SEC is Loaded this season...

  • I just started thinking about how good the SEC could be this season. The challenge is going to be really, really tough. SEC is probably the toughest conference in the country this season.

    • LSU
    • Tennessee
    • UK
    • Arkansas
    • Auburn
    • Alabama
    • Vanderbilt
    • Florida
    • South Carolina

    Those are the teams that I expect to make the tournament out of the SEC this season. With LSU, UT, UK, Auburn, and UF to be ranked all season long. There will be some seriously crazy games this year.

    I think any of Auburn, LSU, UT, UK or Florida could win the SEC.

    • UK - For obvious reasons, they are the favorites to win. They are deep and talented. However, they are still young. And they don’t have the best player in CBB on their team. Something Cal has needed to succeed.
    • UT - Won (tied) the SEC last season, and returned all but 6 points to that roster. They are legit. They are a top 5 team.
    • Auburn - Nearly an identical description to Tennessee. They return everyone from a team that tied for the SEC championship. They are at least a Top 10 team again this season.
    • Florida - Added a lot of talent. Top 25 PG, 69th (nice) ranked Wing, 80th ranked SG, 129th ranked Big man. They are probably the longest shot to win, but KeVaughn Allen and Jalen Hudson can carry a team certain nights. If a couple of their younger players step up this season, they will be tough to beat. Finished 3rd in the SEC last season, fwiw.
    • LSU - Coming off of a 9th place finish in the SEC, you wouldn’t expect much. Except for the fact that LSU brough in an amazing class this season. They will be able to roll out a starting 5 as good as anyone in the country this season. Naz Reid is a projected Top 5 pick, and made Big Dave look like a fool. He is a grown ass man and I don’t know that anyone in CBB will be able to compete with him on either end besides Doke. Tremont Waters is one of the best PGs in the country, scoring 15 PPG last season. Emmitt Williams is a freak of an athlete, and will be a force when he wants to be. Skylar Mays is a returning double digit scorer who shot 35% from 3. And finally, the addition of Javonte Smart, a 6’4 PG, ranked 35th in the class, will allow this team to run and share the ball well.

  • Agree. Sec is always loaded with great athletes too.

  • SEC has a lot of good coaches, and unlike some of their Big 12 counterparts, they can recruit, too. That will make that conference tough, possibly for years to come. SEC is so focused on football that they don’t always dedicate resources to hoops (one reason why so many programs in the conference are so inconsistent) but they should be tough this year, and could have 10 teams make the field because of the depth of the conference overall, and the committee’s tendency to reward P5 teams that are close to .500 in conference if they had a winning non con record.

  • sorry just thought about this - -just random thought nothing but a hill of beans but anyways – Who here remembers When good Old Billy Tubbs and his beloved Sooners - you remember when they used to or sure the hell seemed like they had the ol furnace cranked up and it was always like a dam Sauna in there ? I remember how there was talk about that -trying to make it as uncomfortable for opposing teams? - Then we had CHEW Kennedy he was a piece of Cake - -I like W Tisdale sad he left us so early in life - see told ya just babbling --have a great day guys. - - -EIGHT DAYS - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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