Here's to the next 4 to 11 games

  • What a chaotic season its been.

    We are starting four freshman in March, wow! Who saw that coming?

    We have an outside chance at the conference title still with 2 to play. We need some help and we need the boys to take care of business in Norman Tuesday.

    Senior Night is Saturday without any Seniors to cheer, cry, and congratulate for. How weird is that.

    We’ve had our starting Center go down with a season ending injury. Another potential starter has had his eligibility robbed of him for at least two seasons. Another starter and 3 year Letterman apart of 2 Elite 8’s and a Final 4 has left the team. Another starter missed 4 games and still isn’t 100%.

    KU has beaten 10 ranked teams this year accounting for 45% of their wins this season.

    They are 3-7 on the road. They are 19-0 on a Neutral & Home Court.

    For the first time in a long time KU likely won’t be a 1 or 2 seed.

    Instead of worrying about potential 2nd round matchups, we’ll have to worry which potential 14 or 13 seed we’ll see.

    Despite all that has happened this is March. This is our chance to end this season on a high note. How many games we got left? 11? One can only dream

  • It’s really unbelievable when you sit down and think about us still having a chance to win the conference at this point. With injuries to some of our best players and one starter down for most of the season, one guy that really looked to be coming into his own in SDS stuck in NCAA limbo and suspended. Had a senior that was given a second chance but decided to go rogue on his team. We don’t have a single starter still playing from last years team at this point and haven’t for sometime. I thought we would have tons of depth and good experience with this club but it hasn’t worked out that way. Crazy to think that one of those 4 freshman starting was a red shirt player that was ranked 145th in his class. I still say we are a 2 loss team if we had the club that we should’ve had this season. The good news is that anything can happen in March. It’s like my old coach used to say “why not us?” KSU went on a good run last year short handed and with arguably less talent than we currently are sporting.

  • Hats off to our young guys trying their asses off to maintain the streak, with all the curveballs and all the pressure they’ve dealt with. It really is remarkable that they still have a chance to keep it alive.

  • @approxinfinity and to coach for being flexible-constantly having to switch things up, and trusting these guys when some of our fans didn’t.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Yes… what a weird year. It just proves to us we can never take anything for granted.

    2012 was a weird year, too.

    Who knows? With kids this young, you just never know what they will do. Could fall flat or they could come together with a real chip and go clobber some people.

    Our ace in the hole is Bill Self. Believe me… no one wants to draw us come tournament time!

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