I can’t do it anymore

  • I’ve been a KU football since the 90s and even tho we suck badly I’ve always been excited and watched the games. I will be no longer watch the games, I think I’d rather just play with my kids at this point. It is a complete waste of time, I just don’t understand how we could get worse with a 4th year coach and all these upperclassman. Lawrence is ten times the town that Manhattan is, no flipping reason why you win there but not here. I was all for giving Beaty the whole season but I see no point let’s give someone else a try and pray that the opposing team gets high before the game and we can have a chance to win. This officially the worse program in college history and the worse coach. I think if I was Beaty I’d resign and apologize to all of the players and fans for being a complete tool.

  • I feel terrible for our players, there is talent on this club. They are just guided by a complete dipstick.

  • I’ll keep watching, I want to go up to a game. My youngest son played on a super crappy team, they still deserve support. But most people will feel like you.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 the players deserve support coach deserve to have the sh** slapped outta him.

  • I’m hearing KU paid $450,000 to lose to NIchols State???🙄

  • I haven’t watched a game in years. I’m not proud of that fact.

  • I’ll probably end up watching again but it probably won’t be the whole game.

  • @Gorilla72 that is correct

  • I went to the game last night. It was not enjoyable or fun at really any point. I have season tickets and honestly might not go to another game. After the game I was texting some friends and said I honestly just don’t care at this point. This program is a complete and utter embarrassment.

  • @Woodrow What is your estimate on the attendance last night? The official amount always seems overstated when I attend the games. But, many students like my daughter left Lawrence for the holiday weekend, so the student section is always lower due to the holiday.

  • @stoptheflop pics I saw looked like more than I imagined. That was early.

  • @stoptheflop my best guess is 15,000. It looks like more on TV because thy have those chair backs that season ticket holders buy that are placed on th seats and are blue. So it looks like someone is in the seat when it’s empty.

    I mean I go down there early went to the Oread for a quick bite and drink and it wasn’t even that crowded.

  • @Woodrow 1_1535912073502_24A90ADD-1FE1-4B45-8F5B-923690DEEBB4.jpeg 0_1535912073494_E354AFCD-0A43-40C3-8EF2-C816D9B68F3E.jpeg

    Somebody had posted a before and later pic, it said, most people were still there. Of course I posted them opposite!🤔

  • It looks a lot like AFH did back when Uncle Ted was coach. You could work your way down to the best seats in the house back then.

  • @KUSTEVE I actually was pretty impressed w/the crowd. I’ve seen so much worse, especially after half.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    KU was in the game until the last play and it really should have won this game. The safety and fumbled punt at the 5 yard line gift wrapped the game to KU but really poor play calling and costly mistakes gave the game right back. KU started with a poor game plan and the execution was not good, all this is on the coaching staff.

  • @JayHawkFanToo yeah I know

  • I dont follow football, like, at all. But I do know that Beaty has to go, immediately. Full stop. That guy, Long? He better give Beaty his well wishes and see you laters. Time to move the fuck on.

  • Banned

    So I’m in a motel last weekend. A guy passing me in the hallway sees my KU hat. Then askes me, “are you a Jayhawks fan”. I turned to him said, “yea, but I waiting for basketball season” . He damn near lost it. I thought he was going to fall over right there in the hallway he was laughing so hard.

    Yea I would say its time for some big changes when it comes to KU football. It’s pretty sad when some random person, and true College Football fan know of your school, because they suck so bad?

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