Mollie Tibbetts case has sad ending

  • This one really hurt all around. I definitely checked the news every day for an update.

    They ended up finding the suspect from video footage, and tracked his car down. Once police approached him, he lead them to the body.

    The unfortunate twist in this is that the murderer was an undocumented illegal immigrant that somehow made it past the E-Verify Government clearance system.

    Of course, both sides will use this as an example. Republicans will just claim that he was an Illegal, while Dems will use it as an example of a broken system.

    Sad, sad ending to this one.

  • @Kcmatt7 I know what you mean, and I also checked every day hoping she was kidnapped and escaped! I heard today the accused was working for a republican farmer who ran a large farm. No matter! You got the bum in Colorado too! Both make me sick!

  • How to reduce murder:

    Jobs with living wage that can support two head household in a house with two bathrooms;

    Outlaw use of advertising and propaganda aimed at divide and conquer;

    Educate both for job skills and appreciation of art, beauty and freedom;

    Regulate and encourage huge domestic firm and job expansion with environmental constraints;

    Give persons hope and voting and democratically responsive government, not victimhood;

    Justice and rule of law;

    Upward mobility;

    Encourage creativity;

    Reward hard work.

    Fewer innocents will be murdered than any amount of cops and surveillance and weapon confiscation can prevent the murder of.

    Look at UK. They deny guns, so knife stabbing and knife deaths sky rocket.

    I used to support gun confiscation. I still think it would help, but now realize the only reason it’s being promoted by TPTB is to ready the nation for totalitarian subjugation. The Rich always will afford massively weaponized body guards with weappnconfiscationlaws tailored to arm the rich, and so I can no longer buy into weapon confiscation law further subjugating ordinary citizens that should be afforded the same self protection as the rich.

  • you may say @jaybate-1-0 's a dreamer… But he’s not the only one… 🎶

  • @approxinfinity ahhhhh!

  • @approxinfinity

    One of the most insidious parts of oppression and then victimization of individuals, groups, or nations is that it makes so many begin to self limit their goals to within the box oppression builds for us.

    Why did John Lennon have to be killed by an apparently mind controlled assassin with the legend of an obsessed lone gunmen?

    Because he sang about what was not merely possible, but actually feasible.

    He added an explanation that the enforcers of the private oligarchy really did not want the public to recognize, or think was feasible to get away with having said.

    John said go ahead, imagine what you want; that apparently angered the shit out of those already in control of the explanations.

    This puzzled me for many years. Lennon was already long past his great influence. It was very improbable the lightening of mega popularity would strike twice. The Deep State can stop popularity by denying mainstream distribution any time.

    Then it occurred to me.

    Lennon had seen through the oppression game. It’s a set of obstacles and misrepresentations intended to make the oppressed embrace victim hood as the only feasible path.

    It makes them self-limit the possible.

    Lennon wrote songs (created an entertainment) that outflanked the oppression game, same as Gandhi built a resistance philosophy that did.

    Same as Lincoln built a republican government that out flanked the oppression games being played by the private oligarchies of North and South.

    Anyone that restores a nation’s capacity to focus on what is best for itself, instead of on limiting itself to accepting what is best for its private oligarchy is apparently best murdered, when ever feasible, from the POV of the oppressing private oligarchy.

    Put another way, oppression works by focusing us on the problems, not on our best interest.

    The oppression game is a very clever way of getting us to focus on our problems rather than on what we want and should have.

    Everyone should be free, well fed, well housed, have any needed medicines, feel safe, get equal justice, have their votes counted, live under representatives trying to serve their constituencies best interests, be prosperous, enjoy life and live as they wish, so long as they hurt no one.

    They shouldn’t be settling for a victim’s franchise.

    There, that was easy.

    Any government, firm, or person that doubts the feasibility of persons best interests is oppressive and part of the problem.

    The oppression game makes us willing consent to the unfeasibility of our best interests.

    Our best interests are feasible.

    Always have been.

    Always will be.

    Imagine that.