Pop the Patriots

  • The NFL scheduling doesn’t seem fair. The Chiefs played NE at NE the first game last year and now play them there again. I’d be interested how the schedules are weighted. But, Go Chiefs.

  • Not looking good.

  • Brady’s missing passes too. Mahomes must get it going.

  • Belicheck showing he is still a masterful defensive coach.

  • The Chiefs inability to get touchdowns and Mahomes turnovers. The defense couldn’t stop a little tikes car.

  • Not over yet

  • Wow you let Tom Brady who’s 40 time is a week run in a TD. The last team to touch the ball my win.

  • Tied up

  • I’ll be honest that maybe the worse defensive performance I’ve seen outta a professional team ever. The offense need to be perfect for them to win, which isn’t fair to them.

  • Dang. Should’ve let Gronkowski run in and gave the O a chance to tie it back up. 1 minute is plenty of time to score. The D is a joke.

  • Tough loss, but have to feel pretty confident we damn near beat them in their own stadium without Tanoh, Berry or Houston on the field. I would not feel good about that win if I was a Pats fan.

  • Add in that the Pats had extra days rest and prep for this game…

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Add in that the Pats had extra days rest and prep for this game…

    After week 4 I said I would be happy with a split the next two weeks. Just sucks to lose though.

  • @BShark Yea this one stung. Especially knowing that we need to play close to perfect football the rest of the season knowing the Pats have the tie-breaker now.

  • I looked at the Patriots schedule this morning and I think they have only 3 games they could lose. This Sunday at Chicago, Minnesota at home, and at Pittsburgh towards the end of the season. I know they lost two earlier in the year, but adding Eddleman was huge for that offense. and Sony Michele is looking great as a RB.

    However, that was by far the hardest part of the Chiefs schedule. I looked at theirs as well and I trying to be non biased see them at 13-3 possibly 14-2 with a win at Seattle.

    As for the game I came away feeling this team can be special if Houston comes back and so does Berry. I personally am not sold on Berry coming back even though the Chiefs are saying they are confident, but what are they going to say? Berry will make a huge difference, and can take Gronk out of the game.

    Also Mahomes two interceptions were a 10 point swing. Gave them 7 on the first interception and took 3 off the board before the half. If the Chiefs can somehow get home field advantage in January I love their chances of winning that rematch. At this point I am not sure who else is a contender in the AFC…

  • @Woodrow I think Berry will be back or they would have put him on the IR already. I think if this team was 4-2 or 3-3 right now, we might see him. But at 5-1, we are still tops in the AFC and playing with house money at this point. No reason to see him play and get hurt right now.

  • @Kcmatt7 Add to that they’ve only played 2 home games and beat the top two divisional opponents on the road to boot. Things are rosy as long as they can get healthy.

  • @dylans Exactly. And we are looking at a pretty easy 4 game stretch all things considered. If we drop 1 or 2 of them, I fully expect to see Berry back for either the Rams game or after the Bye week.

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