Conference Performance through Feast Week

  • I thought it might be interesting to see how the major conferences stack up through Feast Week (games through Sunday night). It’s really a 3 horse race at this point between the ACC, B10 and B12. A case can be made for each, but I would suggest it is, somewhat surprisingly, neck and neck between the B10 and B12, with perhaps a slight edge to the good guys based on the having the best wins. All have a few bad losses and several solid to very good wins.

    ACC record is 71-14. 4 undefeated teams - UVA, VT, NC State and Pitt - the latter two haven’t played anyone. Best wins - UK, Auburn, Wisconsin, UCLA, LSU, Creighton, Stanford? and Georgia?.

    B10 record is 67-13. 5 undefeated teams - one of which, MD, hasn’t played anyone. A bunch of solid and good wins - Villanova, Washington, Texas, OU, UConn, Utah, TxA&M, UCLA, Marquette, Cinn, Creighton, Xavier, SHall, Oregon, Stanford?. Basically the B10 owns the P12 - will see how they fare against the ACC (split last night, which aren’t included).

    B12 record is 51-10. Three undefeated teams - KU, KSU and TTU. Best wins - UNC, Mich St, Tenn, Fla, Marquette, LSU, Ark, Dayton, Memphis, USC, Nebraska and Mizzou. Not as many quality wins overall as the B10 perhaps, but 3 top 10 type wins by the B12 are tough to match…

  • I agree those are the 3 best conferences right now.

    I am impressed with what Iowa St. has done giving they are missing 4 key players. They will be ranked in the top 20 at some point this season. K-St hasn’t played anyone at all so it is hard to tell what they are. They do play at Marquette this Saturday. Texas Tech is better than I think most people thought as well.

    Here are some rankings via KenPom:

    ACC: #1 - Duke , #3- UVA, #4- UNC, #14- FSU, #16, VT, #20- Syracuse, #22- Miami, #29- Clemson

    Big 12: #2- Kansas, #11- TT, #17- Iowa St. #18- KSU, #25- Texas, #27- WVU

  • This is Kenneth Massey’s Conference ranking as of yesterday. Before then the Big 12 was #1; very small difference between the top 3 conferences.


  • Big 12 helped out by the fact that its not just their top teams doing the heavy lifting. Just about everyone in conference has a quality win on their resume already. That should help come March.

  • Looks about right. B10 and B12 schedules look like gauntlets this season.

  • According to KenPom, the Big 12 is the #1 rated conference currently. The Big Ten is 2nd. The ACC is 3rd.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich

    According to the better regarded conference rankings, the difference between the top 3 conferences is negligible and will continue changing daily depending on who is playing who. The conference challenge games might provide some sepation depending on how the conferences perform.

  • Well, one result of the B10-ACC challenge is that the ACC is down to one undefeated team - UVA - and the B10 two - Iowa and Michigan (pending the outcome of the UNC game). Interesting results - the erstwhile top B10 teams have lost - but they have several second tier wins. Both conferences benefit as a whole from a strength of schedule standpoint - same will hold true to a lesser extent when the B12-SEC challenge takes place.

  • A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week for the B12 - mostly anyway. Texas losing at home to Radford. K State getting whipped by Marquette (albeit on the road). OSU loses to Minnesota. No quality wins. At least TTU came back to avoid the upset to Memphis. Trust the Hawks will hold serve, but beating Stanford would not really qualify at a QW. Lost week for the B12…

  • I wouldn’t put OSU losing to Minny in the same vein as Texas losing to Radford.

    KU should absolutely pound Stanford but this might be a game where Self tries to get Grimes going.

  • @DCHawker Baylor getting pounded by the Shockers.

  • @Big-Clyde52 That wouldn’t be the same Shockers who have already lost to La Tech, Davidson and Alabama, would it???

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