Dotson NBA?

  • What do you speculate Devon’s NBA potiental to be? How long will he wear crimson and blue?

    I’m afraid he won’t be with Kansas beyond his sophomore year. Moreso I’m afraid he may struggle to put together a long NBA career due to his height and length. His height is also the reason I think we get him for only two years; if he’s 6’5” he’s gone in one, but being 5’11” (6’2” my ass) he has to leave while the iron’s hot.

    Tyler Ullis is probably the best comp I can come up with. He was amazing his sophomore year at Kentucky. Currently he’s injured and out of the league. Isiah Thomas is a small guard in the NBA that’s had recent success, but injuries have derailed him as well.

    So what are your thoughts? Will Devon stick around 3-4 years? Will he shine so bright he’s got to go sooner? Does he have enough length to guard NBA guys? (KSU game was a nice start to lock-down D) Can Devon get enough separation to get open looks in the league? Does Devon have a good enough shot for the NBA? (I think so, if he can get open)

  • I’m hoping 3 years but 2 is very possible.

  • Ya , I’m thinking probably two years - - MYBE – MAYBE 3 but more likely 2 - -I’ve liked him from the tapes I saw even before he committed- - really like this kid for quite some time - followed him close.

    I know I keep repeating myself but the kid is just a blur and no one takes to the hole any tougher .- - Devon loves driving the ball. - -Have heard several commentators about how quick he is from end to end/ - -We better enjoy him while we can. - -ROCK CHALK AL DAY LONG BABY

  • Hoping 3 but 2 is possible if he develops the way we all expect

  • I’d say a minimum of 2, his size hurts him a bit in today’s game. The NBA wants the 6’5 or taller guys at the point. But I think he will for sure get drafted.


  • If Dotson’s shooting continues to develop he leaves after next season. @dylans pointed out a common thread with the small guards - injuries. At the pro level, these guys take a beating. Dotson’s best chance to earn a good pro salary is to grab that chance ASAP because injury could effectively end his NBA career.

    Even a small erosion in his speed or explosiveness probably means he can’t play at the NBA level. That’s just the way it is for a player his size or smaller.

  • Honestly all 4 wouldn’t shock me. He has to become a more consistent shooter. But I think we get him for 3.

  • Me too. I think 3 years is most likely. After that, 4 is more likely than 2. He’s fantastic, really important for our team, a great college player. He’s another BIFM or Devonte, but developing sooner. But the NBA is a different beast.

    Dotson is a competitor and wants to win. As long as he’s at KU, he will keep winning. He will take great satisfaction from his leadership role, driving the team. He would hate being on a losing NBA team, while riding the bench, and he’s smart enough to know that. So I don’t see him leaving too early unless it’s an absolute sure thing.

    Malik Newman should have stayed another year. He would have been our superstar this year, and would have loved it. Now he’s in nowheresville. That can’t be fun.

  • @justanotherfan his shooting is developing? I haven’t seen any developments in his shooting this year. He has a long ways to go when it comes to scoring the ball. He can get to th rim, but can’t finish through contact or against bigger guys, and he can’t shoot from three right now.

    I said in another thread I don’t even think he will test the waters this year.

  • @Woodrow People point to his percentage but it’s because he generally only takes wide open looks.

  • @dylans It’s funny you say that. DD goes out, and has his worst game of the year. I say he stays 3 years.

  • @BShark Yesterday showed he has work to do. All 4 of his 3 point shots were catch and shoots, and his fg percent seems to go way down when he shoots quick. When he is set, and receives a pass, the fg % goes way up. I also would’ve liked to see him do something other than drive into 3 people at the basket. I’d like to see him stop and pop. Still, his worst game was still pretty dang good.

  • I can’t wait til they do something to stop players from leaving early. If I was a coach like Bill Self who has to work like mad to replace players who leave after a year it’d drive me mad.

  • Dotson’s performance yesterday was a perfect example of the gaps in his game that he has to address before he is NBA ready.

    At his size, he can’t be just a slasher. He will get banged up that way even if he does get stronger.

  • His game is totally different… but on this, I like to compare him to Frank. Frank has done well for himself and he has a much better NBA body over Devon. @justanotherfan said it right… the NBA grinds up small guards. I think it would be smart for Devon to earn his degree because he will probably use it later. His best shot is to be here through his junior year (at least).

    Anyone check out Devonte’s heroics in G-league? I barely recognized him because he has been building his body to better translate to the league.

    Once these guys go for the league, you can tell the serious players because they always make a huge leap in conditioning once they leave. So few have the body necessary at that level when coming straight from college. But heck… they have a lot more time to dedicate to basketball and conditioning…

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