WVU Game

  • Offense has been garbage, defense has been bailed out by Will Grier making multiple bad decisions on the goal line. This game should be 42-7 right now.

    Too bad the defense is wasting this performance against a team like WVU instead of against someone like KSU or ISU where 3 picks would give KU a shot at winning.

  • Not over yet!🤭

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 guess nobody is watching.

  • Huge to! Hope we can take advantage of it!

  • Lol at OU

  • @dylans score?

  • Watch Texas blow it though. 31-17 when I typed that 31-24 now. Texas leads

  • Wow, just saw it.

  • If KU was playing someone other than a top 10 team, they would being winning this game. This is the exact scenario I said at the beginning of the year that it would take for KU to pull an upset in B12 play.

    A team comes out flat and commits a couple of turnovers. Problem is WVU is too good that even with these mistakes, KU still can’t take full advantage. Had this happened against and ISU, Baylor, KSU, Tech, or someone like that, KU would likely win a game against teams like that.

  • @dylans B12 needs OU to win that game. They’re the only team capable of making the CFP and doing something. WVU is a good team, but they’ll drop 1 or 2 games this year they shouldn’t drop and lose to OU.

  • KU is only +1 in the turnover battle.

  • Pick

  • Call it

  • Sucks

  • That was probably a pick, but there wasn’t an angle that didn’t show the ball all the way so I get staying with the original call on it.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 not me, I’m a homer🤩

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Me too. Not watching at all, visiting family today, but I’m outraged the refs couldn’t see it!

  • I will say that based on today, I don’t think this will be Beaty’s final game.

  • Agree.

  • I don’t think Grier’s a heisman winner

  • What’s wrong w/mike lee?

  • These announcers?

  • Weis didn’t get the time?

  • We are looking unorganized

  • Get pooka out

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Weiss didn’t get the time?

    Weis was a disaster from the get go. I will say that I agree that Gill got screwed over. That transition away from Mangino was never to going to be quickly and there were a lot of issues in the program because of Mangino. Gill needed the time to filter those players out and get his own guys in.

  • And the💰we paid Weis

  • These guys have no clue

  • I’m watching but WTF is there to say. Beaty is a complete and utter embarrassment to KU and football as a whole.

  • Td!

  • These guys didn’t quit!

  • Friends if had a coach, we ve bowling this season. Good effort til the end very proud of our guys.

  • @kjayhawks If there was an OLine. QB play really hasn’t been that bad this year for the situation they have with the OLine. The OLine play has prevented any type of running game from getting going which has hurt the passing game as well and allowed teams to stack the box. A good OLine opens up play action and would give Bender more time to throw which he’s been solid when given time this year.

  • Don’t look now, but Oklahoma just tied the game.

  • Lol at Texas

  • kjayhawks said:

    Friends if had a coach, we ve bowling this season. Get effort til the end very proud of our guys.

    ummm , I’m not a beaty fan anymore either - -however he didn’t cost us this game today in any shape or form. Our offensive inconsistency crucial mistakes by our QB’S at the wrong times - - -like I said in the other thread - -Beaty had nothing to do with Carter just letting the ball slip through his hands in the early portion of the game when we had excellent field position on liked I think our 2nd possession - turn the ball over - – Lassiter muffing the punt after the Defense had forced West Virginia to punt from the back of their own enzone - - giving WV a gimme TD - Bender once again throwin behind the receiver - -innerception - – Beaty had no part of any of that - -that’s all concentration on the players part. – O- line held up well for the most part.

    Our defense did enough in this game for us to win the game. - - WV hadn’t been stopped ALL year when entering the Red Zone - -today KU defense stopped them 3 times. - - WV - -had only givin up 14 TFL’S all year - - -KU had 10 TFL’S today - - the Defense did more then their part to win this game. Announcers said as much also.

    Your playing the 8th ranked team in the Nation on their home field - -ya got to give them some props today - - I mean sure it’s a loss but when your only down 2 scores going into the 4th quarter - -that happens to a lot of teams - Now does it make a difference for Beaty - -hell no. Al I’m saying is - -he doesn’t cost us the loss today just mistakes at the wrong time Like was said sure you get 6 to’s against these lesser names - - it’s like eh - - BUT you get 4 against a Heisman canidate - -on his home field - -you get 4 take aways - -shows why this team is at the top or very near the top leading the nation. - without 2 of our starting DB’s - -I can’t be really that mad today = =at least keep things interesting- -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • B12 is not making the CFP this year.

  • @jayballer73 better coaching wins that game for KU, they had every chance to be in it late.

  • kjayhawks said:

    @jayballer73 better coaching wins that game for KU, they had every chance to be in it late.

    And they were, being down 2 scores in the 4th quarter is not out of it

  • @jayballer73 I’ll agree to disagree with you buddy. I think we are 4-2 right now with the right coach.

  • On another note Baylor beat KSU tho they surrendered over 300 yards rushing, which is frustrating because we have 2 backs better than Barnes and did nothing against them. Snyder is a dam fool for attempting nearly 30 passes with backs averaging 7 and 11 yards per rush.

  • Signs of improvement are there with this team, I’m convinced now.

  • kjayhawks said:

    @jayballer73 I’ll agree to disagree with you buddy. I think we are 4-2 right with the right coach.

    quite possibly - -like I said I was a long time Beaty backer - -but I’m just not there now. - Yet I have seen some - -again some improvement - -we got some pieces - -and that is probably where another Coach needs to be here. - - I thought the D play a fairly solid game today - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 I like coach Beaty, his vision for the program and who he is as a man but I’m fairly certain he’s not the guy to turn this place around. With today’s performance he maybe able to make it the rest of the season but I’d be shocked if he came back in 2019. We also have no idea what Long is thinking at this point, the announcers backed him hard during today’s game. The number one issue to me outside of his record is fan support. Only 18,000 fans at homecoming. I can never remember that few of fans at a KU football game and I’d say a couple thousand of those were Ok State fans. I encourage everyone to go to the games from here on out regardless of what you think of Beaty. We need to support for the players, they are working their asses off and I’m damn proud of them.

  • Weird WV defensive play: 11 players defend the pass and no one rushed. I’ve watched a lot of football, but I’ve never seen all 11 defenders drop and cover the receivers. Our Oline looked really perplexed. The only good thing? We completed the pass over the top.

  • kjayhawks said:

    @jayballer73 I’ll agree to disagree with you buddy. I think we are 4-2 right now with the right coach.

    This team is 5-1 with the right staff. Nicholls, Baylor, and today are all wins.

  • The talent gap between KU and the bottom and mid tier teams in the B12 is not what most people want to assume it is.

    There’s only one position group where it just hasn’t clicked yet and it’s the most important position group in football and that’s the OLine. This OLine is better than they were in week 1, but they’re still by far the worst OLine in the B12.

    I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the turnover at the OLine coaching spot, but if whoever’s coaching next year can get average play out of the OLine, KU can have a good offense.

    I think we see the team take a huge step backwards next year because of losing basically the entire defense, but that can be somewhat negated if the OLine play is halfway decent.

  • @kjayhawks ya I for sure have no problems with him as a person. I know it’s hard for him I’m sure pretty much knowing your fate , knowing your done , it’s just a matter of WHEN your done , that would be really hard for me to do if I were in that position He seems like a very personable/likeable person , I just think he is in over his head . I’ve always thought that he will Coach this entire year , I think now could they be out looking for a Coach during the year? - - I’m sure they are - no problem with that. I’m just a person that is a person that never has been in favor for firing a Coach in the middle of the year - - All it servers is further disruption with the team - makes even a bad situation that much worse. - Let him have the year , how do we know that Long doesn’t already have someone in place for next year - just WE won’t know

    We have some pieces - - -you can see it. Thing is here again with Coach Beaty , we only have 2 recruitments well that WE know about , wouldn’t know of any reason why he would keep others a secret - - -I suppose there might be some that behind the scenes where the staff feels really good about, just have actually committed. Then again he gets fired then what would it do to THOSE RECRUITS?.

    No matter who the next Coach is , and I know they like to bring in there own staff but If it were me , If I was the next Coach if there was ONE guy from the current staff I would want to talk to - - possibly think about retaining it would be Tony Hull. Let’s say if the next Coach does turn out to be Les Miles just for conversation speak here - -let’s say Les comes in agree’s to like a 5 year contract. -If I were him I think it would be ideal the way I see it anyways or the way I would like for it to be.That is Les is here for the five years he decides to keep Tony - I would love for Les to take Tony as like an understudy - -groom him - - teach him the ropes - -I mean Tony is gaining SOME experience with College right now , but give Les those 5 years teach Tony and then after those 5 years hire Tony as the Next Coach after Les leaves. I just don’t think at his age Les is going to be around or want to be much more then that anyways - - With Tony’s inroads to the boot we can’t really afford to turn that loose - he can reap huge benefits down the road with him I think - -just my thoughts- – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Beaty is in the spot Glen front the Walking Dead was in the first episode of the 7th season. Long is playing Neegan.

  • Big 12 probably does miss the playoff.

    WVU is the only undefeated team left in the conference, and they probably lose to both Texas and OU.

    OU would have to run the table from here on, and beat Texas in a rematch in the title game.

    Even then, the SEC is getting two spots unless the wheels come off because they have the top 2 teams, plus six other ranked teams in conference, meaning any conference loss won’t look bad in comparison.

    Notre Dame will get a spot if they stay unbeaten. The selection criteria guarantees ND gets in if they run the table.

    Clemson and Ohio State are both still unbeaten, and since the Big 10 was out last year, they will be in this season. It’s just hard to see how the Big 12 gets in unless WVU runs the table from here on. Even then, I doubt they get in front of enough people since they are ranked sixth right now. Even a 1 loss Georgia or Alabama stays ahead of them right now.

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