Earl Thomas

  • Yes please.

  • Would take. I think a 3rd could get him. Worried about having to sign him to an extension though. But if Houston is here next season I’d be shocked.

  • @Kcmatt7 I am all for trying to make the d competent this year. The offense is superbowl good.

  • These freakin’ Texans… we have the David Beaty of the NFL coaching us…we’re getting pummeled by the lousy Giants.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    These freakin’ Texans… we have the David Beaty of the NFL coaching us…we’re getting pummeled by the lousy Giants.

    Belicheck’s tree bears no fruit I am afraid.

  • Josh Allen having a day

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Josh Allen having a day

    Meh. I still think he is ass.

  • @BShark I don’t think he is going to pan out, but he is apparently playing well today

  • @Kcmatt7 Only catching some glimpses but I saw quite a few plays where the Vikings were daring him to throw. 9 in the box etc…

  • @BShark That would make sense.

  • Colquitt is going to have to take a pay cut lol

  • Change the name of the league from the NFL to the NPL ( National Penalty League ). Penalty after penalty, review after review, replay after replay…it’s so boring, it’s ridiculous. The refs and the replays have taken over the game.

  • @KUSTEVE They try to make it so that there is a ton of scoring. But all it ends up being is dead air time. The game just keeps getting worse. CFB is at least still fun to watch for the most part.

  • @Kcmatt7 It has gotten to the point that it’s almost unwatchable…

  • I enjoyed the Chiefs game!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    I enjoyed the Chiefs game!

    Could you imagine this Chiefs team with Berry and Thomas roving the secondary? Hoooooo boy.

  • @BShark I really hope Berry can get back to form. Adding Thomas would be real nice with Fuller back there. Too bad Peters didn’t work out.

  • Adam Teicher- Andy Reid wouldn’t talk specifically about Seattle’s unhappy safety, Earl Thomas, and whether the Chiefs would be interested in trading for him. But he seemed to indicate they’re not in that market when he said in talking about trades in general: "I know the rumors are out there but that’s not where we’re at.’’

    I hope Big Red is running a misdirection play here.

  • I think the Chiefs are waiting until the October Trade Deadline regardless. That way they can make a trade that only picks up about half of someone’s salary, and you know that they are at least healthy 8 weeks in.

    So making this move now would be reactionary imo. Let’s see what this D looks like with Berry first. Because I’d be more interested in some other options now that I looked at who could be available from other teams. Like Matheiu from Houston and Claiborne from the Jets. We could probably get both of those guys at the deadline, which would be a better overall addition than just Earl Thomas, imo.

  • @Kcmatt7

    The Chiefs defense isn’t one player away, even if Eric Berry comes back 100% and they add a guy the caliber of Earl Thomas because there are just too many holes, so I agree that adding two really good players as opposed to one great one is a better longterm move.

    Even if they were to add two guys, that doesn’t address the pass rush and run defense. The up front guys have to improve. Maybe Justin Houston jumps in the wayback machine or some of the young guys make a midseason leap, but this defense has some serious personnel holes, and the Chiefs aren’t masking them with schemes.

    And this sucks because the Chiefs have the playmakers on offense this year to go to (and win) the Super Bowl.

  • I agree there are still a lot of problems but vastly improving two spots at the back of the defense would help a lot.

  • @justanotherfan I don’t think we are one player away either, but I’d also like to see what the run D looks like after Berry comes back and we have a box safety that can tackle, as well as someone who can cover a TE.

    From there, I think we can make a couple of moves. I mean even Branch is still a FA if we need a safety and don’t want to give up anything. One who also knows the D… There are better options than a rental Earl Thomas probably. But I wouldn’t be upset if it happened either. He is a playmaker and this D needs someone who can change games.

  • @BShark I agree with that, just in general. If they trade for Earl, I hope they sign him to a 3 or 4 year deal. It would be nice to have two spots with solid starters just penciled in. Especially when you look at the D next season and everything that needs to be addressed this offseason.

  • The secondary needs major help, but with that offense the Chiefs don’t need a dominant D, just a competent one. Another playmaker on D would be huge.

  • RIP Earl Thomas’s leg

  • A 2nd round pick to get hm and a 3rd round comp pick for him when he leaves the next year. That’s a cheap rental.

    Dodged a bullet? (Glass half full) 🤷‍♂️

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