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  • “I feel like Kansas was the team that just stepped up there and realized and recognized and saw the talent in me,” McBride told “When they offered everybody else starting coming in. And that was a big part for me. A big thing for me is loyalty and respect for people, and I feel like Kansas has shown me that. And they’ve done it by example as in offering me and not knowing a lot about me, but trusting the eye test and doing character checks and stuff like that.”

    “It was an honor, but I was really happy to see that someone had finally recognized and then other people came in,” McBride said. “So Kansas set the bar. I just feel like once you commit to schools, and stuff like that, you want to make sure that you’re going to be 110 percent committed and not wave back and forth.”

    McBride called Allen Fieldhouse “the Mecca of basketball,” and noted it even exceeded his own expectations.

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    It’s official. 4-star PG Issac McBride commits to #KUbball Nice pick up for Kansas.

    McBride says KU checks all the boxes & he appreciates the genuine nature and family atmosphere of the program.

  • This kid is @KUSTEVE dream.

    McBride said the three main factors that led him to pick KU were that family atmosphere, his development as a player under KU coach Bill Self, whom he called as good a basketball mind as any coach out there, and KU’s strong academics.

  • @BShark That’s my guy!!!

  • “Coach Self really compared me to him in a way,” McBride said. “Similar stories and how they found Frank Mason in Las Vegas also, in the same gym in Las Vegas. He said if I was to come to (KU) he would push me so I could have some of the same success that Frank Mason had.”

    Asked Monday to describe his game, the 4-star guard who considers himself a combo guard and is comfortable playing the 1 and the 2 said: “Focused and determined. That’s pretty much my game there summed. I feel like I can do it all.”

    His high school coach, Baptist Prep’s Steve Miller, echoed those thoughts.

    “Issac is just a coach’s dream,” Miller said. “This is the kind of young man you get to coach maybe once or twice in your career. On the basketball floor, he can do it all. We want the ball in his hands, but he’s very unselfish and likes to get his teammates involved.”

  • Put him at the knee of Marcus, Charlie, and Devon for a year, and we’ve got a truly outstanding kid, both off and on the court. He is an ankle breaker deluxe, and he can flat shoot. Frank wishes he had that kind of quickness. That’s Devon Dotson quick.

  • Can you imagine Dotson, Marcus, and “Bake” on the perimeter next year? I’m telling you…Russ Rob, Mario, and Sherron could only dream of having quickness like that. I’m naming him Bake, after the old St Louis Cardinal outfielder, Bake McBryde. Wissox will remember him, I’m sure.

  • :joy:

  • Very happy with this one. Sounds like he’s got a great head on his shoulders. I believe he’ll be a fan favorite

  • Scott Chasen did a video chat that included some stuff on McBride.

    Some good nuggets are that he actually visited KU on his own two years ago just to check out KU. Also had decided to come to KU long before the late night visit.

  • @KUSTEVE @Crimsonorblue22 you two might like this kid…

    Some quotes from McBride per Scott Chasen

    McBride: “I had a lot of factors. I believe that college is a very important step into a person’s life, growing as a person. But the three really main factors that I had [started with my] development as a player — God giving me talent that I could use, glorifying him, so wherever I can develop it is hopefully going to be a place where I can get to the next level or somewhere where I can show God’s talent to other people.”

    McBride: “Another factor was, of course, academics. Where can I push myself in the classroom, get a good education, a degree, so I can support my family in other ways? And the third thing would probably be the family environment, home environment, and also the atmosphere and the school and a place where I can worship God freely, have an opportunity not only just to play basketball, but to attend church, be in groups and be around people that will help me grow spiritually and as a man.”

    McBride: “Coach Self, of course, is a Hall of Fame coach. And Coach Self is a great coach. I believe he pushes his players to where they need to get to. You know, all their players of course have extremely amazing talent, but they always need a successful coach. And there’s no other coach better than Coach Self himself. He’s done a great job with other programs, too. … I feel like Coach Self does a great job breaking down the games, game-film, breaking down what can happen in the game, making sure that situations are practiced.”

    McBride: “Coach Self has probably the greatest basketball mind out of any coaches that you could put in the top 10 or top 5. And it shows. His teams are successful. And after 14 straight conference championships in one of the best conferences in basketball, it shows that it’s not just players. You have to have a coach always leading guys. And that’s a big part of basketball. So I believe that Coach Self is amazing, and I love him. He’s a great guy.”

  • @BShark Just blown away by that kid. Contrast that with Cliff’s attitude. You know him better than me…any chance he could play pg?

  • @KUSTEVE He’s a PG. Rivals has him as a PG. I think 24/7 listing him as CG is because he doesn’t have tremendous speed or athleticism. But PG is his natural position. He reminds me a lot of Graham. Issac will make a lot of threes before he is done in Lawrence.

  • @BShark

    Nice to see a kid that has his priorities straight. I imagine that having the Big Dub as team chaplain helped some…or a lot.👍

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    Nice to see a kid that has his priorities straight. I imagine that having the Big Dub as team chaplain helped some…or a lot.👍

    KJ too. KJ is deeply religious and part of the reason I feel he sticks around is he realizes his future might not be playing pro ball. He might end up being a minister.

  • @KUSTEVE “Bake” good reference

  • “It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” McBride told McPherson. “And it just kept calling me. I would think about other schools, but I would always go back to Kansas.

    “The reason I want to go there is because that’s the Mecca of basketball. People say Chicago, New York, but, really, where basketball was created was right there in Kansas.”

    McBride made an official visit to Kansas for Late Night and committed a couple of days later, picking KU over finalists Auburn and Virginia.

    “When I went (to Kansas), the experience blew my mind,” McBride said Wednesday.

  • @BShark 😭😭 be proud to call him a son or a Jayhawk!

  • @BShark He blows me away. And he can shoot.

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