Best individual performance of the year

  • It was a great season with some great performances! 31 games with 7-10 players playing in each means there’s a lot to sift through. I did my best without going overboard. Here’s some worth considering. Generally, it’s points, RB’s, Assts, and whatever random stats I included.

    Duke M Garret 12 5, 5, 2 steals

    UNCG D Dotson 22, 8, 6

    Monmouth I Moss 5-6 3 pointers, 21 points

    ETSU Doke 21, 7, 4 blocks, 3 steals

    Colorado Agbaji 20, 12, 4-6 3’s.

    @TCU D Dotson 18 pts, 11 assts. 3 steals Involved in 2/3rd of scoring plays.

    Oklahoma M Garrett 24 5 7 4 steals 6-9 3 pointers I think this one is the top all around performance of the year. 1/3rd of his made 3’s were in this game.

    @Baylor Doke 23 19 3 blocks Big stage against talented bigs and totally dominated.

    @OSU CBraun 16, 9, 4-8 3 pointers Started because of McCormack susp.

    Honorable mention. Doke 31 points against TCU with 14 RB’s and 5 swats.

    DDot 29 against KSU. 6-8 3’s.

  • I’ve gotta give it to Chris Teahan. February 17 - in a 91-71 squeaker vs ISU, Teahan carries the team with 100% shooting from the 3 pt line.

  • 1st- Doke vs Baylor. Hands down.

    2nd- Doke vs TCU on Senior Night

    3rd- Dotson & Doke vs Dayton

    4th- Dotson vs K-St (road game)

    5th- Garrett vs Oklahoma

    6th- Big Dave vs UMKC

    7th- Garrett vs WVU (road game)

  • Big game doke at Baylor! Gave us #1, great coaching job by Self, not Drew! 2 Marcus at ou

  • @BeddieKU23 If I had put them in order, I’d have had the Doke game 2nd, and Marcus 1st v. Oklahoma. That was such a great all around performance.

  • 😢 we wouldn’t have these great games unless we had terrific D by all players and unselfish dishing on the O side. I love these guys❤💙😭

  • For me I’d say #1 is Doke at Baylor. A man showed up that game. 2nd is Garrett against OU while Dotson was out and went nuts from 3. The rest mentioned, for me, are toss ups.

    One that I haven’t seen mentioned is Braun during the home KSU game. He had a great game and it got over shadowed by the nonsense afterwards.

  • Doke/Dayton

  • Doke at Baylor, won Big 12 POY, and became National POY finalist over Dotson because of that game.

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