• That’s the number that kept KU from defending it’s championship in 1989. For players that never suited up for KU. Apparently to pay for a plane ticket so said player could fly home to visit his ailing mother like grandmother. According to an archived NYT article, ‘‘The committee believes, however, that the following unique circumstances were present in this case,’’ the statement said. ‘‘The violations, while serious and calculated to obtain a recruiting advantage were isolated to a 10-day period, and the investigation revealed no other serious violations in the basketball program.’’

    That’s it. We spent a year with one notable highlight a 150-90 pasting of Kentucky, without any hope. Compared to todays scandals, us included, I don’t get it. Has something changed in the NCAA? Have they thrown their hands up in despair saying we can’t do anything about this?

    Here’s the LJW archived article in case you’re interested.


  • @wissox What everyone was saying… there were other transgressions…that’s just the one we coped to.

  • @Hawk8086 Death penalty was considered for “lack of institutional control” because of recent prior sanctions (for fb, I think). Brown was not cooperative, but after he left KU officials were, avoiding worse result.

  • @wissox

    The “official” version at the time is that KU chose not to hire outside counsel to defend the relatively minor offense of Brown paying for a plane ticke for Askew and it cost KU dearly. That particular offense was so minor that the NCAA started a program to help students in similar situations.

    Years later we found out that were several other, considerably more serious offenses, that brought KU within a hair of getting the dreaded “death penalty” and it was the real reason which made it impossible for Brown to stay and “had” to go. Brown had also left UCLA, the program he coached before KU, on probation and the next time he coached college, at SMU, he left that program on probation as well.

    As good a coach and basketball mind as Brown is, he also seems to have a complete disregard for rules and regulations and this is why I prefer he stays away from KU. Apparently he is an advisor to Fenny Lalmagne and this ought to tell you a lot.

  • Larry Brown is a broker. An arranger. A middle man.

    Yet, there is no knowledge of any inducements provided by third parties.

  • “Has something changed in the NCAA?”

    A lot has changed since then.

    Back then, the NCAA still floated under the guise of being a “private membership club” which basically gave them complete, unfettered power.

    What has come to reality since then is they are losing much of that exclusive power now because of their broad impact on American society… meaning… they can be challenged in a federal court room, and whenever that happens, they tend to lose chunks of power.

  • @drgnslayr

    Always bringing the heat. Well done

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