KU picked last again by media

  • Not really that surprising, but I was surprised by how much KU was picked last by. KU only received 89 points. There were 77 media members who voted so that means at most 12 out of 77 picked KU not last. KSU was picked 9th and received 191 votes.

  • I guess I’m not that surprised. There still isn’t a ton of talent on the team, and we’ll only be favored in 1 Big 12 game at most IMO.

  • Hard to argue with it.

  • love the pick , let the guys ride with this, - - anything these guys do will be looked at as an over accomplishment by the media -let’s just ride under the radar this year. - -I’m just not sure about us a the basement dweller - -I’m thinking anytime we have a running back corp that’s guided with a little better Coaching staff that knows how to ultilize the guys better - -some of these receivers - - and a better offensive line - -maybe a team this year that might be able to have a little better time consuming ball control.

    Don’t wet all over yourself if this team doesn’t pull a couple of surprises. I think some may be under estimating McVittie sorry I know that’s not how the name is spelt - but don’t sell him short -I mean really we actually were pretty competitive in a lot of games last year - - there were a couple of routs but dam I mean - -we hung 40 points on Oklahoma - Pooka was making them look sick. - -A year of experience under his belt - -to go long with Dom and our other back we have a very solid running game.

    Once again for me - -again I think it’s going to depend ALOT on how our secondary pans out - -how well we cover - -hit. - -need better pressure - from our D-Line - -we can’t get any pressure , then doesn’t matter how good your secondary is an average QB will pick you apart. - - I’m just not totally sold on us ending in the basement - I think actually K-State might be right there with us. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • From my point of view, we have four position groups that are big question marks: QB, OL, LB, and DL. I think MacVittie or Stanley can be serviceable, but neither will be great. There are still a few spots on the OL where we don’t have starters. Adeniji at LT is the only lock. DL is a disaster because Beaty never signed a HS DT, which is sort of impressive when you think about it. I think the JuCo guys Les brought in will be ok, but depth is a major concern if we’re going to play a 3-4 and possibly 2 gap some of the time. LB is not in great shape, hence taking the JuCo kid late after Jayden Russell didn’t make it to Lawrence. I think Kyron Johnson is decent and Steven Parker is super talented, but it makes me nervous that we may have to rely on Gavin Potter for a lot of snaps.

  • Like I said, I have no issue with KU being picked last. I was surprised by how much they were picked last by considering the other 3 teams in the bottom 4 also changed coaches so I figured the voting would be closer with KU getting 125ish points and KSU getting closer to 160ish points.

  • I just hope they can win a couple of conference games and keep the excitement in the program going. Recruiting is going well now, but an 0-9 conference record takes the wind out of their sales a bit I’d think.

  • 2 wins also means we’d be the first program in history to lose 100 games in a decade. I’d rather avoid that distinction.

  • I forgot who put it out, but I saw one person that does a preseason ranking have KSU 10th and KU 9th. It will be interesting to watch their programs trajectory as well.

  • Hard to argue with at this point, kinda the same as basketball just on the opposite end. Until we can prove we can win more than 1 conference game a season (2008 last year with multiple conference wins) hard to pick otherwise.

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