Svi traded to Pistons

  • Sent with 2nd round pick for Reggie Bullock.

  • Interesting

  • Just hope it means Svi gets more minutes.

  • @Kcmatt7 It was great for Svi, but a terrible move for the Pistons. They gave away Bullock for a lot less than he should’ve went for.

  • @KUSTEVE Idk, he was on the final year of a significantly undervalued contract. Likely he wouldn’t have been a Piston at year end. Of course, I do wonder what another team in the West would have given up just to keep him off the Lakers.

    On the other hand, maybe nobody really thinks the Lakers are even the least bit of a threat. Which I don’t unless they magically land AD before the deadline.

  • @Kcmatt7 The timing was messed up. Detroit trades one of their starters as they sit one game out of the final playoff spot. I love Svi, but I don’t see him being able to do what Bullock can at this stage of his career. Just a weird trade- maybe they’re trying to tank to get a better draft pick or something.

  • Philly could have put Fultz in the trade for Leonard and would have gotten him AND still been able to trade for Butler… Instead they wait and get essentially jack crap for him. At least they added depth I suppose…

    NBA trade deadline was weird and horrible. GMs are routinely some of the biggest idiots in sports.

  • Ben McLemore was waived today by the Kings.

  • @Woodrow 😭 sad year for him! Hope something better happens!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 - anything is better than the Kings as long as it’s in the NBA! 🤔

  • Markieff got released today as well. Bad day for Jayhawks

  • Although Svi has a 3 year contract, it needs to be renewed by the Pistons by July for it to be guaranteed next year. So he may be looking for work depending on their dedication to a youth movement.

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