Cliff Alexander Announcement

  • Alexander is set to announce on Nov 16, coinciding with an ESPN recruiting program. So, where’s he headed? And how does this influence the Okafor-Jones saga?

  • Devil if I know, but I can tell you this for sure-Thomas Robinson drastically needs to get a chauffer, or just get a slower damn car with a governor on it. With his apparent lack of sensible driving habits, pretty soon he’ll be forced to have a driver by law, or not have the necessity for wheels at all.

  • My b-day is Nov. 17th I’d take an early present!

  • I’m always very nervous about announcements on ESPN. They rarely work out for us.

  • We are due!

  • I beg you, Cliff… no hats, please!

  • Banned

    I would assume Kentucky. It seems to me that the coaches have more say so in this than perceived. I maybe wrong but again it seems to me recruits that come to KU just say they are coming. Recruits going to Kentucky seem to have a big media day with hats and so on. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the decision is already made and now it’s just about show boating. Who’s king of show boating? <UK>

  • I hate that too! Would we change our minds if he picked a Jayhawk hat?

  • He wouldn’t be show boating if it was a crimson and blue hat, it just would be an announcement to the world!

  • @globaljaybird All athletes love speed. TRob is no exception. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a bike like Jay someone. I pray for him and hope he remembers his promise to his little sister.

  • And Marcus Morris gets suspended for another elbow throw. At least we weren’t standing next to Bill Russell going through security in Seattle. Is it possible to “forget” a loaded .38-caliber Smith & Wesson in your carry-on bag???

  • from Oct 28 article: Cliff Alexander, a 6-8 senior from Chicago’s Curie High, has switched his decision date from Nov. 16 to Nov. 15, reports. He will announce on ESPN. No. 4-rated Alexander, who visited Illinois last weekend, has a list of KU, Illinois, DePaul, Memphis and Michigan State.

    “We had a great time like all the other visits,” Alexander’s mother, Latillia, said of the Illinois visit to and “The coaching staff was great. They really make you feel like a family, and that plays an important part in our decision. I need to know that my son is going to be taken care of on and off the court. He might just be Cliff Alexander to most people, but he’s still my baby.”

  • Interesting that he doesn’t mention Kentucky here… While we don’t have a lot of luck with the televised announcements, you gotta wonder if this one might be different…

  • hopefully he doesn’t do the hat bs… that never seems to work out

  • well since he’s from Chicago… Illinois might be the front runner… especially if hes a super mamas boy

  • Ahhhhh, nah He’ll be fine. Just got a little bit of a lead foot. Im willing to bet that he knows he has to be careful. He’s got a lil sister to take care of.

  • If he is a mama’s boy, and stays close to home because of that, then we weren’t going to get him anyway. I’m guessing the proximity thing is important given his final 5 choices. But I’m also guessing his mom is smart enough to see that picking the right school is a key determiner in this young man’s future. We lost out on Karviar Shepherd last season because he wanted to stay close to home. Hope that’s not the case here.

    Alexander cut Kentucky from his list last month.

  • There are a ton of Chi-town kids matriculating at the University of Kansas. It’s about the same money for out of state at KU as in state in Illinios.

    You’d feel right a home in Lawrence Cliff!

  • If KU lands Alexander than you can thank Jerrance Howard for that. He’s been all over the recruitment of him since he came here from Illinois. I think Alexander’s top 3 are KU, Illinois and Memphis from the way his visits have gone.

    Now have we done enough to lure him away from home. If Howard was the reason he might have wanted to play for Illinois in the first place then you gotta think that we are the front-runner. He knows KU gets bigs to the league. Hopefully a possible “hat” day announcement will go in our favor. If it’s on ESPN it will involve hats

  • Looks like T Rob still hasn’t learned his driving lesson yet, anyone recall this from earlier this year?

    “Here’s a fun one: Think about how much that car costs and then consider how much you make in a year. Then have yourself a stiff drink.”

  • I like knowing who is coming to KU, so please don’t get me wrong when I say this.

    I don’t really worry about the recruits until they get to KU. Sure it’s great when they pick KU over Kentucky or Duke, that’s easy.

    I like to worry about the guys on this years roster and how they are going to play. Bill Self has always brought in players that fit his style, and if they don’t they end up at Gonzaga or some mid level school. He also finds guys that are a good fit for KU, and that goes all the way back to Larry Brown and Roy Williams.

  • Sure wish T Rob would think of Jayla when he is making really bad decisions like this. Who does she have left if he ends up in trouble, or worse.

  • He’s worrying me too!

  • Alexander’s mom says the family feeling is important as well as being sure her son is well taken care of on and off the court. Wonder if she is familiar with the TRob story?

  • Who in the bb world doesn’t know about that? FOE!

  • I think Alexander comes to KU. Reasons? Coach Howard, Coach Self’s system that goes through the big men, his girlfriend, and Coach Self’s ability to make people (like Alexander’s mother) comfortable with him. It just seems to add up.

  • She also commented that they had relatives in Memphis. And that the coach will take care of her little boy. I’m more worried about Memphis than Illinois.

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