KU BBall Sucks! (FIRE DRILL)

  • For some reason I have uncivil discourse stuck in my head… or is it in my a$$!

    I guess we should all know what the rules are in here?

    And what are we going to do when we lose our virginity from a Mizzou troll diddling with his privates in here?

    I know we want to keep a standard, and most of us will do so regardless of the rules… but is it okay to let loose on a troll? We have the mental marbles to keep it PG-13 through the decapitation process.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Rule #1 - Rock Chalk

    Rule #2 - (see rule number one)

  • Here’s my semi-serious answer to your legit question: Ban trolls

    Now hear me out - to do this we have to agree on the definition of a “troll.”

    A troll IS: someone who’s sole purpose is to degrade, denigrate, curse at or call names without the intent of adding any meaningful info to the conversation.

    A troll is NOT: a fan of another team who is engaging in “civil discourse” (where have I heard that before?) or someone that represents an unpopular view.

  • I agree with JayDoc, and in general I like it when the Board completely ignores trolls, as if they never posted. They just come here looking for a reaction, presumably they will eventually go away if there is no reaction.

  • If someone is out of control delete the account and block future access.

  • Nice, JayDocMD!

    I agree… and I hope we get BBall2012 over here. We had a nice thing going comparing match-ups KU vs UK. BBall actually helped get me over some UK anger I had for hiring Cal.

    We have enough Jayhawk feathers around here to complete a tar and feather on anyone, whilst maintaining a respectable decorum.

  • I thought about this a while, but haven’t posted because we’ve been really civil and there haven’t been problems. Really, people just shouldn’t be jerks. We can deal with stuff as it comes up. Don’t sweat it, we got this! 🙂

  • Still enjoying the reunion on this board and wanted to give thanks again Approx for all your work!

    One thing I’ve noticed on here that’s different compared to our old stomping grounds: so many more active threads. Maybe this is a good thing. I’m not sure. Right now I’m finding it a little, I don’t know…schizophrenic? Finding it hard to keep up with the multiple different threads going on.

    Maybe it’s just me and the aging process (get off my lawn!) but I think I liked it better when there was one b-ball and one f-ball thread per day.

    Just me? If so I’ll shut it.

  • Awesome! I hear you JayDocMD… I’ve been thinking the same thing… Maybe we can separate the KUSports stories into their own bucket?

    I think there may also be some tools to pin a story, but I don’t know what that does. Have to explore some features I’m not familiar with yet.

  • Jaybate is a troll, Approx deleted him I suppose, that’s why we haven’t seen him here. 🙂

  • JayDocMD… I hear you. But it’s just a matter of getting used to this site and how it works. In no time at all, you’ll be zooming around in this site at mach speed. Eventually, you’ll look at the way KUSports works and like this better for blogging because this is specific for blogging with less “weight” to slow it down.

  • @wissoxfan83 ha. I didnt delete him on the offchance that it is jaybate and maybe he was just reserving his name.

  • Just noticed you can’t see who is perusing a particular thread like we could at first. Was this intentionally dropped? I kinda liked that feature.

  • @jaydocmd You can, its just more subtle. If other people are reading it with you, you’ll see their avatars appear top right along with yours.

  • I hear you @dragonslayr - I’ll definitely give it more time.

    What about archiving inactive threads to clean it up just a bit?

  • ok - see it now. thx

  • I think another reason it appears a little “schizophrenic” is that the threads jump when new posts/replies got added, and the latest reply caused the whole page of threads to reshuffle where the latest moves the top. One night, my screen was shifting up and down, and I thought I got a computer virus or something. The site or nodebb software is very interactive (different things may pop in and out), and it does take some getting used to.

  • It would be interesting to have a sort of ‘troll meter’ under the avatar that is fueled by members punching a “thumbs down” button (sort of the opposite of the ‘Favourite’ button). Eventually, the combination of members not engaging and the ‘scarlet letter’ would probably send the trolls packing.

  • What about archiving inactive threads to clean it up just a bit?

    @JayDocMD – good idea. I’ll think about creating a plugin that will auto-archive topics if inactive for a certain period (i.e. 30 days)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Alright, just had our first banned user cj0788…

    Wait a minute, you meant “removed post” didn’t you? You didn’t really “ban” cj0788?

    No big deal.

  • I unbanned him because he cleaned up his posts.

    @cj0788 - We’ve got 180 users and you’re the first to drop the f-bomb and go off on people. If that’s what you want to do, go to FU Buckets. Otherwise, chill out.

  • I unbanned him because he cleaned up his posts.

    OK, I didn’t realize what went on because of the time zone difference.

    I’ll try to keep you from having extra work henceforth…

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