If Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk grows 4-6 more inches.

  • Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is 16 years old and 6’6". If like Anthony Davis he grows 4 more inches over the course of the next year what position does HCBS play him if he were to sign? With handles like he has he would be very similar to Davis and get drafted high lotto and be good representation for KU. Since the other post turned into a completely different topic lets keep this one about Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk and I am going to re post my research on this kid.

    I took the liberty of looking over and reviewing the info I could find on Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk and what I found proved that he belongs in the discussion for a #1 ranking in the class of 2014 (as long as we are still ranking kids based off of potential).

    The only real knock on this kid was that he is young and would have trouble guarding older guys in college at the D1 level. False statement and anyone who has taken time to review the team he plays for would know that he has played for the SK Cherkasy Monkeys (Ukraine-Superleague) during the 2013-2014 season. He has been playing with and against guys of all ages mostly college graduates/NBA bench players like Dajuan Summers that was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 2009 and Jason Washburn a graduate from Utah that made an impact on the schools program but didn’t make an NBA roster. There are guys as old as 35 on these teams he is playing against so that myth is busted.

    Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk would be a huge get for HCBS and all of the talk about Self recruiting a guard that is better than any guard on the roster is probably not far off base. I think Self and his coaching staff knows that this kid would be one of the biggest additions to the roster this year if we can nab him. Playing with and against veteran NBA players and college graduates has probably enhanced his game more than any High school graduate we could get our hands on. I believe this kid is a game changer for us and I personally hope we get him! He could very well be the lead guard or future forward HCBS is looking for.

  • Very compelling info, statmachine. This guy could be really good, and if he’s played against older guys, he may not be ‘fazed’ by the Div1 college game in the USA.

    The semi-humorous thought I had was remembering someone posted a few weeks ago, still bewildered by the UNI loss, asking “…and what exactly is a ‘Farokhmanesh’?”. I’d like opposing fans after getting beat by KU one day to have to ask “…and how do you even say that Ukrainian kid’s name?” (as he goes for 20+…). I’d like us to have our own Forte/KeitonPage/Heslip/Reddick-type of dead-eye marksman again. 40+% trey gun is a key weapon, opening up a lot of things, just by its presence.

  • I think a 6’6" 16 year old skinny beanpole will be even more of a beanpole after growing 4 inches. And he will become less coordinated with the added height, and possibly less effective handling the ball. He will need to relearn some of the mechanics because his mind probably still thinks he’s a 6’6" jumping jack. I’ve never seen him, but I’d be surprised he looks anything like Anthony Davis. Davis was not skinny to begin with. I think Micah Downs might be a better comparison.

  • I like what happened to Frank Kaminsky after he grew from a 6’ 3" guard in HS to a 7 footer in college.

    I really don’t see the problem in getting this kid if we can.

  • @Statmachine

    “Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk would be a huge get for HCBS…”

    I agree… 1000%!

  • Bill Self just might be weaving himself into position wherein by March his top 8 players will include 4 freshmen. Add those newcomers to Ellis, Selden, Traylor. Who will be #8? Who will opt for a red shirt? Or, sad scenario, would Greene, Lucas, Mason or Frankamp transfer? Turgeon or D. Manning might be watching intensely…

  • @wissoxfan83 I think you meant during high school.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinal: Frank Kaminsky

    “I got into high school at 6-2 and left high school at 6-10,” Kaminsky, who is listed at 7-0 and 234 pounds, said as UW prepared for its second-round NCAA tournament game against American University. “I had a lot of growing to do both physically and mentally…

    Kaminsky will be a senior and now is listed as 6’11" and 234 lb. http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/frank-kaminsky-1.html

    So players don’t just grow KU inches at Kansas. 🙂

  • @Wishawk

    Yeah, I knew it happened then, just didn’t word it clearly.

  • Banned

    Count me in the group that would love to have Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk. Not only do I think the kid can play but I would think it would do wanders for KU in recruiting internationally.

  • Pretty good read on the potential benefits of signing Mykhailiuk from the Shiver. I pretty much agree. At worst, there doesn’t seem to be an incredible downside to going after him. But we’ll see if he goes to college at all…

  • @konkeyDong According to the insiders Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk’s advisors are encouraging him to go to KU. That is on the Shiver and the UVA 247 insider boards.

  • I’m all in on Mykhailiuk, based on what I’ve seen and read. He’d be with the team for two years and would impact the team in a variety of ways both years. He could help the team and the program… That’s pretty cool to consider for a recruit coming in this late in the season.

  • Lots of upside and not a lot of downside. He would be a great fit at KU.

  • @JayHawkFanToo No downside? Do you view possible transfer from our perimeter players as a negative, or are you ok with that risk? Maybe a little downside.

    Let’s assume Selden and Oubre go pro and the other four guys stay after this season; and Self lands a class of 2015 guard. That five. SM makes six.

    Maybe Self is fine with Mason, or CF, or Greene leaving?

    Or maybe the 2015 guy is a kid that understands that he will sit early and no one transfers. Maybe it could work. But I don’t think it could if we land a “play now” 2015 guard.

    Could SM being on our roster hurt us in that pursuit? Maybe that’s good. We could avoid a presumed OAD.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is NOT a one and one player; because of his age he would have to stay in college at least two years (maybe longer, if the rules change) before going to the NBA. It was my understanding that the class of 2015 was very thin on guards. In any case, would you prefer to have a potential two and done that many think is one of the better players around or a one and done from the 2015 class?

    As far as transfers, I don’t believe Frankamp would transfer; he is a lifetime Jayhawk fan with limited NBA potential and I see him as more of a Tyrel Reed type of player, a solid college player but with limited pro potential, that would not necessarily pursue a career in the NBA and a good career at KU (which he is very likely to have) may be all he wants.

    Mason probably feels like he has a chance to make it to the NBA, but if he cannot break into the starting line up at KU, how much of a chance does he have of getting drafted or making it to the NBA? Pretty small I would think. No other school that would take him would offer the exposure that KU does.

    Green has potential but so far he has not shown he can get a starting position. He can either transfer and sit out one year at a smaller school or try harder to get a starting position at KU; I would guess the second offers him the better path to the NBA. Much like Mason, if he cannot start at KU, chances are he is not good enough for the NBA.

    I can think of 4 players with NBA potential that transferred out of KU. Padget and Downs left of their own accord and neither is in the NBA; Giles and Giddens were forced out and nether is playing in the NBA. It would seem that leaving KU does not ease the path to the NBA.

    You are definitely a “glass half-empty” type of person where I am more of a “glass half-full.”

  • @JayHawkFanToo My reference to an OAD was that if SM is on our roster, an OAD might thus not choose KU because of roster composition, and that might be a good thing.

    You are correct on the rule related to SM (which I incorrectly ignored in a post last week).

    Although some disagree, I think the risk is much greater that he’ll leave than a normal player – he’s never lived in the US, he’s from the Ukraine, and his current choice is college or playing pro in Europe. After one year of school that pull – to play professionally prior to being eligible for the NBA draft – could get pretty firm, I would imagine.

    But if he’s a two year guy at least, hard to argue with the signing.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I pretty much agree with your entire post.

    I think Conner is a KU man all the way. And why would he leave the school that will give him the best path into coaching? No other school is better for developing coaches.

    Mason… If I was Self I would take the same path for Frank as he took for Bam-Bam. Don’t let that kid leave Lawrence without the skills he needs to make a good living in basketball. Mason has Int’l ball written all over him. He’s the guy teams can’t find abroad. They have a million dead-on shooters, but what they lack is tough dudes who are willing to shed blood on a drive. Those players almost don’t exist anymore in that game and is a big reason most Int’l ball has become flat.

    Greene has to feel a bit relieved to have won the battle with AW3. Doesn’t mean he will score big time minutes… but I find it unlikely that he won’t. Listen to Self. He talks about Brannen like a guy who will leave a big time mark at KU. Self doesn’t throw that kind of praise around on players unless he truly believes it.

    I’m not worried about Self over-recruiting. We’ve already been through the Self rut where he under-recruited and everyone (and I mean everyone) started to challenge Self and his ability to recruit.

    There are no promises in college basketball. It is competitive, and sink or swim. It’s that simple. I miss players that transfer out but I don’t feel sorry for them. Having Kansas on their resume is never a bad thing. In some cases, like AW3, I constantly nagged him to transfer because he is too good a player to not get vital game minutes. His skills turned rusty during this past year (during the season) and you never want to see that happen to a player, especially of his caliber. But… he will be fine and I’m sure Self will help him find the right connection.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    “Although some disagree, I think the risk is much greater that he’ll leave than a normal player…”

    I definitely disagree. I have a great deal of experience with Int’l players… and one thing that is a typical trait with these players is how well they think out their futures. They are methodical with their decisions… so they are not easily swayed out of their commitments and they definitely don’t make decisions based on emotions. I really know nothing about this kid… but from overall experience with players abroad I would put him at the bottom of the list of possible transfer early.

    Chances are… this kid is a walking encyclopedia in regards to the NBA, Euro-leagues, basketball clinics, coaching schools, everything concerning basketball. He’s watched 100s of tape on players like Jordan, James… all the great players and especially the ones he wants to mimic. Literally every player in Europe studies several NBA players games to swipe moves.

  • @drgnslayr I guess I don’t know why an international play would generally be “methodical” and “not easily swayed” from his opinion, and not governed by “emotions.”

    My thought on SM relates as well to what happened with Ioannis Papapetrou, the Greek player who bolted Texas after just one season for a multi-million dollar deal.

    If SM is really that good, and shows any of that level of play at KU, that opportunity would pull him surely much more than a kid from say Chicago.

    We can’t agree that a Ukrainian kid might be more likely to bolt to play in Europe than the normal high level, born and raised in the USA player?

  • @HighEliteMajor “We can’t agree that a Ukrainian kid might be more likely to bolt to play in Europe than the normal high level, born and raised in the USA player?”

    Why even try to make that comparison? It is likely that S.M. will play in Europe, yes, but it is highly unlikely that he would play one year in college and then bolt. The downside of Europe is being tied down to a contract that would delay his nba career. Starting that contract one year later would just make things worse.

    I don’t see the prospect of “bolting” as a serious factor in deciding whether or not to recruit this guy.

  • @HighEliteMajor I missed your example of the Greek player. That is a valid point.

  • European players have a lot of options when it comes to the decision of staying in school or going back to their home country to play. For one, the pay in the EuroLeague is very good. The coaching is also very good. Neither is on the NBA level, but it is much better than anywhere else in the world that is not the NBA.

    The other thing he has going for him is that he could come to KU for a year, then sign a two year contract with a European team. He gets U.S. exposure at KU, returns home (easier for him because there is no cultural shock to get over), earns a couple million playing in his home country and then, depending on who drafts him after his first year in Europe, he could decide to remain in Europe after his first contract is up, or come to the states to play in the NBA.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    The example you used, Papatreu, is not a good one. Papatreu was not a NBA caliber player and the logical career path was playing in Europe and made no sense for him to stay longer and delay the start of his career where he was best qualified to play. For the elite European players, the NBA is the ultimate destination, and for all I have read about Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, he has NBA potential. Why would he move back to Europe after one year and be tied up to a long contract that delays his entry to the NBA, when he could play one extra year at KU, get maximum exposure and play his way into the NBA lottery?

    On the other hand, if after one year he does not show big potential and moves back to Europe, then we have not lost much or wasted a scholarship that, either would go unused or be assigned to a walk-on, right?

    As I mentioned, lots of upside and not too much downside.

  • @justanotherfan

    Th only problem is that to make big money in Europe, he would have to sign a long term contract with big buyout clause (see Ricky Rubio). The NBA restricts the amount NBA teams can pay for a buyout to $500K, so the majority of the buyout would have to come from his own pocket or he would have to play the majority of his contract in Europe; neither option looks good if his ultimate goal is to play in the NBA.

  • I talked to my brother today that lives in Charlottesville. He and others around the program feel as if KU has already done the deal with the 16 year old Eastern Bloc’s version of “Pistol Pete.” This article says he will announce his decision on May 21st.

    SB NATION UVA recruiting: The other major Virginia recruiting target is somehow shrouded in even more mystery. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is a 6’5" guard from Ukraine who is considered one of Europe’s best prospects - the guy’s even got his own (albeit poorly written) Wikipedia page. Though he’s only 16 years old, Mykhailiuk has finished high school (apparently he is a child prodigy too?), and is already on the radar of NBA teams. Mykhailiuk may decide to play professionally in Europe until he’s eligible for the NBA, but is reportedly considering attending college in the US as well.

    Last month, Mykhailiuk played at the 2014 Nike Hoop Summit, the youngest athlete to do so, which quickly propelled him on to everyone’s radar. The Ukrainian guard has received plenty of interest from other schools, particularly Kansas. The Daily Progress reported that he’ll made a decision on his future on May 21st. Until then, we’ll all likely be in the dark about the outcome of this non-traditional recruiting situation.

  • @ParisHawk - The reason to make that comparison is because it’s reasonable to assume that things could come up. I don’t know why it would be “highly unlikely” that he would bolt. We don’t know the kid. We do know that he’s apparently debating between college and the pros in Europe. I don’t think that it’s too much of a stretch to think that he could have buyer’s remorse after coming here, or culture shock as @justanotherfan mentioned. And then decide the money would be a better deal.

    @JayHawkFanToo - You ask why he would sign a contact and delay his NBA career. Well, he could sign a one year deal, couldn’t he? Or two years, thinking he’d do better in the next draft after what would be his junior season. Ioannis Papapetrou got $2 million for 5 seasons. If he’s not the level of player as SM, as you pointed out, then is it unreasonable to think that SM could sign a pretty sweet two year deal? If I don’t know the European league contract rules, let me know – I mean if they have some restrictions or requirements. Then my opinion on that would change. Meaning, if contractually he had to commit five years, or something, I agree that would be different. Never heard of anything like that.

    Really, I am confused as to why we want to resist simply acknowledging that signing a kid like SM is different than a US kid, and fraught with some different perils – like eligibility. Kids get flipped money to play in Europe to they’re done here. See Enes Kanter. Not saying it is likely, or for sure, but the basketball environment in Europe is much different than the US. And @wrwlumpy , in the Ukraine, they can graduate after the 11th grade if they take and pass a test. They can skip 12th grade.

    Of course, he could do what Papapetrou did and kind of lead his coach on and then leave right as school starts. See link below. This kind of leaves a coach in a lurch. Again, no one knows this kid’s head. But just a bigger risk that a kid from Europe would bolt than a kid here – the kid here doesn’t have a million dollar option. His scholarship deal is pretty sweet.

    Now the real point is the upside vs. downside that @JayHawkFanToo mentions. My main “downside” is not that he’ll leave, but that his presence will cost us a transfer, maybe two. If SM gets p.t. at the expense of another player, and SM then leaves, we could still lose a transfer. And the timing could leave us exposed (if done late like Papapetrou) and could cause us to revert again to freshmen on the perimeter. A key, too is uncertainty. A European kid brings more of that to the table.

    But if the risk and uncertainty isn’t a concern, by all means, sign the kid if he’s the second coming of Pistol Pete.

    Heck, a kid just turning 17 will certainly come in here, play high quality defense, nail three pointers better than our past freshman, handle D-1 defensive pressure, match-up athletically, and assimilate to a new culture in short time. He’ll love Lawrence, and have no home sickness being half way around the world. Of course, a kid that graduates after the 11th grade and takes a test to get out of the 12th grade won’t be of any NCAA concern, and we’re sure that he hasn’t gotten any Enes Kantor money. Certainly, the lure of big money won’t be a consideration if he’s not getting the playing time he thinks he should get, or if Coach Self is a being rough on him. We can assume he’s a tough personality in all this, and not one that is easily beaten down. We know that.

    Silly me for assuming his situation is riskier than signing a highly rated player from Dallas or Detroit.


  • @HighEliteMajor

    if you read the link you provide you will see that the link that he was offered by the Panathinaikos and the one he accepted from Olimpiacos were both for 5 years at about $400K per year; this is chump change in the NBA but in Europe is fairly big money and it is tied to a 5 year contract. European teams offer big money only when it comes with a long term contract with buyout clauses. Even Ricky Rubio, arguably the most promising player in Europe, had to sign s long term contract with big buy out that delayed joining the NBA by at least two years. He had to play two additional years until his buyout was reduce to 1.4 million and he had to pay most of it himself since NBA teams are allowed to chip in only $500K as per agreement. This is just the way they do business on the other side of the pond.

    If he ends up being as good (and smart) as he is projected to be, there is no way he delays the big money from the NBA for a small one year contract in Europe or larger (but small in NBA terms) long term contract. Whatever he makes in one year in Europe would be more than offset in his first NBA contract.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Well, let’s hope SM signs here and is a stud player for two seasons. If he leads us to a title, I’ll be the guy’s biggest fan.

    I like the mention at one of the site’s that he could be on the floor with two other point guards and we’d have some mad ball handling. Maybe the perfect Self “lead” guard.

    Two seasons, though.

  • Come on down Sick Myc! We could use another baller in Crimson and Blue. If the other players on the team are scared of competition or felt they had no idea that there would be world class competition for minutes; then leave. Wanted: competitors only.

    I don’t want KU to turn into a OAD factory, but I’ll take all the world class players that want to compete for minutes. Some of Bill’s early teams were so stacked that great players sat early in their careers. I hope KU get’s back to that. Where a Brannen Greene can come in as a Jr. and light it up without all the on court growing pains. That’s why I want this kid, to up the talent level and practice quality.

    I hope the Wednesday timeline for a (good) decision is correct.

  • @dylans

    I totally agree… but it is harder to get talented players to sit and wait their turn these days. The younger generation focuses too much on instant gratification. There is some kind of balance… It is hard to say where that balance is. I think no one knows that more than Self. We all project like we understand the players and their situations… but we don’t. We read news clippings and hear rumors. Self and his coaches are involved with his players every day and should have a pulse on where the players are at.

    In some ways… it seems to be tougher to be a college coach than a pro coach. College kids are often immature and unrealistic and they are just in their “coming out” phase of being in the real public eye. Players have a limited contract that binds them, just for one year. It must be tough trying to keep everyone happy and on the same team goal.

  • @drgnslayr Patience is a virtue most are short on these days. However, look at Kentucky, if you want to talk about a stacked roster, wow. Playing time at KU will be much easier to come by for the star players than at UK.

  • @dylans

    I believe there will be 9 former McDonald All-Americans in their roster next season. Talk about a bunch of egos. Only the Bobcats in the NBA have 9 former McDs; interestingly enough, Duke will also have 9 former McDs. In comparison, KU will have 4 former McDs.

    The team with the most McDs to win the championship was North Carolina in 2009 with 8 and UConn won the 2014 championship with ZERO former McDs.

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  • @dylans

    “Patience is a virtue most are short on these days. However, look at Kentucky, if you want to talk about a stacked roster, wow. Playing time at KU will be much easier to come by for the star players than at UK.”

    Everyone in here knows I don’t like Calipari. And I’ve questioned everything about him before. But… I have to hand it to him for getting most of these guys back for another year. I know the argument that this year’s draft is too stacked and these players didn’t feel they would go high enough… but that hasn’t stopped other players from going too soon. Calipari must have advised many (or all) of these guys to consider returning… and they listened to him.

    It hurts me to write that long of positive blurb about Calipari… but I did because I like it when kids use their brain and stay when they aren’t ready to go.

  • @DoubleDD

    Thanks for posting the vid.

    In the second part of that clip, Svia was practice drilling his catch-and-shoot. I know this is a small thing… but notice how he intentionally picks a side to move to prior to his shot. Then… notice the guy beside him firmly planted on his. Svia is all about making scoring space and he even practices the little things that make the difference. The kid has been coached somewhere…

    I bet he does the same thing again, but first pumping a shot fake before the shot… something we can never get Jayhawk players to do… something so basic, but wins championships.

  • @drgnslayr

    Its the subtle things you point out about being coached in the European system that I was referencing before. He’s being coached by professional basketball coaches, not English teachers who have been to some clinics. I am by no means demeaning high school coaches. Most of them do a very good job considering that they are basically coaching because they love the game rather than coaching from a point of high expertise. But that also means those subtleties that you see in the vid @DoubleDD posted are things that most high school coaches don’t have the time to work with their players on.

    This is the major developmental flaw in the way basketball players develop in the USA vs Europe. This kid is 17 and has already had a couple of years of bona fide professional coaching exposure. Most American players don’t get that type of experience until they get to college.

  • Banned

    @drgnslayr – Please stop saying good things about Calipari. You’re making my stomach churn like I’m going to puke.

  • @DoubleDD ha ha, mine too!!! I won’t say anything good about him! I don’t think he talked those kids into staying, they were tanking and had no choice! Jmo

  • @justanotherfan

    You truly nailed it!

  • Just had a thought … any possibility that the SM information might have influenced AW3 to transfer?

    I say that because I have always thought that the timing is odd. What changed since late March? Devonte Graham signed, but Tharpe also left. That’s a push regarding AW3’s playing time.

    The only thing that really changed in that time period, that we know of, is SM’s recruitment.

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