LeBron turning over a new leaf

  • @Kcmatt7 @BShark @justanotherfan thinking again about a starting 5 of Kyrie, Klay Thompson, Lebron, Greek Freak and Embiid if the Cavs had drafted right…

    When faced with that stark a picture of an alternate reality to what he ended up with in Cleveland, Lebron has to be serious about turning over a new leaf when he is talking about building a sustainable contender in LA with Magic. No way Ingram gets traded and Kawhi deal is dead until they pursue a free agent star next year right? LA cant be as good as what might have been in Cleveland, but I’m intrigued by the apparent commitment to developing young talent instead of shipping them out. This is what I hoped would happen in Philly if they hired on Lebron. As much as i have been a hater, I welcome Lebron ending his career the right way.

  • @approxinfinity

    Lots of free agents in the 2019 off season and teams are now starting to clear cap space in anticipation. The Lakers signed several players to one year contracts preparing for big changes after the season. LeBron likes to have control, and he will have a say on who the Lakers get, much like he did in Miami and Cleveland.

  • I don’t know that Lebron has “control” so much as teams should surround him with players that best compliment his skills (i.e., shooters and rim runners) as role players. The problem is that Cleveland never did a good job in the draft, so their role players were always more expensive. Poor drafting killed Cleveland. Miami was more sustainable because they drafted better (Chalmers and Cole were both Heat picks), but Bosh’s health and Wade’s age undid that group.

    Cleveland has always been poorly run.

    We will see if the Lakers are run well or not.

  • @justanotherfan

    Neither Miami or Cleveland depended on draft picks when LeBron was there, they relied on trades dictated by LeBron including the Coach at Cleveland. LeBron always wanted a team ready to contend and not one to develop. Kawhi Leonard has already indicated he does not want to play with LeBron ( although George might now be available, again )so the Lakers will wait until 2019 to really build the team since a number of players will be free agents then and LeBron will have an input on who comes in and who goes out. Unless the Lakers can pull some big trades, next season they will be a good team but not necessarily a contender.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Cleveland had six years to develop a team around Lebron (first stint). They failed miserably in that regard through poor drafting and roster management. This was before Lebron was involved in much of that. Once he went to Miami, he was entering his prime and rightly wanted a team ready to contend. Had Lebron remained in Cleveland, it is likely the Cavs never make it back to the Finals (no Irving or Thompson draft picks with Lebron still on the team because they would have made the playoffs and would not have been picking in the Lottery.

    Lebron returned to Cleveland to win championships, not to do a rebuild. It is arguable that without Lebron’s direction, Cleveland probably squanders those picks as well. The Cavs have a franchise history of poor draft picks.

  • They talked during last nights laker game that lb will have a say how the team will be run. Cleveland coach and Walton have already discussed it.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 LeBron wants a chance to ruin another team. Guess it couldn’t happen to a better franchise.

  • @justanotherfan

    During his first sting with Cleveland, Lebron did not have much leverage but once he got good and had some pull he moved to Miami to form his own dream team and has been heavily involved in what players the teams gets ever since. There is no doubt that he will get involved in who the Lakers get to play with him.

  • @approxinfinity I believe you meant “nuleaf”. Lol

  • Well…we know now wh Leonard will be playing for next and it is not the Lakers or 76ers or Celtics but the Raptors. although he might be there only for one season. The Spurs got DeRozan and promising but unproven center Poeltl. Some are saying that after next season he will go to the LA but i have seen stories where he apparently indicated he does not want to play with LeBron. Toronto is a really nice town but not everybody want to live in Canada so I expect him to be somewhere else after next season.

    Interesting, several analysts now claim the the 3 top team in the League will be the Celtics, Raptor and 76ers who are all in the East…scroll down to item 5 on the link.

  • JayHawkFanToo said:

    Interesting, several analysts now claim the the 3 top team in the League will be the Celtics, Raptor and 76ers who are all in the East…scroll down to item 5 on the link.

    I think you might be misreading what the analysts are saying. They are saying that any of the three (Boston, Toronto, Philly) could be a top three team, but that they still believe Golden State and Houston will be top 3 teams.

  • @justanotherfan

    Correct t, I meant to write one of the top 3 team…in any case, looks like the Celtics and Raptor have a good shot anyway and the 76esrs have an outside shot.

  • @JayHawkFanToo 2 teams in LA, but Kawhi would prefer the Lakers according to most reports. *probably sans LeBron if he had his way as you say

  • @dylans

    Kawhi grew up in the greater LA area and played college ball in Dan Diego so I can see why he would want to go back.

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