Using the Last 3 Games to Be Better in 2020

  • So, we have three games left. Since it’s highly unlikely that we win all three to become bowl eligible, doesn’t it make sense to start improving the players most likely to be impacts in 2020? What’s wrong with bringing in our best QB who’s likely to be on the roster next year and giving him some reps when any of our remaining games are out of reach? We know and appreciate what Stanley has done. We don’t know if Torry Locklin or one of the other QBs will help us be more competitive next year.

    I say if Stanley is having another off day and we’re behind by two or three TDs, bring in Locklin or someone else who may help us next year and give them some game experience to see how they do. Also, rotate in some of the other young guys at other positions to give them some game experience. Maybe, some of the young guys will work harder during the off season after competing during these last 3 games.

  • @stoptheflop I’m sort of in favor of that. With the redshirt rule the way it is now, I think it’s more important to preserve the eligibility of as many players as possible including Locklin. I know he’s taken snaps in at least two games, so if Miles played him in more than 4 games, Locklin would lose his redshirt for this year.

    Just imagine if this version of the redshirt rule had been in effect in 2006 when Reesing had to burn his against Colorado. I’m not in favor of playing the freshmen who can still keep a redshirt this year to the point they lose their redshirt.

    I’d much rather have these current freshmen as 5th year seniors in 2023 than playing now.

  • First point, do not under any circumstances burn any redshirts unless it’s an absolute emergency. I hope we don’t get blown out again, but if we do I wouldn’t mind seeing MacVittie get some garbage time snaps. Lets just try like hell to get to 4 wins. That beats expectations and demonstrates things are getting better. Then wait for the breakout in 21 or 22.

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