Svi and Malik have a new teammate

  • LeBron James has signed a 4 year $154 million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Just to remind everyone James has never won a title without Jayhawks on his roster. So you knew he was going to LA, Boston or Philly lol.

  • @kjayhawks

    Not really big news. I predicted that he would end up in LA a while back; it was the logical destination. The big question really is who is the other big name they will sign to play with him? George indicated he is re-signing with OKC so that leaves Leonard.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I would say Kawhi most likely, to be honest I think he’s done playing for titles. I think even if they do get Kawhi they can’t compete with Golden State, Houston, Portland, San Antonio and OKC. Atleast not be better than all of them consistently. They’d have better luck if George doesn’t use his option in OKC but I don’t know if they have the cap room to do a whole lot. I bet they trade Ball and Thomas for Kawhi but that really doesn’t open a ton of cap space with his huge deal. Some people are claiming James played the Cavs into trading for Nance and Clarkson so they’d have the cap to sign him.




  • @BShark now maybe if they traded for Kawhi they can compete, but I’m still thinking GS and Houston are better teams. They prob will let Deng go and do a trade deal for there to be cap space for anyone else. Svi could see good minutes IMO because Caldwell-Pope is their only other shooter.

  • @kjayhawks Oh I really don’t care about how good they are. I just love the hilarity of the guy that fancied himself Lebron’s nemesis and blew in his ear is now his team mate.

  • BShark said:




    So…is LeBron the angel or the demon…😃

  • @kjayhawks

    The Lakers are still one year away and LeBron understood this so he signed a 4 year contract because success will not happen right away. Several free agent will be available next Summer including Klay Thompson and by then the Lakers will get rid of the large contracts of Deng and Randle that are using a lot of cap space.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Randle and Deng are getting less than a third of Lebrons deal. If they wanna sign somebody he’s gonna have to convince players to play for what half anyone else will give them. Thompson is a long shot at best, I prob will win the lotto before he’s in a Lakers uniform.

  • Lopez is the guy they need gone espeically after signing McGee, Lopez’s contract is second to Lebrons and he’s an average role player at best. I’d be shocked to see him back in the finals as I said earlier. Also Stephenson’s deal is just for one year, if they don’t do much he may not stay.

  • @kjayhawks

    The Lakers had a lot of dead weight players that were waived and the guaranteed contracts, not including LeBron, is only $39M for the upcoming season and includes Deng (who only played 1 game) but not Lopez at around $22M. Kuzma is a real bargain at under $2 per season for the next 2 seasons.

    The next question is whether Ball stays or goes. It was reported before that LeBron’s people wanted Ball gone, not as much for the kid but because of his loud mouth dad…I can understand this.

  • @JayHawkFanToo If LeBron wants him gone, I’ll bet he’s gone but who knows if he actually does?

  • Lakers can always tell him to go play Euro Ball and keep his rights.

  • I think Lonzo could be a good player at some point if he improves his shooting 30% from 3, 36% from the floor and 45% from the line.

  • @kjayhawks

    Daddy Ball made some comments about LeBron kids and he was not happy about it. Who would want to have that clown around creating problems? The Lakers already told him he cannot do interviews after games at the arena and need to stop commenting on the coaching. The Lakers also passed on signing LiAngelo for the Summer League team, something Daddy ball had indicated was a must. Looks like the Lakers have been looking for an excuse to trade Lonzo and now they have one but who will want to take him considering that daddy Ball becomes part of the deal?

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    LiAngelo isn’t good enough to get run in the NBA summer league, bottom line. Lonzo and LaMelo are the ones with the talent. If this was LaMelo that was being talked about, the Lakers would have tolerated it.

    My guess is that once LaMelo makes it to the NBA, Papa Ball will fade back into obscurity. Right now, he’s making good money promoting his sons. LiAngelo probably would have ranked in the 200s but for Lonzo and Papa Ball. He’s just not as good as his brothers.

    Instead, he’s probably going to make a little money playing basketball overseas until LaMelo makes it to the NBA, then he will “retire” and his dad will end the charade.

  • @justanotherfan

    Daddy Ball’s Junior Basketball Association seems to be a failure so far, attracting audiences only in the hundreds, which likely is costing him money. He will not go away until he ruins all of his kids careers.

  • I just saw where one off shore book has mad the Lakers the favorite to win the title next year. So maybe they know something about some other players coming over this year. ( Cousins and Leonard)?? I guess this is the same book that moved the Lakers odds of landing LeBron to -5000 so they clearly know someone you would think.

  • Lopez at center, Kuzma at PF, LeBron and Leonard at G/SF and Ball/Thomas at PG is not a bad starting team with Randle, Caldwell-Pope, Clarkson and Stephenson off the bench. Add Boogie to the mix and you have a real contender.

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