Andrew White to Transfer

  • As seen on KUSports Not shocking news, but this is kind of a bummer.

  • Yes, not shocking. Although I thought that he might stay as time marched on after the season and nothing had been announced. As many have suggested…probably the best move for Andrew. I find it interesting that he said that Self said it would be doubtful that he would break into the rotation. You don’t often hear those specifics.

  • Too bad, he seemed to put in his time (2yrs)…He could have redshirted, but didnt want to, as he obviously wants to play. It boils down to Oubre, Greene, and Selden as his competition. Greene evidently doing more in practice than WhiteIII.

    I wish AW3 the best wherever he goes, good luck Andrew!

  • I’m very sad about this because I’ve always been an AW3 fan… but on the other hand, I’m very happy for Andrew making the move and I hope he finds a good program where he can get some big time PT because he deserves it!

    Total class act… 100%!

    We should all get his back and give him nothing but love and kindness as he seeks a new opportunity.

  • We all saw the writing on the wall. Only problem I have with this is its going to keep four star recruits from committing to KU if this kind of thing starts to be a trend. I completely understand that Self will have to play (start) these five star kids to keep them coming to KU but at what cost?

  • So we aren’t all crazy. This was obvious since early December. It highlights, as does Tharpe’s transfer, the intense competition for scholarships.

    I am very relieved, actually. I could not imagine that White would stay, and sit, and waste his college career on the bench. He’s already wasted one season where he clearly should have been playing somewhere. Self obviously didn’t care for his game.

    This is a guy I’ll really root for. Sure looked promising when he was best player in Europe prior to 2012-13. And when Self played him at the 4 against Belmont – 15 points. Excellent rebound rate his freshman season. Nearly won the Ok. St. game at home. When he played early this season, he looked pretty solid to me. He just needed that elusive opportunity.

    I would have been very interested to see how he would have done starting for a 10 or 15 game stretch. Just the opportunity. But, we all got watch Wiggins take the playing time and then shuffle off to the NBA. Our lives are so much fuller thanks to that 5 month interlude.

    When we signed Wiggins, I said Greene or White would be the casualty. I’ll take the Andrew Whites over the Andrew Wiggins every day of the week. Let’s hope the kid finds the right spot and has a great final two seasons.

  • @HighEliteMajor You can’t fully blame the Wiggins signing here. He obviously couldn’t beat out Greene, and Self has told him it was questionable for him to break into the rotation this season, meaning Self doesn’t think he can beat out Oubre. I think you hit the nail on the head earlier, in that Self obviously didn’t care for his game.

    In this respect, maybe Wiggins coming has done AW3 a favor. Rather than have him get his hopes up for one season (which would have been a bench role just judging by Greene getting the minutes last year) and stay on while Self continues to recruit over him and possibly never see that kind of playing time again, now he gets to go somewhere else. A fresh start with 2 years eligibility left.

    You’re right in that we’ll never know what he could have done with more opportunities. But we know that even with the opportunities he did get, even when he succeeded, they apparently didn’t impress Self enough to give him more.

    I’ll definitely continue to follow and root for this kid. I do wish it had worked out for him here, but as numerous fans have said (both you & I included) this was the best thing for him.

  • Nice to see Self praise him so highly. Coach always says the right things in public, but he almost gushed about AW3, something you don’t usually hear about a transfer. I hope another solid program pays heed.

  • @HighEliteMajor BS is obviously a def guy & a slower to react court aware ness was probably AW III’s demise. He’ll be well sought after on the East coast for sure & I’ll be another that roots for him also. When he did get his fractional minutes, he was well worthy of more. Oh well, we don’t call the shots. Unfortunately I can see this happening to Landon as well-he’s already burned his shirt. I’ve many nephews & nieces that attended UVA, Richmond, & William & Mary so I know they’ll all be tickled if Andrew does head back that way. A-10 ball may be mid major but is still high quality game. How well do we remember that we couldn’t take one of them down in 2010? Ugh !!

  • @globaljaybird In regards to Landon Lucas, he would be a Junior this year if he didn’t use his RS already. He could actually graduate next summer and have 2 years of eligibility left to play at another school right?

  • Word from my younger brother who lives in Lawrence says the word on the street (and by word on the street I mean the college bars) is that AW3 is looking to transfer to…Wichita St.! Not exactly insider info mind you, but who knows.

    Also, BMac is in town and is allegedly throwing a party at one of the clubs. 50 cent beers I’m told. Ah…to be young and living in Lawrence.

  • @icthawkfan316 oh brother! I hope not!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 you’re opposed to 50 cent beers?

  • So does anyone think that there’s any truth to the rumours on this guy? Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk How crowded is the backcourt? Why is Bill so sure AW3 wouldn’t get on the court? His offense could’ve been great, but no handles and below average D won’t get you playing time at KU. I think he could’ve blossomed with more playing time, but the Man didn’t and that’s all I really need to know. Except is one more stud on the way? I don’t want another Doyel though. I’d rather roll into next season with 2 scholarships.

  • @VailHawk ha ha!!! Good one!

  • @dylans I think oubre and Greene would be ahead of him. What part of sw ks are you from? Slayer is a garden pro! Probably a poop pro too!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Sublette, a small town 50 miles west of Dodge City.

    Greene already was last year and Oubre looks like he’s better than Greene and there’s Selden too. Log Jam, but one more legit playmaker would be nice. I’m not sure Graham will be a huge improvement over Tharpe/Frankamp/Mason. I hope so, but a true stud pg with seasoning is what this team needs. Is there a Senior transfer out there?

  • @dylans I hoping to be pleasantly surprised w/Graham! I from out that way too, not quit that far. Coldwater. I don’t live there anymore, but I have lots of family there. It’s a desert, huh?

  • This news makes me sad. I thought White was the perfect type of player for Kansas and still do.

    Best wishes to Andrew. You are always a Jayhawk.

  • Talk about mixed feelings! So sad to see such a great teammate and hard worker go, especially when he leaves with such class. On the other hand, glad for him that Coach Self told it like it is and then he made the right choice for his future. I hope he will take advantage of Self’s open invitation to keep a relationship with KU.

    Mr. White, may your future be bright!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 My cattle are by Coldwater and Wilmore. Some great people from Coldwater look after my cattle during the summer while I earn my keep. We bring them back home over the winter. Bet you haven’t thought about Wilmore in awhile.

    Yeah, one inch of rain so far this year. .40" being the “big” rain. But on the bright side the month of March was the windiest (avg. speed) on record out here, so maybe it’ll calm down now. I can deal with the heat, but the 40 mph winds with 65 mph gusts wears a guy out. A couple weeks ago I had a great day when the wind only blew 30 mph. Currently it’s calm and will hopefully stay that way!

  • Back to White, someone on KUSports is still talking about him redshirting. That was always a stupid idea: it would put him and Greene on a collision course throughout their careers.

    If Greene had redshirted, they would have 2 years’ separation and each one could take his turn. That ship sailed in November.

    Greene is quicker and has better potential as a perimeter defender and ball handler. Andrew was a better rebounder so a better small 4, but how often did we need that from him? Just not a good fit.

    As far as going to WSU, could he fit into their defensive scheme?

  • Best of luck to you, Andrew. A sound scholar and a classy kid and teammate who arrived in Lawrence perhaps at the wrong time. I hope to see you move into a situation which is a splendid fit. Wherever you land, many Jayhawk fans will follow your development. Your 2015-16 stat sheet will, no doubt, occasionally appear on this site.

  • @ParisHawk Right, and it would be crazy for White to risk his entire college career on the possibility that Self might decide he’s not worthy of playing over Greene, Oubre (if he stays another year), or the next OAD.

    @icthawkfan316 - I don’t blame Wiggins’ signing fully. But I think we can all agree that if Wiggins didn’t sign, White would have started this season at the 3. After that, we don’t know. But opportunity is an amazing thing. Wiggins signing took away that opportunity.

  • Darn! Always thought AW3 could have filled in OK if he was given the minutes. I’m sure he’ll make some team really happy. It’s too bad we’ll lose a guy with tremendous work ethic. I think he’ll do just fine, and hopefully can put himself on a tournament team that needs a good wing.

  • @icthawkfan316 Wow…AW3 would be a perfect player type for Marshall. He’s a blue collar kind of player and Marshall gets many of those. Marshall would work AW3 into the rotation and with Early gone, AW3 would be a great addition to WSU. Baker plays the 2 and AW3 would fit nicely into that rotation.

    However, I really like the idea of AW3 going to Wake with Manning. I think Manning could do wonders and pick up where Self left off with AW3. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Manning was in the pic all along. Self said the staff will stop at nothing to help AW3.

  • @truehawk93 AW3 to Wake, I like it! Good one.

  • @ParisHawk Greene has better everything than AW3. I just thought Greene was green. But he had a few games where he proved himself enough and seemed to seal the deal. Self said Greene would play in the NBA spoke volumes for Greene.

    There is a world of difference between Greene and AW3. I’ve said it before and will say it again, Greene could play the 1 if necessary. Will he? Highly doubtful, but I could definitely see Greene play the 1-4 slots. I think the kid is that good. He really did well in that KSt game too. I think it was his best game in Manhattan.

    I think a solid lineup may look similiar to this:


    Selden/Greene/ (CF?)



    Alex/ (Lucas?)/ (Mickelson?)

    Mickelson and Lucas are going to battle for that backup 5. I could also see a battle between CF and Greene. I think they’re both great shooters, but Greene has CF beat in many ways. But, CF can be a nice supplemental piece to a great lineup when needed.

    Everyone buys into Self’s 8-man rotation and so IF you do, either CF or Greene will have to sit. I see them both playing, but depending on the matchup and night, Greene should get the nod most games coming off the bench with CF very close behind.

    I just don’t see how Self will force his 8-man unless he sits CF and Lucas a lot. I’m still not quite sold on CF just yet. I think he’s a great shooter, but Greene’s tools are much more needed in most games. CF was huge with Stanford. But it was one game. Greene was really efficient when he played. He did have a few games where he blew a chance or two, but most games he produced. I don’t see Graham sitting much either. Self will get him about the same pt as Mason did under Tharpe. So, the rotation has to be at least a 9-man with this roster.

    I could also see CF playing some pg in some games when needed. But hopefully it will be rare. I want Mason to be the undisputed leader of this team and for Graham to learn well.

  • We are recruiting a very young (he’d be enrolling as a 17 year old), eligible for this coming season, guard from somewhere in Europe.

    "KU, which has one scholarship to give in recruiting, is reportedly recruiting Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, a 6-foot-6, 190-pound wing from Cherkassy, Ukraine, who turns 17 in June. He has been compared to NBA player Manu Ginobili.

    Other schools reportedly involved include SMU, Virginia, Oregon and Michigan.

    He averaged 25.2 points, 8.0 boards and 3.4 assists for the Ukrainian National Team in the 2013 FIBA Europe Under 16 championships. He scored two points off 1-of-4 shooting (0-3 from three) with two turnovers and a steal while playing 13 minutes in the World Select Team’s loss to Team USA at the Nike Hoops Summit on April 12 in Portland.

    KU’s Kelly Oubre and Cliff Alexander had 14 and six points respectively for the U.S. At the Summit, Mykhailiuk told he was trying to decide whether to attend a U.S. college or sign with a European pro team.

    “He is the best prospect in Europe in a long time, probably since Ricky Rubio,” writes “What Mykhaliuk showed at the recent U16 European championships was a mix of athleticism, skills and feel for the game that is extremely rare to see in a European player, or any player of his age, for that matter.”

    Does this increase our prospects of landing him?

  • @wissoxfan83 I think Putin’s arrival in the Ukraine increases our prospects much more than White’s departure.

    On the other hand, White leaving may be a tiny signal in favor of our chances.

  • At this rate our only seniors for the upcoming senior nights will be walk ons and coaches sons… And we’re one coach son from being Kentucky!

  • @truehawk93 I’m pretty much thinking the same as you on your line-up. I too am not sold on CF, but hoping he changes my mind ! He’s a very safe pt guard, I would rather grow w/Mason. I think Graham will be our starter by the end though. I’m hoping for a breakout season for Greene, he’s really shown glimpses of becoming a great player. I have no idea on Hunter yet. I do look forward to see the dynamic of Mari and Cliff together. Hopefully some transition game!

  • @truehawk93 I mostly agree but I am not sold on Graham. I think he will have to beat out CF personally more than the other way around. CF is a superior shooter and has a year in the system and showed he can play some D. He is not a liability.

    I’m 100% with you on Greene. He is the real deal and hopefully he will get tons of minutes. I have said this before on here but I would love it if he starts at the 3 over Oubre.

  • Very intriguing, AW3’s eventual home for his last 3 years of residence. Though I would not expect him to come to roost in the Big 12, many of our competitors could really use him. I would imagine that Okie State and Tech are giving Andrew some thought. Hoiberg has feasted off an array of transfers. But the Wake program might already be in the prospectus. Wherever, I hope that Andrew finds the optimum fit and is able to start and make an impact his final two eligible seasons. Among the players who have transferred away during the Self years, AW3 is the one whom I will be most interested in following. I think he will make some coach very happy. Highly unlikely that he would ever embarrass a program. Classy departure comments by his father, too.

  • @truehawk93 It’s kind of funny how we rationalize things in our brains isn’t it? How we place importance on one thing while devaluing something else. For example:

    “CF was huge with Stanford. But it was one game.”

    Yet a couple of paragraphs earlier, you were praising Greene with this:

    “He really did well in that KSt game too. I think it was his best game in Manhattan.”

    Um…wasn’t that just one game too? Technically CF had two good games, as he scored 10 pts the game before against Eastern Kentucky. The K-State game was Greene’s only double digit scoring performance.

    Another thing in your post that struck me as odd was this statement:

    “Greene was really efficient when he played.”

    Efficient? In terms of what? Shots made? Not particularly. While Greene’s shooting numbers were slightly better than those of CF on the season, neither’s was what anyone would describe as “efficient”. 38.5% FG% overall, 33.3% from 3pt for Greene, 34.4% overall FG%, 31.3% from 3pt for CF. Efficient in terms of taking care of the ball? No, Greene turned the ball over 15 times in 184 minutes, CF 3 times in 225 minutes. Defense? Well Self was on record repeatedly, including after the season at the team banquet, as saying Greene didn’t know how to defend. In short, I’m not sure that efficient is something that accurately describes Greene’s play his freshman season.

    I’ve seen a couple posters putting tremendous stock into the play of CF during the tournament, as well as Self’s quote to CF that he was going to be “his guy” in the Stanford game. Similarly, I’ve heard Self say that Greene is a guy that is going to play in the NBA someday. Lofty praise.

    My point in all this? We really don’t know. Nobody knows what next year’s rotation will look like. We have some things that are pretty solid - Selden will play the 2. Ellis & Alexander will be in the rotation, likely as starters in the post. Oubre will be in the rotation. But the question marks - who will garner the minutes as the back-up post players? How will the minutes shake out at the point? What will Greene’s role be? -are all pure speculation. And between now and then there will be hundreds of posts where people give their rationalizations on why it will be one way or the other.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m not saying I think Greene is a bad player. Quite the contrary, I think he’s going to make a very good player. But your post, which was largely making the case for Greene, didn’t really come with anything to support that claim other than vagaries such as “Greene’s tools are much more needed in most games” or “Greene has CF beat in many ways.”

    I think the most logical argument here, if we’re assuming it is Greene vs. CF for the final “rotation” spot, is Greene’s height gives him the advantage to sub in for Oubre, where as CF has much more competition at his positions - the 1 & the 2. To sub out Oubre and not insert Greene, you’re most likely pushing Selden up to the 3, inserting Graham at the 2, and allowing CF to play point, which isn’t out of the question, but it requires more positional movement than a straight plug in of Greene for Oubre. However, at this point I don’t think anyone can say with too much confidence that CF doesn’t have a better shot at garnering minutes in a position battle with Mason or Graham. I don’t think anyone has a great read on that situation, and therefore we don’t have a great read on what the battle will be for the final rotation minutes.

  • @icthawkfan316 Well stated. I feel that if Greene had Frankamps mind he would be a complete player. It seems as though Greene looses focus (passes should never bounce off of you), but is much more impressive athletically. You’ve got to like the frame that Greene has vs. Connors, but Connor is a baller and will earn his minutes too. I can’t wait to see some seasoned shooter on this team in 2 years. Next year will be fun With a 10% chance of a NC, but the year after is when KU’s best chances of a National Title are.

    Graham So. Pg.,

    Selden?!?/Frankamp Jr. SG.,

    Oubre So/ Grenen Jr. SF

    Ellis Sr. PF,

    Alexander So./Mickelson Sr. C

    minus early draft entrants (possibly Oubre and Alexander) plus stud freshmen. Boom goes the Dynamite!

  • Andrew White III got two years of practice time and experience as a member of the Kansas Jayhawks. He gave maximum effort and has nothing to feel bad about. He asked the coach where he stood and got an honest answer. He has decided to take his talents elsewhere and I applaud him for it. Andrew White III will find a new school and showcase his skills. This is the ebb and flow of recruiting. In some years he would have been a great fit, in others not so much. I wish him nothing but the best. This is further proof of how hard it is to get minutes at the University of Kansas at the current time.

  • @dylans So you do not believe that Mason and Traylor will get minutes in 2016?

  • @REHawk FYI, if White transfers in-conference – meaning to a Big 12 school – he would lose a year of eligibility on top of his redshirt year.

  • @TheDrunkenJhawk No. Just projected starters. Depending on who comes back for '16

  • @HighEliteMajor Thanks for the clarification. I had forgotten that rule. Certainly would seem to preclude his staying in our league. Maybe Turgeon would have a spot for him at Maryland if Danny has no pressing need for a 6’6" swing player. I would imagine that Colorado is giving AW3 a look. So long as he does not connect with Missouri, I will remain a fan. I imagine that Bill Self will put forth considerable effort to help him find a comfortable niche. In the big picture, now Andrew gets a fifth year to complete free studies, and he has a much better chance of playing significant minutes after a redshirt year of practice and readjustment. He can walk tall.

  • @joeloveshawks I am sold on Graham, for two reasons: 1- He is the best on the ball defender out of the three pg candidates and 2- He is the best ball handler and passer on our roster. I think he will take the point guard spot in short order, and make us all realize how not having a point guard the last two years held us back. We are sending two players into the NBA lottery, and we can’t make it past the first weekend of the NCAAs.

  • @KUSTEVE I hope you are right! Don’t forget, one of those NBA guys was sitting on the bench!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You’re right, but we had an entire roster of talent w/o Embiid. Our point guard play the last two years has been mediocre at best, and down right terrible at times. I have never seen a KU team get turned over that many times off defensive pressure. It’s like we went out and bought a new suit ( Selden, Embiid, Wigs,Tarik etc) to wear, but we only had a t-shirt ( Naadir) to wear with it. Devonte is that new dress shirt, lightly starched, perfectly pressed.

  • Good luck Andrew.

  • I was initially thinking that if AWIII has to sit out a year anyway, why not redshirt here and then play 2 seasons. But with more than even chances of Greene and/or Oubre coming back, why take that chance?
    It is the right move for him; Wish it was different because he is exactly the type of guy that I love seeing in the Jayhawk uniform.

    Best of Luck Andrew!

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