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    Kansas coach could see it in their eyes. He could see the intensity of their glares as the Jayhawks left the court after unheralded West Virginia Sean McNeil had banked in a 3 at the end of the first half giving WVU a 1 point lead after a back and forth 1st half, but one which WVU had scored 8 points in a row to take the lead. McNeil had 20 points. He celebrated near the blue wing tip of the Jayhawk logo at venerable Allen Field House. It will go down as a career highlight for McNeil.

    The Jayhawks made sure there were no more highlights. The players were mad going to the lockerroom Coach Self said. They were not going to see anyone celebrating on the Jayhawk unless they were wearing the sacred threads of the Crimson and the Blue.

    Coach Self really didn’t have to say a lot. Defensive whiz kid Marcus Garrett was shocked. No one went off on us like that. Self pulled his mask down just for a moment. He was smiling.
    Mitch Lightfoot, the elder statesman of the team nervously looked around. Bill Self had a plan, he knew it. Self pulled the mask back up and devised his scheme.

    He said he’d liked some aspects of the 1st half. The Jayhawks had maintained a 3-7 point lead throughout. But the end of the half took care of that. The intensity let down as the cardboard cutouts headed early for the concession stands. Kansas was shooting fairly well themselves but went cold. The bench wasn’t contributing, a major concern tonight coach mentioned in the postgame presser.

    WVU would start the 2nd half trading baskets with the Jayhawks, but Self’s plan was about to burst. Braun, coach said was ready for the moment. He was going to be the Sean McNeil of the 2nd half. He would unleash an offensive onslaught that hasn’t often been seen in the Self regime. 3’s firing from all spots. He exploded for 14 second half points, but unlike McNeil, Christian had help.

    Jalen Wilson, who’s been a little bit enigmatic this season, also had a big half much like he did against Kentucky. He erupted for 12 more points on a series of athletic drives and 3’s and the Jayhawks were on their way. The threes kept flying and the Jayhawks kept rebounding the misses, with Dave McCormack playing maybe his most effective game of the season. Sure he still missed his bunnies, but he had a productive energy that was being noticed by the writers at KuBuckets. Dave has good instincts tonight was a common thread, and when he sent a Derek Culver shot screaming onto the scorers table a noticeable grimace came across the bemasked WVU coach Higgins.

    By the time it was all done a season high 16 trifectas were cashed in on 37 bets by the Jayhawk cagers. Shooting and making more 3’s than 2’s is not something often seen by the #3 team in the land. It hasn’t happened this season. It may not happen again.

    Christian Braun smiled as he caught Self’s eye while walking off the court. The plan had worked. Jayhawk nation can celebrate the holidays in good spirits as they usually do.

    (I always wished I’d been a journalist, this is my lame attempt!)

  • Use the word “exploded” a few times, and it’s ready for print. “Christian Braun exploded for 14 second half points.”

    note: I am not an journalist or editor, but someone always explodes in sports articles.

  • I was thinking erupted but exploded sounds good.

  • @wissox nicely done!

  • @RockkChalkk thanks

  • @wissox love it. I glossed over the headers and thought you had copy pasted from a other site until the KU Buckets line 🙂 I found myself very much appreciating the authors point of view! it’s always fun seeing how people get inspired by our team. Thanks for sharing.

  • @wissox nicely done.

  • @DanR Edited. Now how do we get this to the American people?

  • I really wanted to read that someone “clapped back” or that the Jayhawks “broke the internet”.

    Just kidding. Well done.

  • Why spell it Higggins?

  • @wissox Nothing lame about it. A very well written and enjoyable read as was your really great recap of the Texas Tech game. I thought of you last night as I was watching the game and the many bad calls that you might recap this game much as you did the TT game. I thought the calls were so one-sided in WV’s favor that I was actually shocked the few times we had a call go our way!

  • @bcjayhawk Thanks for the kind words! I really didn’t see the calls hurting us too badly. I know the foul count in the first half irked me a bit, but I just felt all along like this game was ours so I wasn’t too worked up.

  • @RockChalkinTexas I think that was a spell check error. I use that excuse a lot. It’s a handy excuse for anything we write that we later regret. Just blame spell check!

  • @wissox I guess I wasn’t bothered as much by the calls in the second half either after they guys found their answer

  • Excellent post mr. WissoxBate- thanks

  • Nice but don’t expect me to match @jaybate-1-0! But it’s an honor to be considered a worthy fill in for the professor of all things, a sort of Jack Ass of all Trades. Jaybate if you are reading this come back! We need you!

  • That is better than anything I have read recently! You have won nomination to continue!

    I think we’ve been around enough and have enough of a following to develop press prestige and credentials. It isn’t uncommon for fan groups today to receive a status level with these perks.

    I suggest we form a plan and execute it. I feel certain that the AD will be happy to accommodate our status and grant permissions. This would involve the need to have people available in Lawrence. If we continued to grow we could formalize it as an organization and raise funds for travel with the team.

    I’m not satisfied with outside press coverage and think there are many in here who could bring new light and life to coverage!


  • @drgnslayr Thoughts? Of course! I’ll volunteer for said duty. Actually that would be selfish, @approxinfinity who rescued us all from kusports is the one who deserves the honor!

    I’ll try to write up another one after the Texas game.

  • @wissox all you my man. I’m happy to offer my support.

    Right now I don’t think we are growing much. We have a small but steady group. Pretty consistent. I don’t have any plans to grow the base but would be happy to do so, at least a little bit.

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