Open scholarship lottery

  • OK KU and coach Self have one open scholarship left, who gets it?

    Christian Garrett?

    Evan Manning?

    Somebody no one knows?

    Or does he leave it open and have an extra next year?

    I doubt Evan gets it, family money and all. Christian might for a year why not lessen the load on him financially? I doubt it goes unused in any way.

    And if I knew of a somebody no one know’s I’d share it with you all.


  • I have no clue who the “somebody no one know’s would be”, but if there isn’t a good recruit out there I would love to see HCBS reward someone like Christian. Certainly can’t see it going to Manning.

  • Milton Doyle type guy …

  • @HighEliteMajor You are probably right. I would rather he award it to one of the walk-ons for one year (if that is kosher) and then use it on a recruit for the next year. Depending on who goes (Selden?Alexander?Oubre?, no one?) we may need it to keep impact players in the pipeline.

  • We are still after Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk and he is supposed to announce weather he is going pro or going to college on the 21st or something like that.

  • Wait till Fall to announce in hopes we land Brandon Rush type in summer…don’t think there are any of those left however!

  • Coaching carousel might shake someone loose from a commitment before fall. That said, we are now so loaded that a very good player or two is going to sit 36+ minutes most games. Unless a rare specialty expert steps forward to plug s need, I would favor sharing with one of our current non-scholly members.

  • @HighEliteMajor 😮

    Don’t think so. Or hope not.

  • As I stated last week, I think Self should really be focusing any recruiting efforts on next year’s class. Unless there’s a coaching change (Calipari rumors started swirling again once D’Antoni was fired) and a top tier level talent decommits, there isn’t anyone we’re going to bring in that can help us next year. Why keep beating the bushes to find someone to fill the scholarship when in all likelihood the only caliber of player available will be, as HEM states, a Milton Doyle type?

    Unless I’m mistaken, we’ll have no seniors on the roster next year now that Naadir has decided to transfer, so any scholarships for '15 will come in the form of early draft entrants and/or player transfers. Given that, I would prefer them to just bag the schollie so we at least have one guaranteed for '15.

    If we were to bring a low caliber player in, I would hope it would be made abundantly clear to that player that the scholarship is for one year only. Granted, all scholarships are on a one year renewable basis, but the reality is if Self brings in a Milton Doyle type that player will be gone the following year. The only reason then for said player to come, use a year of eligibility while sitting the bench, then have to sit out a year transferring would be to have his basketball credibility laundered, so to speak (see Merv Lindsey).

  • Especially if Andrew White stays there will be a bevy of backups to allow for outstanding and competitive practice situations. Yeah, save the scholarship for 2015-16; reward a walk-on with it this 2014-15 season. By the way, is it true that hoops scholarships can not be shared, e.g. 50% shared by each of two players?

  • @JRyman I’d give it to Christian Garrett. He came here during all the DeAndre Daniels fiasco. He’s been solid for this team. Those walk-ons are special. They do way more than people will ever give them credit for doing. I thought we had a juco transfer in the works?

    Other than those two options, I’d save the paper.

  • I could see Self getting an unranked post guy that could end up being expendable if the scholarship is needed. With Ellis possibly turning pro and Alexander probably gone, no harm in providing a little security.

    But it’s hard to disagree with the logic of leaving it open in case something falls in your lap in August.

  • @HighEliteMajor as I stated above the remaining scholarship will go to Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk if he decides to go the college rout. During the 2014 Bill Self Fantasy Camp held this past weekend Coach Self was talking to some of the participant’s showing how they break down game film defensively, then opened it up for questions. The last remaining scholarship question came up and he said something to the effect of being in good position on a foreign kid who was better than any other wing on the roster and would have to stay 2 years. Did not mention his name specifically." Mykhailiuk is deciding on whether to come to college or stay in Europe. He says he’ll make this decision by May 21. If he does come to college, it would be for this upcoming season as it appears he’s already fulfilled the academic requirements to play NCAA basketball. He turns 17 in June. One of the participants was no more than 5 or 6 feet away when he said it. He turned to the guy sitting beside him and gave one another a surprised look. This all coming from another board (The Shiver).

  • @Statmachine

    Fascinating! Is it too early to think of a nickname?

  • @VailHawk yes its still early. It just means until this kid announces we will not have a Milton Doyle or any other name pop up anywhere about other possibilities. I think Self and company are holding out until after this kid makes a decision.

  • @Statmachine The kid won’t turn 17 until June, so he can’t play in the NBA for 2 years when he is 19. Do you think that he will play pro Euro-ball until he is NBA eligible? I don’t have any clue as to the European mindset. I can’t even figure out local teenagers. 🙂 (Why would a 7 foot shot blocker go anywhere else; scared?) He sounds like a heck of a get, but I don’t see any published recruiting info. Hopefully there is something to these rumors.

    I’d like to see an NBA calibre point guard at KU again.

  • I called the Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk race but any ideas on who might be next? I heard we are looking into a 7’ transfer but I don’t have a name yet? Expect some rumblings over the next week y’all.

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