So Chiefs/Texans Social Injustice

  • Been watching NFL Network today , been a lot of talk of what the Chiefs / Texans will do to support the movement on Social Injustice.

    Texans & Chiefs been in a lot of talk about unity on this talk of like they may stay in Locker Room during the National Anthem seems to be prevalent what do you think ? - - yes , no ?

    Also a lot of talk about new into the game and that new is rookie running back Clyde Helaire , lot of talk about this guy and how camp saying people gonna be surprised. -the hosts talking about how they think he may have a bigger impact on tonights game then some may think.

    Talking about how DeShaun really thinking the importance of this game, how this Texan offense is a TOTALLY different offense then last years and loaded with new receivers we shall see. - -Wondering about exactly what the teams WILL DO about the Social Injustice - there will be something , Both coach’s say they will back the players in whatever it is. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Love the irony of the situation…the players demonstrate for racial justice as the fans do the Tomahawk Chop…

  • @nwhawkfan exactly. Sorry, Washington was undeniably the worst, but after the Cleveland baseball team, chiefs and braves gotta be next. So much of “racial justice” focuses on Black and white but it’s a much broader spectrum.

  • @nwhawkfan said in So Chiefs/Texans Social Injustice:

    Love the irony of the situation…the players demonstrate for racial justice as the fans do the Tomahawk Chop…

    from what I’ve heard they are tring to get the Tomahawk chop stopped - - no more War Paint or change the name, - -no more head gear or face paint - -fricken crazy. - -Don’t think all that will happen crazy

  • The war paint and chop I get but not sure the name is an issue. The mascot is a wolf not an Indian or anything. My aunt by marriage is a full blood Indian and probably one the biggest chiefs fan Ik. She thinks it’s all PC crap. The Redskins should’ve been changed years ago as should the Cleveland Indians but I don’t think the chiefs or Braves are an issue. If you go that far we have change the name of police and fire chiefs as well at that point.

  • One of the interpretations of the reason they chose the Chiefs as the team name was to honor KC’s mayor, H. Roe “Chief” Bartle.

    But enough of that for now…time for kickoff!


    And why was his nickname “chief”? Police chiefs and fire chiefs and chief financial officers are not the same thing at this point.

  • @benshawks08 if the name Chief is offensive where do we stop?

  • @kjayhawks At names that don’t appropriate disenfranchised people and their culture. Easy question. Thanks.

  • Kansas City fans now have “booing” trending on twitter for booing during a moment of silence for “unity”. Guess it wasn’t really the kneeling that had some folks upset.

  • To bad they had tickets!

  • @benshawks08 depends on how you interpret it. They’ll be a gods plenty of people wanting those names changed if the chiefs do.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 was really strange, they booed for a minute then cheered

  • I stand behind them! Mahomes is one class act plus a great leader, so is big red. They all have great charities they give so much time and money to, also. Why not use their platform?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 right I thought it was nice, not sure what issue anyone would have.

  • @kjayhawks I thought the booing began because it looked like a bunch of people milling around very disorganized after the minute already began. The announcement was too early and so it looked like the players were the ones not observing a respectful silence.

    But it was only a few fans, whose noise is always more noticeable during a silence.

    The over/under was 53. Best bet of the night is that a bunch of “under” bettors were angry 'bout that final FG!

  • They booed. Or maybe they were all chanting Yoooooooooooo nity before breaking into the tomahawk chant.

    Change the team name. If the Hunts want fans. Bring in some school kids instead of the racists.

  • @mayjay speaking of betting lol, I’ve considered putting money on coastal this weekend. Don’t think I’ve ever bet against KU before. Another hot take I bet on Arkansas State beating the +11 they were on KSU. They’ve already played a game and I think with our spring ball that’s a huge advantage.

  • I want to watch pro football. Not listen to a 3 hour litany about BLM, social injustice, pride and prejudice, war and peace, romeo and juliet. This whole damn world has lost it’s collective mind and i’m SICK of it. There might be a place to talk about that crap - on the football field is not it.

  • @kjayhawks Agreed. I got off that train a long time ago.

  • @nuleafjhawk Yeah! Who cares about the players actually playing the football!? Who cares what they think?! Who cares what matters to them?! Their job is to entertain me! And seeing them as humans with thoughts and feelings and opinions doesn’t entertain me! I just want to see someone get smashed so hard his brain breaks!

    Real talk, if you aren’t entertained, don’t watch. Pretty simple.

  • @benshawks08 Oh stop, they are a corporate product, man. People do not watch sports in order to see see pre-packaged protest and or political statements.

  • The social justice stuff is overwhelming when watching sports these days @benshawks08. Linking arms, kneeling, etc is one thing. Fully endorse. No questions asked. And screw anyone who says they can’t or shouldn’t.

    Having sweeping dramatic cutaway pieces highlighting social justice throughout the broadcast is another. This goes beyond the players and is the artistic fantasies of the broadcasting companies.

  • Again, without having an agenda of what the players hope to achieve, what can be identified as a success to their efforts, this non-stop social justice material seems disorganized, chaotic and intangible. It’s possible that desensitizing the public is a good thing, because it shifts the standards of what is acceptable.

    Look at how Trump vomited every stupid idea he ever had onto Twitter. All day. Every day. Seemed to work for him for the same reason.

    However, it doesn’t mean that we have to enjoy it.

  • @approxinfinity It would work for all the rest of us dumbasses too, if we were president and had a few billion dollars in the bank.

  • @Marco The players are not a corporate product. They are human beings. Viewing humans as products is generally not a great way to look at the world and has had some pretty terrible consequences. They are the labor that makes the entertainment possible. As the primary faces and labor of the NFL I feel like they should have some freedom to do as they wish with the platform they have earned.

  • @benshawks08 Come on, my friend, I didn’t mean it like that and you know it. I realize that they are human beings.

  • @Marco I realize you probably didn’t mean it like that and of course you recognize they are human beings but I still think it’s dangerous when we dehumanize any group of people intentionally or unintentionally. It’s why I really struggle with the “shut up and dribble” mentality.

  • @benshawks08 And I respect your opinion. I think that is dangerous when damn near every aspect of our national life - and I am not only talking about what is going on now - seems to somehow have social and or political issues interwined - sports, award shows, social media, everything.

  • The Chief players are not only an amazing team on the the field, but off. Patrick mahomes has proved to the world a valuable leader. He supports many charities in the Kc area, and that helps underprivileged kids. Kelce has bought a building where young kids are able to get off the streets after school and has given them tools to help them succeed in school. Honey badger does a lot too, and for kids back home too. There are many stories like that. Royals are great to the city too. I think it’s great they have a platform to bring equal justice for all.

  • @Marco I would just wonder what isn’t social or political? We are social creatures and to me it isn’t bad to be constantly reminded that all we do is intertwined and the decisions we make don’t just impact ourselves. There are those among us who can pretend like the decisions we make only impact us and that we aren’t all connected but that doesn’t make it true.

  • People watch sports for escape.

  • I was angry that people were protesting when we had a pandemic at first and I felt that they should be social distancing. Then I gradually realized that if this is an inconvenient time for me, when exactly is a convenient time to talk about systemic racism? When it’s not as much of a problem? And this realization no doubt was because of how persistent the messaging had been. However, I hate hearing trite talking heads telling me what to think during sports broadcasts. If I didn’t, I’d be a Duke fan and a Yankees fan, amirite? And I’m sick of hearing people tell other people what’s good for them to think. Presenting the facts is one thing. But unfortunately, we live in an age where facts are commonly disputed as entire narratives (note, see orders of magnitude arguments, the Republican party is a cesspool rn, the Dems are just not great). So the only thing that is effective is an endless barrage telling the masses what to think and how they should feel. It’s end game dystopían noise reaching a crescendo. And at some point, it will be a wonderful thing when it all shuts the F up.

  • Also, this fractured narrative / shouting match is exactly what Russia wants. They were creating black lives matter and blue lives matter groups on facebook back in 2016. Thanks Donald Trump, idiot king, swamp creature numero uno, for ushering in this age of upheaval.

  • @approxinfinity that exactly what the evils of world want. One of, if not the super power in world tearing itself apart. I think what the chiefs and Texans did was great. Shouldn’t be a issue at all. Now the Black Lives matter stuff at every commercial break seemed a bit extreme. Black blacks matter looks more like a scam as the days pass. They have billions of dollars and their founders went from rags to riches in a hurry. But I’ve never heard of them donating any money or really helping a soul. The more destructive and murderous the group comes, the more steam they lose. The world had George Floyd’s back. I saw not a single soul, even some of the most back woods folks I know were not happy with police. Now they’ve claimed 50 lives and caused billions of dollars in damage. Which plays into stereotypes and hurts their neighborhoods even more. When things go bad I think back to an old saying my grandpa told me “come to me with a solution not a problem”. Some people are upset that NFL players are honoring a guy that sexually assaulted a 14 year old and went to her house against a restraining order probably to threaten her to drop charges (imagine how she must feel guess y’all don’t have daughters). You got shows on Netflix about twerking 10 year olds mostly naked, some show full frontal nudity. Epstein’s victims continue to see no justice while elites cover it up. Cardi B singing songs about eating a** and wet p****y is platinum and award winning music. You have a 100 sex slaves freed in pedofile ring thats getting almost zero national media coverage. LeBron James is fine with Chinese people he makes millions off of being oppressed. People with the loudest voices from the biggest platforms are drowning out voices that need heard the most right now.

  • People watch sports for escape… (escape from what?)

    I hate hearing trite talking heads telling me what to think… (you seem able to ignore what they say)

    There might be a place to talk about that crap - on the football field is not it… (where’s the place, if you’re a football player?)

    Q nutjob (great)

  • @kjayhawks Seriously, go away, you nutjob.

  • @DanR haha I coulda see as to where what I said would upset a pedofile.

  • @kjayhawks I copied your post. What’s wrong with you?

  • @kjayhawks seriously. you should stay away from that Q stuff. it’s an abyss of lies I don’t think you can climb out of.

  • @approxinfinity ban his ass

  • @DanR I capable of thinking for myself, using common sense and logical. I think that’s the main issue you have with me. Nothing you posted was copied from my post. Typical Democrat where your opinion somehow matters more than anyone else. I refuse to communicate with a pedofile sympathizer. You can get the last word good night sir.

  • @DanR I’ll close the thread. and the next time someone wildly calls someone else a pedophile, yeah, I’ll ban.

    There’s no home for this Q bullshit here @kjayhawks

    EDIT: banned for 1 day. Basically i don’t think we need to tolerate people flippantly calling people pedophiles here. that’s a special kind of QAnon crazy that is slipping into mainstream. I think it’s not much different than a racial slur.

  • @kjayhawks No, I copied your nutter butter Qanon BS post before you deleted it. Have a good life and go away.

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