defense, this offense needs some serious work. Guys need to get in the gym and work on shooting

  • 2p% honestly could end up being the worst in the Self era. Three point shooting is good. Dave being awful is a large part of this. Braun should basically never attempt 2s given his splits (41% from 2, 39% from 3). Jalen is 59% from 2, Ochai 46%. Bryce (45%) and Tyon (54%) have been solid from 2 as well (on lower volumes of course) but can’t hit threes for shit, it’s a pickle.

    For reference Graham was 44% for his career from 2, Mason was 47%. I think it mostly boils down to having no good scoring option inside. David is at 38%, insanely bad for a big. Right now this team is 5% lower than the 14-15 team, and would by the worst in Bill’s tenure.

  • Bill said some stuff to Jesse about it

    alt text

    alt text


  • Passing is a huge issue as well tbh.

  • This should be Bill’s year to Stop Worrying And Learn to Love the [Trey] Bomb.

  • Discouraging comments there from Self


    Braun’s number surprised me given his shooting ability from the perimeter.

    Thompson is a freshman who’s been hot and cold. Not worried there.

    No excuse for Garrett shooting 39% when a majority of his shots are close to the basket.

    I have no answer for Dave, he’s just not any good. Can’t sugar coat that

  • @BeddieKU23 Apparently when Dave is off the floor (I don’t have access to these stats first hand so I’m trusting someone else) this KU team is 51% from 2. That’s an insane difference and not just accounting for Dave’s misses. It’s another 4% jump from that indicating also that the team simply gets better looks in general with Dave out.

  • I know Bill knows his ball and his team… so I’m agreeing with him.

    But there are ways to change this team. Transition is something you develop. I played on teams focused on transition and we practiced for transition. That meant… when the ball moved out on transition we were forced to take it to the rack. Didn’t make a difference if the defender was 7’ and the ball-handler was 5’10". After you do this for a while the 5’10" player learned how to do it and score because there is no reason for them not to. You drive into the body and draw a foul, you use the backboard to angulate the shot, you use your body in between the ball an the defender… etc etc. Instead… we see our guys not wanting to challenge the defenders and pulling the ball out. Crime! It’s a crime!

  • @drgnslayr I am totally OK with getting a quick 3 in transition as well, provided it’s a good shot and other guys are crashing boards. I attribute the problem to our recent teams relying on playing through our bigs in the half court. I don’t know how Self can’t say this is a personnel issue of his own making when he builds rosters around guys like Dedric, Udoka and Dave, and advertises them as our lead scorers. So I guess he’s realized this. Hopefully the new bigs can run, gun, and rebound out of the gate. Maybe Enaruna will find new life in this future run and gun reality.

  • And yet we’re 8 - 2 after playing the 5th toughest schedule in the country.

    Didn’t expect that little ray of sunshine from me, huh?

  • There really are no easy buckets for this team. Dave’s shooting % is basically half Doke’s. We don’t have anyone who can run a break (maybe Harris can, but we are really lacking team speed). We don’t really have anyone who can finish above or below the rim. We get very few put backs. Any game where we are not making 35+% on treys is going to be a struggle…

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Shooting Woes:

    And yet we’re 8 - 2 after playing the 5th toughest schedule in the country.

    Didn’t expect that little ray of sunshine from me, huh?

    Having a HOF coach helps.

  • Certainly this team isn’t as bad as they played. Historically bad game. Move on, we hope… Reminds me of the Nova game we played before Xmas one year. Couldn’t have pissed in any ocean that day.

    We’ve seen the highs and lows of this team already in 10 games. They need to improve their shooting. Self could make some adjustments to the starting lineup and how they attack teams. His team will get there if he finally gives up on Dave being a starter. Back to the coaching lab for this team

  • @approxinfinity said in Shooting Woes:

    This should be Bill’s year to Stop Worrying And Learn to Love the [Trey] Bomb.

    Dr. Strangelove…

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