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    Fellow Bucketeers,

    Since we have NO sports to talk about for a while, I thought I’d ask you all to share some personal stories, jokes, fun facts - anything that is not politics and/or virus talk. Please.

    I’ll start with a stupid story of mine from about 20 years ago.

    One day, my brother in law, father in law and myself got up very early and headed to one of our local lakes to go fishing. It was a perfect day, slightly overcast, temperature in the low 70’s and a 5-10 mph west wind. We got on the water about 7:00 am and started trolling.

    The day before, my father in law had bought a new, high dollar lure that he was very excited about. At about 7:15 my brother in law caught a small walleye and I was glad that we were off to a good start. Well, all morning long and into the afternoon my brother in law and I caught fish. A LOT of fish. Nice fish. And my father in law would NOT take his lure off and use what we were using. We practically begged him. Finally, about 4:00 in the afternoon he relented and put on a lure similar to the ones we were using.

    Just to be ornry, when he took his original lure off I told him “Let me see that thing for a minute”. I took it from him and put it on my line. I swear - TWO MINUTES later I caught an eleven pound Striper.

    My father in law did not see the humor in it. At all.

  • Fishing stories! I caught one THIS big one time!!

    Would you believe This big? How about THIS small!

  • While I can’t tell a story worth a hoot I know who can. Look up Patrick McManus’s The art of falling. Every time I read it I think of my little brother who took the art to the next level when ever given a chance 🙂

  • Here is something fun. Many versions of this out there but this one is, I think, a good one.


  • @mayjay I love magic & story tellers; he is very good at both! I wasn’t familiar with that website, but it looks pretty entertaining.

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