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  • If you like Isaiah Austin you will love Turner. They are booth very tall players that prefer to play at the top of the key and hit 3s rather that bang inside. Austin did OK at Baylor but he really did not separated himself from the field; it would be interesting to know how he would have fared had he chosen KU.

  • @JayHawkFanToo think I know that answer!

  • Hoping we land Turner for future growth. I have seen him play a handful of times and he looks like a future stud…not a day one contributor. He is pretty thin and does not look like at all ready to play D1 post defense to me. It took Austin at least 2 years at Baylor and honestly he never really reached his potential. It does not help that he was playing at Baylor under Drew who has never been known for developing players.

    Does anyone else have the feeling that next year is our year? I know this is KU and we are all trained (or delusional) thinking that we can cut down the nets every year but I really like the look of a year from now, especially if we land Turner. It could be the year of Mason and CF at the PG as Juniors, Greene, AW3 and Oubre still rotating at 2/3 and Turner, Cliff, Jamari and Perry all as battle tested post players. Please note that I am thinking that Oubre and Alexander both hang around for a 2nd year. Stranger things happen…see this upcoming roster for Kentucky.

  • @joeloveshawks if for no other reason, turner would benefit from working w/Hudy a few years. I would say he really needs some work on his body! KU would definitely benefit him! I think he would fit in rather well! Love your optimism !

  • @HighEliteMajor @drgnslayr

    That was in my list of details.

    HEM… it is just part of the process. We both know it is the wrong thing to do… but in the beginning of bringing in that top shelf, you do what you have to do, and then before long your reputation with these players precedes you so you can start being more selective and enforce rules stricter.

    Calipari did the same thing a few years back. I remember some of his statements… “I’m sort of the water boy for these guys. I just make sure they have everything they need.” He has slowly moved away from being the indentured servant to being a coach.

    Self hasn’t had to go quite that low… but he did have to bend a bit to get into that top shelf. So it will be a shorter return to some of his old rules before long. I’d say just a couple more years of signing the top tier should do it.

    HEM and slayr- I really like what Calipari has done with this group of recruits. He has totally revamped/reinvented his OAD approach and just retained who he wanted to return. I have to give him credit and he hasn’t lost a recruit yet or a returner that considered going pro. He knew Randle and Young were gone. But how he kept the others is incredible.

    Do you think Calipari told his recruits what Self told Oubre or Turner? These are great thoughts. Also, we all know Self’s expectations with all recruits: earn, earn, and earn pt. It would’ve been silly for Self to tell Wiggins, “earn your pt.” Oubre and/or Green will earn their pt. I’d like to see Green play and have a chance to unleash his uber talent. I’d like Self to do exactly what Calipari managed to do in Lexington, and return Oubre, maybe Alex, possibly Turner (if), and heck bring Selden back another year after going to the NC game. Bringing the twins back was phenomenal. Recruits should see that and understand what brought them back. They’re NBA good, but realize another year won’t hurt. But, Calipari will be feeling it next year when all these returnees leave next year. He will have to retain his new OADs and pursuade them to stay. He has begun a new process at uk and people don’t even realize what he’s done. Dang he’s sly.

    Self doesn’t have the OAD crop as Calipari, so he can’t be too selective. Alex says he may stay a few years, but when the NBA starts calling he will likely change his tune. Alex will be a bit like Randle. Oubre reminds me a lot of Young. Lucas and Cauley-Stein are a bit alike. The twins and Selden are also similar. Ellis and Poythress are somewhat alike in their style of play. We should match really well against uk in November. Turner just may be the ace that gives KU the edge. Dakari Johnson and Cauley-Stein will be a good litmus for Turner. He’ll learn exactly what he brings to D1 bball when he faces these big monsters.

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  • @Crimsonorblue22 LOLOLOLOL…WOW…The headline here is not “Harrison twins return to Kentucky.” The headline is “[Rejected by the NBA], Harrison twins [begrudgingly] return to Kentucky.”

    It’s amazing how that little tid bit just popped up after they “returned.” It’s interesting and this whole OAD thing is insane. They will still be great players, because returning will only strengthen their roster.

    PLEASE DON’T GET ME WRONG…I’M NOT AT ALL ANYTHING UK, but you have to stop denying what the man is doing. I hated him and puked everytime I saw him. But, now I just sit and close my mouth with nothing to say. Again, all the anti-Calipari haters can talk (me included), but until they find something and “get” him, he’s doing a great job. I’ve been waiting for something to blow up in Lexington and most are “waiting for it” too, but until then, they are good. I didn’t think they would go to the NC game at all, but they got the last laugh on me.

    This is great and all these recruits need to read, hear, and live this…

    *The Harrison twins are a cautionary tale of overinflated expectations, an inefficient pro development system and the NBA’s efficiently ruthless talent market.

  • @truehawk93 actually it didn’t just pop up, heard it during the season their draft status was dropping.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 It did to me…It shows how much I followed them through the season. 🙂 Believe me, I could care less about uk, but lately…

    This certainly should make all recruits pause when they think of Calipari getting players “ready” for the NBA. In this context he failed. All recruits go to uk for one reason: “Get Ready for the NBA.” But not lately. But, that doesn’t diminish what they’ve done as a team.

    He failed to get them into the NBA, but they still had a great season. I actually thought one was ready and the other not quite. But like most twins, they don’t separate. Aren’t Mk and Mc together with the Suns?

  • @truehawk93 our twins are together, didn’t start out that way.

  • @truehawk93 I’m not a Calipari fan either, but as far as I’m concerned you can delete The Harrison twins from that following quote and insert any OAD in any college system.

    *The Harrison twins are a cautionary tale of overinflated expectations, an inefficient pro development system and the NBA’s efficiently ruthless talent market.

  • @truehawk93

    I give Calipari credit for doing the right thing and (I guess he did) let the twins know he wanted them back for year 2 and that they could use the development. I’m pretty sure they needed to hear that from him to come back. It sort of conflicts with Cal’s mentality a few years ago, which was to see how fast he could get players to the league. It was the right thing for the twins to come back, even though, it will be hard for anyone to take them out next March… us included!

    In my book, it sort of reinforces our need to land Graham. I’m not sure he’s the prayer we will need answered… but we will need every possible potential prayer at the top of the key next year if we do get the opportunity to battle Kentucky in March. As much as I love Conner and Frank… I don’t think they will be able to put up the necessary fight against the twins next year. Question may be… who the heck will?

    I don’t always buy the preseason hype… but next year, I will probably have Kentucky at #1 in my own personal preseason poll.

  • @drgnslayr

    I don’t think that Calipari has been just shuttling guys off to the NBA. It seems that the guys he has had leave early have mostly enjoyed good careers.

    Rose was an MVP and all-star before his string of injuries.

    Tyreke Evans isn’t an all star, but he’s a good to very good player.

    John Wall is an all star. Cousins averages close to a 20-10. Bledsoe has turned into a potential star. Patrick Patterson is a rotation player for a playoff team. Daniel Orton has been a disappointment in the NBA.

    Brandon Knight is a starter and a solid player overall.

    Anthony Davis is on the verge of being a superstar. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is a starter for a playoff team, although he has struggled at times. Terrence Jones is a starter for a playoff team. Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb are bench players.

    Noel didn’t play at all this year. Archie Goodwin was a reserve.

    It doesn’t seem like he just throws guys into the NBA. Those guys have been, for the most part, ready to make the jump. I think the Orton decision was probably the one that Calipari regrets, and allowed him to inform Dakari Johnson better this year. I think he and Teague are the only ones I’d call mistakes. I thought Lamb was ready and I think Goodwin will be a good NBA player eventually.

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  • It’s Simple Math Bucketeers!

    The equation of

    calipari + kentucky = $$$,$$$,$$$ for NCAA

    makes it impossible for the equation of

    calipari + kentucky + scandal = ($$$,$$$,$$$ for NCAA)

    to ever occur. Because the NCAA is

    $$$,$$$,$$$ > scandal

  • @Kip_McSmithers You may be right.

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    Right now it appears the NCAA may be on the threshold of exposure; the emperor without clothes.

    The NCAA has always been the hub holding the institutional spokes in place. At a certain point in time, the institutions growth in sports revenues has added so much weight and size to the spokes that any rotation out of place could cause all the spokes to fly loose from their hub.

    The NCAA will have to start flipping their typical attitude away from fascist dominance to soft ingratiation.

  • I hate hat ceremonies. Even Big Cliff gave me a scare. Now Turner will use the old hat trick. Well, my heart and head says KU, but the hats say UT.

    Crap Crap Crap…I hate hat ceremonies, why?

    It really bothers me that he invited his school to the THS upper gymnasium, “stoked.” This isn’t a good sign either. It’s got UT written all over it folks. Oh well, I will be pleasantly surprised if he chooses KU and not surprised if he chooses UT.

  • I didn’t think about the school invite, but I think you are right. I’m sure these kids don’t want him to leave the state.

  • @truehawk93 Hat Ceremonies may be my least favorite thing in this world. I’m still mad about how Cliff handled his announcement. These things are such a spectacle and KU is rarely the hat chosen.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I think either way, they would want to party and celebrate! Espnu there too.

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