Luka Doncic and youth playing overseas

  • Luka Doncic had a triple double with 35 points in his last game against the lowly Golden State Warriors… in 25 minutes of play. (least minutes ever for a triple double that included 30+ points) The kid doesn’t turn 21 until February 28th, and he’s averaging a triple double. He already has the record for most triple doubles for a kid under 21.

    Did playing professionally overseas young prepare him better than anything we have here? Did the youngest LaWhatever Ball prepare himself better by going to China?

  • Well if you’re good enough to play pro ball at age 14 you’re a bit of a prodigy. Euro ball depending on the league is better or worse than college ball. Svi had a similar experience, but he’s not the freak than Doncic is. I’d say Luka is one of a kind.

    (I was hoping some weird deal would force him to the ncaa for a year. You never know with adidas and overseas recruits…)

  • Luka is an absolute stud.

  • @Kcmatt7 hey but at least Atlanta got Cam Reddish in the deal.

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