Open Scrimmage Today

  • 3pm at Horejsi

  • Someone post a video!!!

  • Moore killed it. 26 points, 6 treys. Dotson also balled well. Dotson is explosive, vg passer. Front court is freaking loaded. Don’t want to overreact to a scrimmage but McCormack continues to impress. Don’t see Agbaji playing this year.

    Mario, Elijah, Releford, Graham and Selden all there this time.

  • They are there for round ball classic tmrw. Mad cause I can’t watch it

  • @BShark you coming around on Moore?

  • That guy wearing number 4 looks pretty good…


    EJ sighting! Good stuff.

    Charlie could make himself super valuable this year if he’s one of our 38% 3pt shooters.

  • Going to be nice having some size again!

    Cunliffe looks like he’s lost some weight, he looks lean.

    With all the Selden throw downs I was looking for Uncle Anthony in the crowd.

  • @BigBad

    I saw a some nice action from Cunliffe playing above the rim, the dude can really jump.

  • Jumping and being fast have never been problems for Cunliffe. Now, if he has figured out the whole playing basketball thing, he can actually be a pretty damn good player.

    Self isn’t likely to play 6 guards though so Cunliffe still might be in a tough spot.

  • @BShark Most interested in how KJ looked.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    @BShark Most interested in how KJ looked.

    KJ and Garrett, maybe somewhat Dedric too aren’t always going to wow in scrimmages but are better in actual games. These things have no defense played and KJ/Garrett shine on that end. KJ looked solid overall.

    I am thinking Agbaji might take a RS btw.

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