Kansas City - Can KU beat Tech and K State in KC?

  • Thing is WV control that game almost from tip to finish- -crazy. -Big win for WV - yet we got to be focused on our game. - -West Virginia- -just blistered Tech on the boards - -DESTROYED them - we have to take care of business - or Texas will whip our ass - -keep Jackson-Hayes under control – don’t let Roach go off - got work to do

  • Ok now we REALLY can’t afford to lose to Shaka

  • FarmerJayhawk said:

    Ok now we REALLY can’t afford to lose to Shaka

    I really don’t like the match up though. They have the guys to throw at Dedric down low.

  • If West Virginia plays like they did today against Kansas (if Kansas wins - big if) then I don’t like our chances. They are going to kill us on the glass.

  • But is Zion Williams playing tonight somewhere?

  • I doubt Mathews Jr. for WVU is going to have two games like that in a row. They needed every one of his buckets, and some of them were lucky as hell. He’s a gamer though.

    First things first

  • FarmerJayhawk said:

    Ok now we REALLY can’t afford to lose to Shaka

    All we need to do - -All coach needs to do - -ok - -you see what happened - -that’s what happens when you don’t come ready to play - - not focused- - we need to come out ready. - - - Tech just looked like for a lot of this game that they were almost sleep walking through this game - - no interest - -showing no urgency.

    I just kep waiting for Tech to dial up their defense -and it JUST wasn’t there - - McCabe play well - -but yet made some really stupid decisions late for WV rushing up shots instead of pulling out and running the offense - - just killed Tech on the boards - Mcabe thinking he was going to drive in the lane and flip up an underhanded shot against Owens ? - - WTH Well now we got to take care of business - pay back to Texas for the game we lost to them at Texas. - -Gonna be a challenge against Jackson Hayes - and oh what’s his name? - - Buterball - - O - - - - - you know who I’m talking bout - anyways well we will see - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Did we play Dedric out last time w/Texas?

  • @DanR

    Kid would be a uconn huskie but ollie got fired.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 One of the first game with four guards and it was ugly.

  • Dave now! New game

  • @DanR maybe we moved him out after that game though

  • Is this the game thread? I’m ready.

  • @DanR no the blood feud

  • No State

  • kjayhawks said:

    @Texas-Hawk-10 If you’re watching WVU kick their butts right now, you see my point. Tech is terrible offensively for 2 or 3 games at a time. If they face a team that can shoot the trey and they aren’t hitting, they are done. Only time all year they looked good on offense was vs us and that apparently was dumb luck.

    This was only Tech’s second loss in almost 2 months. Tech’s defense can carry them to a deep run.

  • Phew.

  • W Virginia rebounded like mad dogs

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I think there defense certainly could but at some point you have to put the ball in the hole to win games. We have had some good defensive teams that went cold at the wrong time and that was it. I’m not sold on anyone in this conference and them playing pretty damn good for the last month makes me think they can’t keep it going.

  • @kjayhawks Tech gave up 79 points today which was the second most they’ve given up in regulation and third most points given up all year. Tonight and the AFH game against KU are the only two games that the 74 they scored in regulation would not have been enough to win. The OSU OT game was tied at 71 going into OT.

    Tech is very capable of making a deep run in March and the best equipped B12 team to do so because of their elite level defense which has only allowed 70+ points 4 times all season.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’m not saying that they can’t make a run just saying I’m not predicting it.

  • Well I got one down and two to go for my little prediction to come to reality. - -Yet we have to go out and win tonight against a much improved team tonight in West Virginia. - -This is not a given. If your thinking so , just ask Oklahoma - - Ask Texas Tech. -This West Virginia team that we play tonight is not even close to the team a few weeks back.

    I had noticed through the year at times you could see that they have some pieces - Huggy has eliminated some poison -and not having Konate. - - We are going to have to play well , as we saw we know that They can beat us - -they’ve done it before. - got to take care of business.

    IF - - and again I say IF we win tonight then we get to the Championship game I erally am not that sure we will be playing K-State. -I think if Iowa State is on they can beat K-State pretty easily - -to me - - - When Iowa State is clicking THEY are the best team in the Big 12 - -ya their defense isn’t great - BUT I feel they by far have the most athletic talented team - - They got a couple of good big’s Lard and the other kid - and their guards - can flat light it up - - their quick - have NBA potential with Wigginton - -again when they are ON. - -whether K-STATE h as Wade or not - -Iowa State the far more Athletic team -I think if we win our game - -there would be a very good chance we would play Iowa State.

    Now K-State without Wade - the fan base will not help K-State - -Iowa State fans will be equal if not more - -we shall see. - - OUR NEW MOTTO ( TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS ) - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73

    3rd game in 3 nights for West Virginia. I think they come back to earth. Have to rebound, they killed Tech last night in rebounds. All about effort for our guys at this point. Have to come out ready to go like last night. I think we’ll get Culver in foul trouble and force them out of what they want to do. For some reason Tech thought their offense was rocket science. Was baffling watching them defend those guys.

  • Actually, I think TT losing is a good for them. Maybe an attention getter. I think they’re a legit FF team.

  • @HighEliteMajor Plus they get to rest for a bit which can’t hurt

  • NO - Because they aren’t still playing!

  • Well I had a dream last night that we lost to KSU in the title game and I broke my TV… nice to know it won’t happen lol. The losing to KSU part, the TV maybe still up in the air lmao.

  • In case the suspense was killing anyone, the TV made it thru today but there’s next week so stay tuned!

  • kjayhawks said:

    In case the suspense was killing anyone, the TV made it thru today but there’s next week so stay tuned!

    LOL - -my liquor cabinet didn’t lol

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