This far into the season, thought it might be time to post on here.

  • Hey Jayhawk fans,

    I haven’t posted on here in a while, at least I haven’t started a post on here in a while. SO, Ive been lurking in the back ground on here, reading mostly. What KU has done so far this season is impressive to me. Im not gonna ramble on, I just want to add a couple thoughts.

    Devon Dotson reminds me of a hybrid between Frank and Devonte’. He is taller like DG but he has that bulldog mentality like Frank. How he drives with the ball reminds me of Frank and how he shoots reminds me of DG, not quite but almost. He is super fast with the ball in his hands like both of them. What amazes me is that this kid is a freshmen. He is playing like a veteran guard!
    Will he stick around KU for another year or so? I think it depends on how far KU goes in the NCAAs.

    Dedric Lawson is a stud. He reminds me of Wayne Simien. Big guy, got handles, can pass real good and score from everywhere. He is leading this team in points, rebounds and assists! How is that not POY material there!?

    Rock Chalk JAYHAWK!!

  • @Lulufulu add in a Red hot shooter, a lock down defender, an energetic big, an unstoppable dunker, a 5 star wing and a quality bench.

    Just need them to blend around Dedric and Dotson. Right now the pieces arent all fitting together. Need to smooth some edges. I think you identified 2 of the 3 it starts with. I’m hoping the 3rd remains Vick. If not it needs to be Q growing into his role.

  • @Lulufulu I am seeing some Jacques Vaughn in there too. Not as strong but faster. Might be the number too.

  • I have to agree with you - -I’ve been saying for awhile that I think Devon’s play is a lot LIKE Franks. super quick as far as that part goes I feel for sure that Devon is a lot quicker then frank - -just a blur - -& really tough kid just like Frank got that dog mentality - -loves to drive the ball - -think your spot on. - -I do think he will be back for a 2nd year - - after that - - all bets are off I have favored this kid back when we were recruiting him - - jumped on the Dotson bandwagon quick - -love this kid - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Let’s hope we get Dotson for 3 seasons at least… we have been spoiled lately with frank and Devonte 🙂

  • Bosthawk said:

    Let’s hope we get Dotson for 3 seasons at least… we have been spoiled lately with frank and Devonte 🙂

    3 season’s would be great but we are going to be lucky to get more then 1.

  • I don’t see Dotson leaving after this season. While he has incredible speed, his athleticism isn’t eye popping. He’s a backup in the NBA right now. I think he’s at least back next year, maybe the year after as well. His size, while solid, isn’t on par with a lot of NBA PGs. Remember, Grimes likely will move to the point in the NBA. He’s at least 3 inches taller than Dotson. That’s the type of player Dotson has to be prepared to go against every night in the NBA. I don’t think he makes that leap after this season. Steph Curry is thought of as a smaller player, but he’s listed at 6-3 and people attack him defensively because of his size. That’s the challenge Dotson faces at the next level.