KU#9 in latest AP Poll

  • This week we can’t say the polls were biased against KU. Lost to a 9-9, 1-5 conference foe on the road and only dropped 2 spots. Probably helps when most of the Top 25 lost as well.

    Teams KU has beaten in the polls:

    #1 Tennessee, #6 Michigan St, #12 Marquette, #18 Villanova.

    Iowa St checks in at #24 this week. Tech dropped to #14 as the only other ranked Big-12 team. Saturday’s Kentucky game will be #8 vs #9.

    KU can put Saturday’s loss behind it by going 2-0 this week. Don’t ask how probable that is…

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Teams KU has beaten in the polls:

    #1 Tennessee, #6 Michigan St, #12 Marquette, #18 Villanova.

    This is absolutely amazing. It also makes losing to a legitimately bad WVU team all the more frustrating.

  • Probably smash WVU with Doke tbf.

  • BShark said:

    Probably smash WVU with Doke tbf.

    I think so. Especially the first half where this team struggled with any offense. Just getting him in position was probably good for 10-15 pts

  • Updated NET and RPI rankings are as follows:



    Here are the updated RPI standings


  • Whether number 1 in the RPI, 9 in the polls or 19 in the NET…the young men from Lawrence (and whatever Dedric is classified as) have this. I don’t care how many close games have been played to date nor the 3 losses thus far, I just don’t see how any team in America can be considered than KU this season.

    Here’s my logic…about this time last year, there was a growing sentiment that Malik was terrible. Couldn’t do anything…just terrible. We were coming up on A&M and several were just looking to our “transfer” class of this year. Then all of the sudden, ol’ Malik got it. Started becoming more aggressive and then the shots fell. Without him…no conference title, no conference championship title, no final four. This same breakout is happening with Garrett now, and soon…very soon, it will happen with Grimes. I believe we’ll beat UK. I believe we’ll run the table in conference. I don’t believe we’ll win the conference tourney, but I do believe, we’ll march thru Capital One Arena in DC as a 2 seed and beat Duke in the Elite 8…again. Beat Michigan State from Midwest…again this year…Then beat Gonzaga in the national championship.

  • I will say, if KU wins the B12 I don’t know how they aren’t a 1 seed. They will have beaten the winner of the B10, SEC and Big East and won their league. I don’t know how you put together a much better resume than that.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Iowa St was KU’s 6th win against a ranked team at the time they played. Pretty impressive for a team we know has very little margin for error. Self is the king of the bounce back game but I don’t think last nights win changed what this team is. It certainly gives the team a pick me up going into the weekend though…

    If KU goes into Rupp and wins that’s the signature win of the season. We have the marquee neutral court victories but going into Rupp will have a lasting effect on voters and the media. If we are talking those “Tier 1” wins, hard to top that kind of W. No team in America is going out of conference on the road against a Top 10 team/ likely Top 4 seed in late January. It’s a big time opportunity for this team. That win could be the difference between the top line and a 2/3 seed.

    Visually we are not a #1 seed. I’ll have what anyone is drinking if they think otherwise. However assembling a resume that no other team can match could be the difference in a year like this. We’ll see, still too early.

  • 0_1548216711314_C65FC3E3-C2E0-4C38-826C-6A5BDCE2D4F4.jpeg

    Not many opportunities to build confidence unearned on that schedule.

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