Are These Athletes Taught Math?

  • I do think young athletes are starting to learn math. At least, their agents seem to be learning. And sometimes corporate wonks can’t count either…

    I’m still sending spirit energy out to Jaybate…

  • This story was written up years ago from the underarmour perspective. My first name is spelled the same as his, Stephen, but of course until Steph Curry came along almost all people know how to say my name. Now, ironically to me, my name gets pronounced like his name. Steph left Nike because they couldn’t pronounce his name correctly, now every one knows how to pronounce his name and no one knows how to pronounce my name! I seriously get annoyed because pronouncing Stephen like the phonetic version Steven has been around since our language was invented, and suddenly people don’t know how to pronounce my name. 1st world problem for sure, but I blame Stephen, aka, Steven for it.

  • @wissox I take it there wasn’t a Nike-type name-pronounciation problem in signing your new teaching contract? ✍

  • Wise Socks? That’s not right?

  • The current crop of athletes, for good and bad, learned from Jordan (and Magic, Barkley, Kobe, Shaq, Lebron) that they are their own brand, and really their own business. That’s why Patrick Mahomes will be worth a quarter of a billion dollars at some point in the next few years, why Kevin Durant owns a production company and why Lebron James owns a handful of companies. They understand business more than most.

    It’s also why you see fewer and fewer of the (insert athlete name) retires and is millions in debt stories now. There will always be some, whether due to gambling, drinking, drugs, or whatever other vices they find, but athletes are much better prepared to manage their money now than they were even 10-15 years ago.

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