Eastern Michigan Eagles - Saturday - 1pm - Channel 38 and ESPN+

  • @wissox Thanks for the link. Now it all makes sense. Very tough inside player. Very physical. Offensive skills never quite developed as you would have thought. But yes…good for him.

  • 2nd link is the story of EMU scoring 4 points in the first half against Rutgers this year.

  • @wissox Beautiful. perfect opponent.

  • I hate to give away my secret, but street parking off one of the side roads off of Naismith towards 19th st is the cheapest way to park (free) and it’s typically not too far of a walk. Most importantly, it’s a completely flat walk…

  • @Kcmatt7 I’ve done that before as well

  • @wissox I remember seeing that score and thinking…what the??

  • Has anyone tried the ESPN+ replay for 4.99 a month? If so, is it anything like their ESPN3 with horrible quality? I’m not paying 4.99 a month for poor quality.

  • @truehawk93 if you are wanting ku games, you probably don’t need it anymore. The quality was good for me.

  • @truehawk93 oh, replay, man I’m slow!

  • @truehawk93 I thought the quality was good…better than ESPN3.

  • @truehawk93 are you just wanting it for one game?

  • I was able to use @HighEliteMajor suggestion and park in Ellsworth hall parking and walked to AFH, it was a very cold day but certainly worth the trip.

  • Super cold again today as well.

  • @truehawk93 i have been using ESPN+ To watch the games this season. Way better than the old ESPN3 pay per view. But, that was the last game, so I’m going to cancel my subscription if I can figure out how.

  • @jayhawkcsg If you have trouble cancelling, go to the “All questions” part of the FAQs for Managing My Account. Method of cancelling depends on how you signed up. Also an 800 number in there. Deleting the app DOES NOT cancel.

  • Thx @mayjay. I have been having trouble canceling. Tried for an hour or so to figure it out, and found nothing but roadblocks. I’m not a genius, but i did go to college. Should not been this difficult! I signed up through the ESPN app on my android TV. Trying to cancel thru there got me nowhere. I eventually called the 800 number, and even they couldn’t figure it out. C’mon. So, after half an hour on the line, i’m not sure where i left off. They eventually asked for a Google Play account number (dunno why), and the guy said he’d close it up for me, and abruptly hung up without telling me when and what to expect. So, it’s still working…insane. Fingers crossed. Anybody else cancel? How did you do it?

  • @jayhawkcsg Go to espn.com. Click on your account icon at the top right of the espn home page, then click on “manage my espn+ subscription.” It should give you the option to cancel it.

  • The manage subscription part said I had no subscriptions. I had to e-mail them. They got back to me the next day saying it was cancelled. No hassle.

  • @jayhawkcsg you will still have it till your due date even after cancelling.

  • @jayhawkcsg Contact your credit card company and tell them you no longer authorize charges to ESPN. Explain your efforts to cancel. Make sure you document that call and all your efforts thru ESPN. You may need to locate your prior bill to ID the specific charge. If a new charge appears on your next bill, call them again and follow their instructions for filing a written dispute. (By the way, if there is a phone number on the line item for the past charge, call that number to cancel, too.)

    AOL got into a lot of trouble years ago for making it really difficult to cancel accounts. The ESPN+ approach is bad.

  • @jayhawkcsg This summary came up on a google search. Note: you might have to sign into your google account to bring up the info if you don’t stay signed in. I have had to get a new pw sometimes.

    From Cordcutters

    How to cancel ESPN+

    Visit ESPN.com/watch/espnplus.

    If you are on mobile, click the menu button and choose ESPN+. …

    Select the option to manage subscription.

    Log in to your account.

    Click Manage under your ESPN+ subscription card.

    Click the option to Cancel Subscription.

    Confirm your cancellation.

    Dec 4, 2018

    How to cancel ESPN+ | CordCutters.com

  • @AsadZ About halfway back up the hill is when the cold hits me, after the heat from AFH wears off. And I never take a jacket into AFH. Cramped enough as it is.

  • @jayhawkcsg I was afraid to start and then not be able to cancel very easily. ESPN found a money maker for replays!

  • @mayjay @truehawk93 Yup, it was a genuine pain in the arse to cancel. Unbelievable.

    The sad part is that when the guy said he would take care of it for me – he did – and even though i called days before the start of the new month – he didn’t cancel me til the end of the NEXT month. Total B.S. Rip off city. I decided it wasn’t worth the $5 to call back and deal with it again. Pissed though.

    Mayjay, i did try those instructions you offered, as well as many other options, before even seeing them from you. no luck. Apparently since i ordered through my Android TV app, that complicated matters somehow. A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

    So, in theory the saga is over. We’ll find out next month for sure though…stay tuned!

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