Missing Marcus Peters

  • Still annoyed that the organization pandered to the white trash Missouri fan base.

    Dude is a stud AND hilarious. Kuhn knows what’s up per usual.


  • It was a poor football decision. They really should have kept him this season while he was still cheap.

  • I have a feeling there will be quite a few games this year where the Chiefs could use a shutdown corner. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see him helping lift a Lombardi trophy in February wondering if it could’ve been us.

  • Chiefs fans will lose it if the Rams win the SB.

  • Talib is going to shoot Peters after he refuses to tackle some dude in the playoffs and it costs them the game. Of course this will be after they have given the offense a second chance because Suh kicked someone in the junk.

    I’m just glad they didn’t get Mack too.

  • He’s a punk. Should have got rid of him after the first game.

  • nuleafjhawk said:

    He’s a punk. Should have got rid of him after the first game.


  • The Chiefs were not going to sign Peters to a long term contract. They just weren’t. So I have no problem with them trading him and getting what they could for him instead of letting him walk in a year. Also there is a reason they only got what they got for him and there were only 2-3 teams interested in trading for him.

  • A bag of peanuts? I’d prefer the additional year of service.

  • You guys aren’t watching anyway huh?

  • I think they probably could have picked up his option and still traded him for a 3rd or 4th round pick.

  • Fwiw, I have no idea the financial impact. I know that the Owners need to protect their business and I have no issues with the Owners not wanting to condone the Anthem protests as it does effect their business. I think the Player’s Association will realize that the kneeling only costs the players money. Every person quits supporting the NFL means less money in players pockets. They won’t sacrifice that. This has clearly already started, as only two player knelt week 1…

    I also don’t know what Peters was like at practice. Or what Andy Reid or Bob Sutton thought of him. Andy might have had to choose between Bob and Peters. And he should choose and protect the coach over the player 100% of the time in this scenario. No player is above the team. There is no room for Divas on the way to the Super Bowl.

    However, I do believe that if you are an owner of a professional sports team, the goal should be to win. Marcus Peters would have helped the Chiefs win. His political stance, for one more season, is probably worth the financial sacrifice that came with it. A defensive backs group with Berry, Peters, Fuller and Nelson would be close to as good as anyone in the NFL has right now. Replacing Peters with Orlando Scandrick is a major, major downgrade.

    I also think Andy and Bob should have done everything they could to keep Peters in check. He truly is an elite playmaker. Even if he exposes the D a little bit from poor tackling and freelancing, the turnovers he create are still a net positive. They needed to sit him down and try to get him to use his skill within the scheme better. And not be so emotional. And that could have happened two years ago, Andy gave him this season, and then washed his hands of the headache. It is possible.

    To me, there is a lot to digest in this situation. But all I can come back to is that Peters is a top 32 CB on a rookie deal. And there is no replacing that when you don’t have a 1st round pick or some dumb luck. I trust in Andy Reid, and after watching Mahomes on Sunday, I think the Chiefs will make the playoffs. But, if they get torched in a playoff game, I know I’ll feel like they may have missed their chance to win a Superbowl.

  • It wasn’t just the protest with Peters. It was his on the field behavior that Reid and probably most of all Clark Hunt did not care for. He was a loose cannon. Personally I could care less about that stuff as long as you are making plays, but it is clearly something that Andy and Clark grew tired of.

    Also @Kcmatt7 I would assume Andy had more than one talk with Peters about his on the field antics and it is clear Peters would not listen to him or anyone. That is who he is and if he doesn’t want to change for the team or at least dial it back then Andy and Clark have to move on and live with it.

    I also don’t think the Chiefs honestly thought / think they are legit contenders this year with a first year starting QB as that is tough to do, but if Mahomes plays like he did last week and they advance to the playoffs I do think they will be second guessing not having Peters in that secondary for another run this year.

  • The thing about sports, and football in particular, is that windows can close really quickly, sometimes before you even realize that they were open.

    Take the Colts for example. They were supposed to be top contenders in the AFC for a long time behind Andrew Luck. They may end up still doing that. But Luck is just now back after missing a ton of time. Maybe their one shot with him was their best shot? Same for a team like Jacksonville last year. Their defense was amazing. Maybe last year was the year to go all in, and now that chance is gone. If the Texans with Watson and the Chiefs with Mahomes roar to life, maybe Jacksonville’s best chance was last year, and their fans will look back years from now realizing they blew it.

    Maybe this is the year, with Mahomes on a cheap deal, Kelce in his prime, Hunt, Watkins, Hill, Thomas, etc all young and electric, for the Chiefs to make a run. Maybe the window is 2018 and 2019 and that’s it. After that, someone else will emerge, or the roster will get too expensive to fit under the cap, or injuries will happen, or whatever.

    That’s the thing that I loved about the Royals. They realized in 2015 that their window was open and they stepped through then. They didn’t hold back and see if they could maybe improve their chances in 2016 or 2017. They seized 2015 for what it was. No one knew that Gordon and Moustakas would run into each other early in the following season, effectively torpedoing any hope before it could take root. No one knew that Yordano Ventura would die in a car accident. But the window opened in 2015 and the Royals stepped through. Had they waited, they miss that chance. But they didn’t, and they got a parade for their troubles.

    Look at a team like the Utah Jazz on the other extreme. They have been “pretty good” to “really good” for most of the last 30 years. Zero titles. They never went all in. Never added an extra piece. They just kept running that pick and roll with Stockton to Malone, churning out playoff berth after playoff berth, but no titles.

    Maybe the Chiefs get it done with Mahomes. Or maybe we sit around a decade from now with our buddies talking about an amazing offense held back by a defense that couldn’t stop anybody and was one good DB short.

  • But Tyreek and Kelce are okay? Got it Chiefs staff.

  • I believe Peters is the only player Andy has ever suspended a game for being a jerk. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000889782/article/marcus-peters-suspension-also-due-to-rift-with-coach


    A report published earlier today written by Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report cited unnamed league assistants and team officials as saying part of the reason for the Chiefs’ freefall as of late was due to a lack of disciplinary action, particularly surrounding cornerback Marcus Peters. The report accused the Chiefs of “refusing to seriously discipline” Peters throughout the season for “a variety of offenses and lack of control,” and that as a result it sent a message to other players that they could get away with the same things.


  • I hate that the coaching staff couldn’t reel him in. Peters is an elite talent. He’s just a headcase that was causing too much discourse in the locker room. It sounds like Andy had to get drastic to get his guys attention. Seems to be working as I don’t see any disciplinary issues currently.

  • @Woodrow that’s what I said. Last year might have been the year they told him to calm down, and he was worse than ever.

  • @BShark Do you actually, truly, believe Kelce, Tyreek and Peters are all in the same boat?

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    @BShark Do you actually, truly, believe Kelce, Tyreek and Peters are all in the same boat?

    Obviously not identical situations. Kelce is a total hothead though and Tyreek is a woman beater which is worse than anything with Peters and it’s not close.

  • @BShark was

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Tigers. Stripes.

    And for the record I’m not advocating the Chiefs trade him because of it.

  • They are not the same situation. For one neither Hill nor Kelce ever quit on the team like Peters did last year. Also to our knowledge neither has shown a coach up by arguing with them in front of the team on a team bus.

    To make a blanket statement comparing the 3 is lazy and incorrect.

    Does anyone find it interesting that their wasn’t a bunch of reports about the Chiefs locker room being pissed about this trade like the Mack trade? I didn’t read one story about anyone fending for Peters. So one can assume that not only was Reid and Hunt tired of his shit most of his teammates were as well.

    *As I said earlier I didn’t really have much of a issue with Peters being a clown on the field because he made plays. My biggest beef with him was the fact that he couldn’t / wouldn’t tackle a feather.

  • @BShark That’s why I’m sure there was more too the Peters thing than just what we saw. I’m sure him getting into it with a coach was a big one. No way Big Red let’s that shit fly. He seems like he can put up with a lot. But that is crossing a line.

  • The knock on Peters was that he lined up far back so he could see the play developing and had a better shot at an interception and prevented the big gains, on the flip side, he was giving up first down yardage on most plays. Great approach to pad your personal stats but not so good for the team to conced that much yardage.

    I am sure his reputation as a team/locker room cancer was well known to other teams and this is why there was very little interest in getting him and the Chiefs were not able to get nearly what they would have had he no been such a disruption on and off the field.

  • Chiefs D🤯

  • So why wasn’t that called, Ben being over the line on that td pass?🤬

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Chiefs D🤯

    Not good!


  • Tough day for the Peters fan club. Got burnt and given up 3 touchdowns today.

  • Bill O Brien has to be the dumbest coach in the NFL. I don’t think he understands that the objective is to have more points than the other team. You have the ball at the 1 inch line, and you run a QB end around. Beaty could do better.

  • @KUSTEVE silly call but let’s not go too far lmao

  • I still don’t think trading him was the right decision considering how little he would be paid this season. But I will admit that I think Veach did a great job addressing the CB position this offseason. Nelson and Fuller both look like quality corners. Maybe underwhelming at times, but solid quality players.

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