Who? Part Two

  • Who will step up tonight vs Iowa St?

    Sure the easy pick is Andrew

    I am going with Traylor, I think his quickness on D is going to help us out vs the spread floor of ISU.

  • @JRyman I’m going to say Ellis. He sure looked to be dialed in yesterday but got derailed by foul trouble. ISU doesn’t really have any physical bigs to push him around and knock him off his game, so I’m predicting he goes for 20 & 10.

  • Naa you can do it!!!

  • @JRyman

    Firat… thanks for continuing “Who?”… we should keep this question going from now on.

    I’m going with the Bruise Brothers for tonight… Black Death and Bam Bam!

    I believe we have to really come ready tonight… more so than we did yesterday because ISU is going to be a tough game to win. With JoJo being out, this game equalizes substantially, and we have to outplay some tough players who are playing the same brand of basketball all year, while we have almost abandoned our hi/lo and are looking for identity.

  • I think I’ll go w/Ellis too! Tharpe needs to be steady and get his shot back. Match ups are a problem w/ISU!

  • Black Death and Bam Bam!


    That is AWESOME!!!

  • @icthawkfan316

    I agree. Perry had a great game against ISU last year at the Tournament. He played 28 minutes, went 10-12 for 23 points and 6 rebounds to lead the team.

    This year he had a flat first game and a very good second game against ISU when he went 8-12 for 20 points, 6 rebounds, 1 steal and 2 blocks; BTW, Wiggins had 29 points in that game.

  • @JRyman

    Black Death and Bam Bam are the aliases for the team of Jayhawk mercenaries I designed a while back. Black uniforms, with a small patch of crimson/blue. All players cloaked in heavy padding, prepared for battle. Our Jayhawk mascot takes on an attitude (along with the players):


    Out of all the soldiers who make up this squad, “Black Death” is the overpowering force. For those who don’t know their history from where I captured Tarik’s new essence, reflect on this history lesson, when the world suffered its worst plague, 100+ million souls vanish from earth in just a few short years.


    Tarik (aka “Black Death” ) has the power to eradicate entire teams in just a few seconds… leagues within a few minutes… tournaments within hours…

  • From here on out…

    We drop the idea that we have something to prove.

    And we instill the belief that we look forward to watching other teams trying to prove they can survive against us.

    It is time… we unleash the scourge… Black Death infecting the court!

    …and we will feast on their bones!

  • @drgnslayr Where do we buy the shirts?

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Seriously… I could put this design on cafepress.com… and we have instant shirts!

    I’m not sure if I’m breaking copyright law. I kind of think the university might not be thrilled with this. I would keep “Kansas” off the shirt.

    I could redesign the hawk more to separate the art from anything existing out there… then it would be totally legal.

    Anyone out there have knowledge on this?

    Imagine our student section in all black with an ominous hawk on their shirts with crossbones?

    If I can catch a patch of time this afternoon… I’ll see if I can create a really unique mascot… maybe something half bird and half skull.

  • @drgnslayr I think Perry Ellis forgot his somewhere. Would someone please get him another? He needs to put it on and play tonight.

  • @truehawk93

    Perry didn’t make our mercenary team. He should think about that first… and if he wants on, prove himself.

  • I think we have to go small tonight. No Embiid means we may need to show a lineup with a lot of perimeter players. I think two guys step up - Frank Mason and the much maligned (deservedly so) Brannen Greene. I think Greene knocks down a couple of triples and Mason gets into the lane a few times to draw some fouls and open up the perimeter for others.

    I think Black likely has a poor game tonight because of matchups, but hope he realizes that he is basically invaluable at this point because of his defense and rebounding (and toughness).

  • Black Death and Bam Bam.

    As I wrote elsewhere.



    Perry needs a new name, because since I hung The Designer on him he has not flourished and become the natural that he should be.

    I herewith proffer a new handle.


    For Auguste Rodin.

    And for his “The Thinker.”

    Perry thinks too much.

    Rodin was a great, great sculptor.

    The Thinker remains one of the most iconic sculptures of all time.

    Rodin will remind Perry of his own greatness, and The Thinker will remind him constantly that he has to lighten up.

    It will also remind him to add 20 pounds or so.


    Pronounced here…


    Yo, Rodin, flush the mutha!


  • I will say Perry steps up tonight. ISU appears to be a good matchup for him. Plus, he is due for a good game.

  • @jaybate 1.0

    You have an excellent understanding of Perry.

    I think “Thinker” is too much like “Designer”… we are looking for the antithesis… the personality Perry NEEDS to be!

    How about… “The Impaler?”

    He could use his skills of precision when driving his sharpened limbs up through the bodies of his opposition.

    BTW: It is time for Perry to s#it or get off the pot!


  • @drgnslayr


  • @jaybate 1.0 Perry is a little, tooooo big!

  • We have to figure out how to stop 3 offensive freight trains from pounding into the rim:




    This is going to be a tough challenge… even with Embiid, it was tough.

  • @drgnslayr and they have to stop wiggins.

    And lately ain’t nobody been able to even slow him down.

    Rock chalk

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