Tony LaRussa aka AJ Hinch?

  • What’s the word in the @wissox household on this LaRussa hiring?

  • If he gets them a world series I love it. If he has trouble relating to the Sox stars and creates dissension, then obviously it was a bad move. Of course anytime you have a 76 year old being hired to manage a team in 2021 you have to ask questions about managing with the use of analytics and such.

  • Tony LaRussa DWI arrest the day before the Sox hired him. And the team knew about it. The Sox are in my blood, can’t quit but Reinsdork you must give up this team, but how do you force that? Wow, if he isn’t fired or have the decency to resign, we can still find a decent manager.

  • Seems like this news is blowing over, which I’m not surprised… Still think it is a weird hire no matter what.

  • How do folks view Santana signing. I think that it is a positive move and an encouraging sign that the new leadership wants to fast track the re-build. I am optimistic that Royals can contend in 2022.

  • I think it’s pretty smooth.

  • The Royals completed a three-team trade with the Red Sox and Mets acquiring Benintendi from Boston while sending Franchy Cordero and two players to be named to Boston. Khalil Lee is going to the Mets, while New York is sending two players to the Red Sox. Lee was the Royals’ No. 8 prospect per MLB Pipeline.

  • That trade was a really good “win now” type of move for the Royals.

    Would feel better if we didn’t have Michael Taylor penciled in to start in CF. But outside of that, I think they have a pretty salty bunch to throw out there 162 times and the new rules seem to all benefit the Royals. 7 inning games in double headers. Runners on 2nd in extra innings. Dead ball.

    This crew could make a run for 2nd in the division and a Wildcard spot imo. Everything would have to break right, but they have a legit lineup 1-7 that should manufacture some runs. Question really is if the pitching can keep it together for the entire season.

  • @Kcmatt7 dont sleep on MAT. Love the kid. Sad to see him go. He still has decent upside. Had some massive post season ABs for the Nats, and never got a real shake at the starting gig with our crowded outfield.

  • @approxinfinity he’s 30. I just won’t be excited about him or pretend he can come in and hit .250 with 20 HRs

  • @Kcmatt7 he absolutely can hit . 250 and 20 homeruns. It’s just that he hasnt bc of injury and lack of opportunity. Give him a chance.

    Edit: not saying he will, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility with a starting job.

  • I concur that Royals will be competitive this year and if the pitching prospects develop they have a legit shot at winning the division in 2022.

  • @AsadZ They really need at least two of Lynch, Kowar or Lacy to be in the rotation in 2022. And probably need to be spenders in FA to make it happen.

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