Thanksgiving leftovers.

  • Looking through the fridge for scraps from the holiday feast.

    I think I’ll have more of that Dotson. He’s really making a difference for this team.

    I’ll have less of needing to rely on KJ in crunch time. He could work out into something special, and we probably don’t win without him last night, but he probably only gets a few minutes if Garrett is healthy.

    I’ll take more of warmed up Dedric and less of cold Dedric. He seems to start slowly, and then by the end we’re hoping he gets touches every time.

    I’ll take less, in fact throw it down the disposal, of refereeing. Yes it’s really about 1 call but how on God’s green earth do three referees miss someone pulling the rim down. As some pointed out last night, it was a momentum changer.

    I’ll take no more 3-10 FT shooting and more 19-24 FT shooting which is basically the difference between good and bad, and which is what we shot after we collectively decided losing by 9 to Rocky Top was enough.

    I’ll take less Doke mistakes. But I’ll take more Doke on the floor. The difference between when he was on the floor and on the bench was obvious the last two games.

    I’ll take more hot Vick, obviously, but less you’re not that hot Vick. Head scratching Vick. His talent is enormous, but his flightiness gets in the way.

    I’ll take more Moore when he’s under control, and less Moore when he’s not. He made some clutch shots last night and missed some clutch shots when he shouldn’t have been taking a clutch shot.

    I’ll take less Garrett until he learns to polish his offensive game which is actually quite offensive like some leftovers in the fridge too long.

    I’ll take more coach Self. He’s amazing. Can’t wait for the next feast.

  • One quote kind of says it all — “I’ll take more Moore when he’s under control, and less Moore when he’s not. He made some clutch shots last night and missed some clutch shots when he shouldn’t have been taking a clutch shot.”

    Tyshawn-esque without the physical gifts.

  • @wissox There has to be a name we can come up with to describe a Charlie drive to the basket bank shot. When it leaves his hands, it looks like he must be throwing the ball up in the sky, then it does it’s little carom off the backboard, and the next thing you know, the ball is nudging its way in. He could be a rec league legend right now. “He’s a bankshot wizard, there has to be a twist…that bankshot wizard got such a suppled wrist”.

  • @wissox Excellent post. Thanks. These battles are really tough on an old KU basketball fan like myself. Who would have thought that during crunch time Coach Self would rely on Charlie Moore and KJ Lawson? Watching the OT drama was like witnessing a car accident; I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t look away. Charlie and KJ, are you kidding me; that’s the best we can do? But, despite way too many missed FTs, we pulled away and kept that ever so small lead just long enough. Wow, what a start to the season.

  • And where was mr NBA last nite? grimes? We Can’t blame Self wanting to play his fave Garrett last nite… Dotson right now is playing up to his high school hype. Last nites game was a preview of tough conference- tourney games. The Vols are as good as advertised.

    Also, I thought the announcers were dead on about Lawson. Maybe not NBA- level athleticism, but definitely basketball IQ. I’m not making any specific comparisons, but Larry bird was also labeled with with no NBA -level athleticism either.

    And was it me, or did our team look pretty tough last nite?

  • I’ll take less of someone predicting we’re going to lose every game.

  • I think I heard last night we’ve won 14 in a row against ranked teams or something like that. Of course our beatdown at the FF last year means we’ve only won 2 in a row against ranked teams.

  • @wissox 17-4 vs top 10 teams since ‘13-14 including 14 straight is what was reported last night. Must be regular season games as you point out though.

  • RE KJ he might be largely needed next year. Nice to see him get some minutes.

  • @wissox the quality of this win should silence the “Duke should be #2” people

  • They will. But we deserve #2

  • Really happy with this win now that I got to back and watch it in full again.

    Our team has a great sense of when to try to rip the ball. Dotson is growing every game. Doke is in great shape and getting out to guard perimeter. He’s looking like an NBA guy. Dedric’s dribble drive is critical and I was glad to see it working. Vick gave us big buckets when we needed them. Love the ball movement. Our passing game is going to be great.

    We were the tougher team. And Tennessee is a very tough team.

  • @wissox Like reverse psychology, maybe predicting a loss is just reverse mojo. Predict a loss, so that your team is more likely to win. Or, predict a loss to piss off a lot of fans. You decide the actual intent.

  • approxinfinity said:

    They will. But we deserve #2

    Two top 10 wins for KU and from what I’ve seen, MSU and UT are way better than the Squid Squad which was a “top 10” win for Duke.

  • @stoptheflop Charlie and KJ right now are our wild things.

    Wild things, I think I love you… but I wanna know for sure

    Time will tell, as the season progresses.

  • @KUSTEVE I read that this morning and appreciated it. He’s one of the few who seem to have a lot of respect for our program.

  • @tundrahok KJ and Charlie played very well down the stretch. Need those types of minutes every game.

  • @KUSTEVE Great perspective.

    KU has yet to play an “A” game. It probably hasn’t even logged a B-plus. Yet it’s ranked fifth in offensive efficiency and fourth in defensive efficiency, according to

    B seems about right, compared to where we can get.

  • wissox said:

    @KUSTEVE I read that this morning and appreciated it. He’s one of the few who seem to have a lot of respect for our program.

    Had to guess that was Norlander before opening.

  • @KUSTEVE thanks for the read. This is going to be a process, just like what we have all been saying. Once Grimes and others start figuring things out, its a whole different ball game - and we are already pretty good.

  • @BShark Norlander has more common sense than Parrish. So do most household appliances, for that matter. Parrish finally saw through the nonsense of ranking the Zags ahead of us, and finally put us number 1. He’s a tool.

  • Parrish will say anything for clicks.

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