Snowy today/cold Question about Doke

  • Just sitting here on this Monday - - -temps just keep getting colder and colder 21/5 Brrrr.

    Not sure if anyone has checked it out but , like I said got time on my hands , just curious - wondering do you Think Doke or put it this way - wondering where Doke stands as far as being our worst Free Throw percentage wise that we can remember or where he would rank? - -got to be near the bottom I think.

    The poor guy has such a huge mental block right now and really makes it a liability late in the game. - - I personally think when he goes to shoot in the Phog all the students cheering as they do when he goes to shoot just adds that much more pressure he wants to do well he knows he under a microscope, just adds pressure.

    Just curious where we think he might rank? - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Probably ways to research it. He’ll never improve. It’s a lost cause unfortunately and so we’ll see a lot of poke a doke this year I’m afraid.

  • Well, he can improve. But it isn’t cool to do the Rick Barry deal. I wouldn’t want to shoot that way either. But it creates a ball that lands very softly on the rim, and is very easy to gauge distance. Either you want to succeed or you don’t.

    In fairness, maybe the staff tried this and Doke couldn’t do it. Kind of doubt it.

  • If what they say is true its all mental for him. Maybe they should have hired someone to get his head straight at the line. Otherwise he’s headed for a 30’s to 40’s year again

  • It is easy to forget he only played 9 games last year. Barely had a chance to get in the flow of everything, and he missed Big 12 play, which must have been horrible considering the season results. Coming back healthy from his second injury has heightened expectations among fans (title, anyone?), and the pressure on him as well. A few more games should result in his getting more comfortable in all phases of the game. He has looked like a deer in the headlights so far. Give him some time before consigning his efforts to the trash heap.

  • I don’t think anyone is “consigning” his efforts “to the trash heap.”

  • I agree @HighEliteMajor. I wish he would shoot underhand if it would yield better results. What’s more embarrassing ? Underhand free throws or being a liability to your team anytime a game is tight?

  • @approxinfinity Baseball has pinch hitters, maybe we could pioneer pinch free-throw shooters ???

  • Doke needs better control of his mind. That is the way to solve his FT shooting. He has trouble with his focus because he hasn’t harnessed his mind.

    He should work on focusing skills. Meditation. Staring at a candle. Learn to strip out everything but one idea. Then that one idea masters his FT shooting.

    And while he’s at it, he can better keep his emotions in the right place during a game.

  • Easily the worst @jayballer73 . cedric hunter was last really awkward ft shooter i recall and he was 50% 20+% better.

  • Fightsongwriter said:

    Easily the worst @jayballer73 . cedric hunter was last really awkward ft shooter i recall and he was 50% 20+% better.

    ya I figure he has to be towards the bottom for sure - - I’ve just never seen a kid struggle so bad - thing is if you look how he holds the ball on his shot - -it comes of more as a heave chuck - -the ball comes of the side of his hand look at some still frame of him when he goes to shoot the ball

  • It is truly horrifying form for this ex coach to stomach @jayballer73

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