Peaking at the wrong time?

  • Would last years team win it all this year? Does KU just have bad luck and peak at the wrong year?

  • @dylans Im leery of the word “just”. Many factors. Last year’s team would be very competitive this year. I do wonder if a team like Auburn would still beat us. Weren’t they similar to Villanova?

  • Maybe the teams we run in to have peaked at the right time. Nova both times and Auburn come to mind.

  • @approxinfinity Devonte and the crew would’ve slaughtered Auburn. IMHO

  • I hope UNC destroys Auburn. Pearl is SO annoying.

  • @Fightsongwriter I wonder what our basketball lives would be like now if Roy had grown up in Kansas, played at Kansas and got his big coaching break at North Carolina, only to come back to KU after 15 years?

  • This year’s team just wasn’t good enough. It had nothing to do with peak. We had a flawed team that likely would not have advanced beyond the Sweet 16 even under the most favorable circumstances. That’s just the nature of college basketball and how this team was put together.

    The ceiling for this team just wasn’t that high given all of the injuries, suspensions, leaves of absence, etc. Even without all of that, I’m still not sure this would have been a Final Four team, although they certainly would have been much closer.

    I am not disappointed with how this team finished. They probably got pretty close to their peak if we are really being honest. This wasn’t going to be KU’s year.

  • … and if we were in any other region, we likely win our 2nd game.

  • @HighEliteMajor Believe me, nobody wants us to succeed more than I do, but this year - it wouldn’t have mattered what bracket we were in - sooner or later we would have come up against a team that could shoot threes and we would have stood back and quivered in our Adidas.

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    … and if we were in any other region, we likely win our 2nd game.

    Funny, I didn’t even look at the way the bracket played out. I was happy we ended up in KC, but I suppose it came at it’s own cost.

  • It was a down year, I’m not sure we ever really peaked this season. But we had to revamp the offense 3 times due to missing personnel, we will back next year to reclaim our order as Kings of the B12.

  • @justanotherfan Good point, but I meant the Kansas program peaks in the wrong years, not necessarily the wrong point although that was about 5 games in this year.

    This season there is no dominant team, but where is KU? Sitting at home with a busted ass team. How would previous years KU teams fair? Most would’ve done better IMO.

  • @kjayhawks We peaked the day Dok got hurt at practice.

  • @dylans

    You make a fair point. Although let’s be honest here for a second - how many KU teams have been historically great over the last 25 years?

    2011 was really good, but not an all time type of team. Maybe that team could have won in a wide open year, but they weren’t world beaters. Same for 2016. Really good team, but not world beaters that you knew could beat any team, any style, any night.

    When I think of all time type teams, I think of that 2007 Florida team, the 2008 KU team, the 2009 UNC team and the 2012 UK team. Those teams established themselves as the team to beat fairly early in the year and even though each team lost games along the way, it wasn’t a surprise to see them standing under the confetti in April. Going back a ways, the 1992 Duke team and the 1996 Kentucky team fit that description as well. Maybe you throw the 1997 KU team and 2003 KU team, but there were other teams those years.

    But that’s the thing. You get one or two years where you have an all time great team that is incredible. Every other year, its you and a bunch of other really good teams in the mix.

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