Bill Self says Travis Ford's comments about Andrew Wiggins were not a big deal.

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  • It must be horrible to have a decent team and constantly have to answer questions about a better team.

  • LOL Travis Ford. Man, I have nothing against the guy, but as soon as I got past the initial elation of landing Wiggins, it came to me. And it made me laugh.

    I think I posted. “Travis Ford just facepalmed!”

    The image of him doing exactly that just amuses the hell out of me. I mean I can just hear a thundering “Son of a BITCH!!” coming from his office. (Ooh, I can say that here can’t I? Bonus!)

    Poor Travis. All things considered I think he’s handling it pretty well.

  • 🙂 I find myself thinking of Travis Ford and Scott Drew as drinking buddies around Media Day…

    Didn’t know much about Ford, so looked him up on Wikipedia (link):

    “He played basketball for the Missouri Tigers and was named to the Big Eight Conference All-Freshman team. The following year, Ford transferred to the University of Kentucky. He is still known at Missouri as Travis the Traitor as he was a highly touted part of a good team there with fellow stand-out Anthony Peeler.”

    Had no idea!

  • I don’t know, I kind of think Ford is right. The hype over Wiggins is way off the charts. Just some pointed sarcasm. Seriously, do we really think that Wiggins has any business in the same …

    sentence with Chamberlain and Manning?

    (see, I broke the sentence up since has no place in the same sentence)

  • HEM! You’re right, but it’s still fun to imagine Ford squirming some… kind of like watching Sean Sutton lie down stiff as a board on the sideline as Kansas beat up on his team… These people are like our Wiley Coyotes and Elmer Fudds.

    No I don’t think Wiggins belongs in the same sentence, and honestly, I’m having a very hard time imagining Wiggins going #1 overall. I’m sure he’ll be awesome, but with his body type, just having a hard time picturing it. Maybe after his Hudyization…

  • I don’t know if anyone should ever be mentioned in the same breath as Wilt ! He was truly one of a kind. Danny was (is) very, very special too, but I’m anxiously awaiting the beginning of this season to see if Andrew lives up to the hype!

  • According to this article, Wiggins isn’t looking that good at practice, regardless of his hype. Maybe the dropping of expectations will be a good thing?

  • That’s what keeps blowing my mind, is the reports out of practice don’t support the continued hype. Give the kid a break already.

    The media fuels this by trying to self-fulfill their prophecy.

  • Why did Ford transfer to UK?

  • He wasn’t smart enough to make it at Mizzou…

  • Ha! Good one, 'leaf.

  • I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I was really bummed about the whole KUsports / FB love affair - I really enjoyed the banter with you guys (and girls) and I refused to do FB (couldn’t do it at work anyway). I’m really glad that approxinfinity started this up - I feel rejuvenated !!!

  • You’ve turned over a new leaf.

  • Re: Your rejuvenated post, nuleaf…

    Word for word.

    This is coming along much faster than I could have imagined. I think approxinfinity is becoming a Jayhawk legend right before our eyes.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • That’s great slaterman. Thanks guys!

  • I do think that Wiggins hype is way over the top! It’s hard for anyone to live up to. But as an opposing coach, you need to know how to be diplomatic about it.

  • Yay!!! Approx you’re a STUD!!!

  • Yeah I was shocked that he was a player at Mizzou, I had no idea until it was recently mentioned. Funny how he is still called a “traitor” at a school with such prestige. Oh that is funny!!

  • Its so nice to be able to comment again! Thanks!

  • HEM, Well, I finally found where everyone went. Thank goodness. I always like reading your posts. Let me say this about Wiggins. He has absolutely “No Chance” of being Wilt or Danny, in College, because he will only be playing one year. If he were to play 3 years, I could see it. Also, It is personal, with Travis Ford, towards Bill Self, because he is so busy trying to prove he is worthy of having the OSU job, especially since Self was everyones “First Choice” there, and so many still want him. He was on top of the World when he beat us out for Smart, yet, even though they beat us once, they still did not win the Big 12 Conference, or Tournament. Poor Trav. ha ha ha ha What do you think, HEM?

  • Hahahahhahahahahahhaaa…

    Add me to this club!

  • Exactly, Trublue. We’ll never have another Danny because anybody with that amount talent won’t stay longer than one year. It just doesn’t happen anymore, and it takes a wee bit more time to develop true greatness.

  • Could be worse. Scott Drew must be tired of answering why with so many good players does his team continually underperform.

  • Does anyone actually ask him that? Because they definitely should.

  • Is that drgnslayer! Wow good to see everyone is joining. Maybe you can holler at your boy Jaybate!

  • I’ll be putting out the word on this site to several of the old posters!

  • Did his facepalm look anything like my profile pic?

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