Well it's game day guys / K State

  • Just wanted to holler here early. - -That time has finally arrived , I think today will really tell just exactly how much we have taken steps forward. - -I mean true I’m not denying we have definitely taken steps - -BUT today a win would put us on yet another level A win today would be yet another very legit win, K- State is a very solid team.

    As much as I am proud of the guys , this thing could very easily go two ways. One we can come out and be competitive as hell -let these guys see they are in a mans game a all out war - -OR we can come out flat , start slow like we have had happen in the past , fall behind by multiple score and then just get steam rolled. - -I vote for the 1st.

    K-State scares me to the extent as where your possessions are going to be more limited then most. - -They want to grind it out - run , run , run the ball which as you know we suck against. I’m afraid they go on 2-3 of those dam long grind it in your face 7-8 minute drives with Thompson using that dam QB draw - -and those jet sweeps then all of a sudden throw a little flare that goes huge for them.

    They were talking on the ocal sports broadcast had a K-State guy and was asking him they the sports host talking saying they though K-State could have success by throwing on KU - -how KU’S defense sucked - -well K-state defense isn’t like some brick wall either - -I mean you rank 110th giving up yardage over 5 plus per play don’t think you should be thumping your chest.

    Carter has to come out ready - - a lot rides on him - he has got to be on/ready. - -Line has to create some holes for Pooka - - -Carter has to hit some passes keep them honest from stuffing the block. - - Having said all this I Love my JayHawks BUT I am really worried about their run. - -I think score goes something like 34-27 K-state - -dam hope I’m wrong. - -what you think guys? - -let me hear your input. - - -

    Just edited this guys , wanted to add just read off the phog this guy posted , not sure how he knows unless he works for Ku - -but anyways he posted and said as off like around Midnight last night that there was like only 377 tickets left for the game - -right there at a sellout - - just hope we own most of them - -we know there will be enough of that crappy Purple there - we need to show dominance of fans. - -Also heard that there is suppose to be like around 100 recruits coming in for this game - that’s ALOT - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I am ready friends, I wish the game was at 11. Kansas enters today with an edge in the all time series 66-45-5. Kansas is a whopping 62-22-5 against KSU when Bill Snyder isn’t on the sideline. Crazy to think that he was a part of a rivalry that spans over a 100 years yet has over half of schools wins in it in 27 years. We must start fast today and not spot them 2 or 3 scores. KSUs Defense is ranked in the top 5 in FBS on 3rd down percentage. A trend that must end today for us to be successful. The big question to me is which KSU offense shows up? Before last weeks explosion against OU, state averaged just 16 ppg in conference play. We must be able to stop the run and force Thompson to throw the football. The offensive line needs to have their best game of the season against a stout defensive line. The stadium should be rocking, let’s go men!

  • This is a big game for both schools. Full stadium. Fun. Now if KU could just put it together on both sides of the ball for 4 quarters. The defense and special teams must step up to get this win. Hey, who can name our number 2 QB? I can’t believe Stanley has taken every snap this year. Unless coach Miles finds time to insert a couple of the other QBs soon, KU will be playing next year with a QB with no recent playing time.

  • @kjayhawks interesting stats about Snyder on the sidelines. Although, for the record - K-State’s record in the Snyder era had nothing to do faith them an himself. It was his decision to snuff that ridiculous Willie the Wildcat logo and go with the Powercat logo.

    And if he had changed their uniforms to black, instead of sissy-girl purple they would have won a out 3 National Championships during his tenure.

    One man’s opinion.

  • @stoptheflop Torry Locklin has a taken a handful of snaps this season. He appears to be the #2 QB at this point.

  • @stoptheflop miles went in for a snap once

  • I was looking at KU stats awhile back and only saw Stanley; I guess if the other QBs didn’t throw or rush, they wouldn’t show up in the stats. Can MacVittie and Kendrick redshirt; otherwise it seems like a completely wasted year for those two.

  • @stoptheflop I don’t know if MacVittie redshirted at Pitt or not, and Kendrick took a redshirt last season so he can’t.

    I don’t expect either one to ever have an on field impact for KU. Kendrick probably transfers this season and MacVittie might have to wait until he’s grad transfer eligible to go elsewhere if he did redshirt at Pitt already.

    I would expect the QB battle next season to be between Locklin and ex-UNC QB that KU’s recruiting from a local JuCo right now that would have 3 years of eligibility and be a January enrollment.

  • stoptheflop said:

    I was looking at KU stats awhile back and only saw Stanley; I guess if the other QBs didn’t throw or rush, they wouldn’t show up in the stats. Can MacVittie and Kendrick redshirt; otherwise it seems like a completely wasted year for those two.

    Nope, MacVittie took one at Pitt so he’s a RS Junior eligibility-wise.

  • Manny Miles has one snap and Locklin has 2 I believe.

  • So I’m guessing Dom Williams is done?

  • Kansas Athletics has just announced the game is officially a sell out!!!

  • Some numbers that HAVE to change today for us to win this:

    K-State rushing the ball averages 199.4 per game ( 35th ) in Nation - - - K State averages 4.64 per carry ( 59 th )- - in the Nation per play

    KU allows 222 yards per game ( 123rd ) in the Nation & 4.88 per carry ( 104th ) - in the Nation that’s really bad.

    On the other side of the ball - -K-State not good either,

    K-State allowing 181.9 per game ( 89th ) - -& allowing 5.6 yds per carry ( 125th ) in the Nation

    K-State averAages right now controlling the ball at 34 minutes per game – THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN

  • kjayhawks said:

    Kansas Athletics has just announced the game is officially a sell out!!!

    I hope they’re at least 35,000 good guys.

  • FarmerJayhawk said:

    kjayhawks said:

    Kansas Athletics has just announced the game is officially a sell out!!!

    I hope they’re at least 35,000 good guys.

    I think we can muster that. - - well hopefully , na I think we will be ok. - - Man just feels different- -how different type of atmosphere , this game could go either way pretty easily - -hope it goes our way. - -ROCK CHALK AL DAY LONG BABY

  • How’s it looking there? Idea on good guys/bad guys split?

  • Not a start we needed

  • We will have to score every time we touch it from here on out or it’s gonna be a long game

  • @FarmerJayhawk on TV it looks like 65% good and 35% bad

  • Missed a pass interference there, we have already been called for one. Charlot can’t catch it while he’s being held.

  • It’s great to see the stadium full. But all those empty seats behind the beer garden look bad. 8,000 fewer seats sold due to that two story beer garden.

  • Defense has to get stops

  • Can’t stop the run

  • @BShark And can’t stop the pass. It’s time to dump the defensive coordinator.

  • Had an easy sack for a stop if we could tackle, yes DJ Elliott has to go.

  • That was a huge play if they end up with 6 here. Defense has have some resistance. We are gonna stomped if they don’t wake up right now.

  • Ya you gotta wrap up that sack

  • Dumping Eliot is stupid. He’s got like 4 scholarship DL.

  • KSU has ran the option all year, why are we not even remotely prepared for it???

  • If we don’t go get a touchdown here, this game is already over.

  • That’s game KSU by at least 30

  • kjayhawks said:

    That’s game KSU by at least 30

    KSU has a decided schematic advantage

  • We just don’t have ponies to stop them, they will score everytime they touch it.

  • It’s amazing how KSU went from nigh inept on offense to a juggernaut the last two weeks.

  • 4 missed TFLs already

  • I would blitz every down

  • @kjayhawks not this time!

  • @BShark half of it is missing simple plays, it 7 to 3 if we tackle and we haven’t had a guy on the pinch man. That’s high school level crap. That just can’t happen if we want to compete today.

  • Must score here and a touchdown.

  • Carter way way high on just about every pass

  • Not getting any protection

  • That drive was about the only pressure he had seen @Crimsonorblue22. On the pick he had plenty.

  • Wrap em up!

  • On a positive note, we have the ridiculous bird helmet and the ugliest uniforms in the history of the universe going for us.

  • Need a TD here with KSU getting the ball after half.

  • @nuleafjhawk haha I like them!

  • @nuleafjhawk ugly! Twitter not liking them either!

  • KSU has 160 yds rushing to our 40. I don’t count sacks in the rushing yardage

  • We maybe the cockiest 3-5 down by 2 scores to ever live

  • Man… a stop and score here would be huge.

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